Sunday, October 19, 2008


National integrity and special benefits to a particular community can't go hand in hand. Supreme court in 2005 already warned that claims of minority over the basis of religion is not in a favor of nation, and if it continues in the same way then country could face another division because of religious differences, but central government kept on maundering over such sensitive issues like aggressive communalism, government prepared a communal budget and brought a new principal of Muslim supremacy ,SP government supported terrorism by lifting over the cases from the national chairman of SIMI, by the help of vote bank politics many parties tried to please Muslim community by committing to give them special benefits if they come in power, but question arises is that is this healthy politics? is it fair to give an unfair advantage to the people of specific community just for the sake of vote bank, these communities are already enjoying many benefits, is this not cheating with the people of other communities ? what's their fault why don't they deserve special facilities, the only solution that I see is to treat all the people of our nation equally and this could only be done by abolishing reservations to all communities, and one and only basis of reservation should strictly be the financial condition of a person, so that no one could take any unfair advantage of such facility, and reservations on the basis of community is only going to widened the gap among different communities may be its beneficial for our politicians, but obviously its not in favor of our country, and if it continues this way, then if not now but later its going to be a threat to our national integrity.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It hasn’t been a month since Mohan chand sharma sacrificed his life while pursuing his duty, and politicians like Amar singh started putting question-mark on his sacrifice by saying that operation of Delhi police in which Mohan chand Sharma lost his life was nothing but a fake encounter and Mohan chand Sharma was suspended, could he explain how come a suspended officer was send on a mission, and it’s even hard for me to understand what he actually means, does he wanted to say that Mohan chand Sharma shot himself in his stomach or he was shot by the members of his own team, and if this is so then why did he visited his house and gave an aid of Rs 10 lakh, if he did this only for sympathy with the family then he should give 10 lakhs to everyone’s family who ever dies, but the pity is that these politicians just care for their vote bank rather than the emotions of people so they provide such aid only to gain popularity so that they can enhance their vote bank, and when they feel that they can get some more attention from any issue they don't mind to contradicting themselves, this clearly displays the ideology and ethics of our politicians.
Only god knows when they will stop doing politics over the dead bodies of martyrs, could these politicians tell me when was the last time a politician sacrificed his life for nation? Interesting thing is when Amar Singh was asked questions regarding his comments and reaction of others he mentioned “MAIN CHIRKUTOON KI BAAT PE DHYAN NAHI DETA” this shows his character, and not to forget he is the same Amar Singh who supported UPA government and now criticizing them on various issues may be that was a political game, but such serious allegations over a martyr is completely unacceptable and he should be sued for it, he and people like him should be taught a lesson to set up an example for others, we have been tolerating dirty politics of these useless politicians on various issues, but we can’t tolerate this, they need to understand that they have no right to hurt the feelings of the family members of such officers, if they can’t respect a martyr at least don’t insult them or bring disgrace upon their family, they need to respect our national heros rather than giving disgusting comments, there is a hindi proverb “SHAEEDON KI MAZAR PE LAGENGE HAR BARAS MELE WATAN PE MARNE WALON KA BAS YAHI BAKI NISHAN HOGA” but here is a completely different scenario in our country, just forget about the annual fair we are not even willing to accept their sacrifice and their contribution, what we are doing is just listening these sick comments of these disgusting politicians.


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