Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adoption of Censure Motion Against Team Anna is Height of Hypocrisy

A censure motion against Team Anna was adopted today in Lok Sabha for criticizing parliamentarians, motion was moved by Sharad Yadav, and it was one of the rarest moment to watch where entire Lok Sabha was united in favor of the motion, whether its UPA,NDA,SP,RJD etc. this phenomenon reveals an interesting aspect of our political class, that when they abuse each other then they say its merely a low level politics, but when some one who doesn't belong to "elite" political class, criticizes these politicians then entire political fraternity gets united in that case, which clearly means that our political class believes that they are above everything and citizens of this nation have no right to criticize or question them, even if people of nation feels betrayed due to scam after scam, and scams which are only getting bigger day by day, planning commission comes up with a magical figure saying a person earning 28 Rupees a day isn't poor, government has no figures of actual number of people living below poverty line, and yet our political class believe that people have no right to criticize them.

I was watching proceedings of Lok Sabha today and every MP today was sounding as if he is the most honest person every took birth on earth, but if that is the case then who is responsible for the ironic condition of this nation and widespread corruption? every one knows who is the actual culprit, and when citizens point fingers towards their political class this is how our politicians react.

I want to know why is there such duplicity in the approach of political class?
  • When Rahul Gandhi during his UP election campaign says "यूपी मे पिछले २२ साल से भ्रष्ट लुटेरे और गुंडे राज कर रहे है  " then no eyebrows are raised.

  • Subodh kant sahay a Cabinet minister says all MP's are "kamina"(subodh kant sahay abusing entire political class) but no politician makes it an issue.

  • Sonia Gandhi calls Narendra Modi "मौत का सौदागर" and no one opposes.

  • RJD MP Rajneeti Prasad tears the copy of bill on floor of the house and Ashwini Kumar standing next to him does a lame attempt to stop him, and no action is taken.

  • Cabinet Minister Beni Prasad Verma and Manish Tiwari, Harish Rawat etc. uses derogatory language against Anna Hazare but no objections were raised.

  • Baba Ramdev was called a "ठग " and no issue was made by elite political class.

People who are calling statements of Team Anna as attack on our democracy, I want to ask them few questions

  • Where were they when Indira Gandhi acted like a political terrorist and imposed emergency on the nation? was that not attack on our democracy?

  • Which law says that divisive politics is part of a democracy? and if it is not, then why differentiate between people on the basis of cast and religion just for the sake of vote bank? is this what democracy is?

  • Where were these people who are talking about democracy today when Anna Hazare was arrested last year without committing  any crime?

  • Where were these people and their democracy when during Baba Ramdev's agitation midnight crackdown took place and innocent, unarmed sleeping men,women and children were brutally attacked and beaten, tear gas shells were fired in a closed tent and tent was set on fire?

  • Where were these people when separatist and traitors flew down to Delhi for a seminar and openly spoke about breaking the nation and abused the nation,I want to know which democracy allow such practice?

Why do these politicians remember the term "democracy" only when somebody shows them the mirror, and questions them?

I've heard lots of people saying that Team Anna is insulting the parliament and their statements are against the dignity of parliament, I want to ask them few counter questions:-
  • Does this parliament has any dignity left after the midnight "nautanki" which took place in Rajya Sabha few months back on Lokpal Bill?

  • Are these people talking about the same parliament where "Cash for votes" took place?

  • Are these people talking about the very same parliament where bundles of currency notes where tossed on the tables?

  •  A parliament where parliamentarians take money to ask question, does members of such parliament have any right to talk about ethics?

  • Does a parliament where MP's are bought and sold has any right to preach sermon and question others?

  • A parliament where laws are made not by keeping the interest of nation and its citizens in mind, but where laws are made on the instructions of world bank,U.S, multinational companies, Industrialists and head of political parties to meet their interest and goals, could such parliament have even an iota of dignity left that it can be affected?

  • Parliament where its members themselves behave like hooligans,where they use derogatory language towards their fellow members, throw papers, mikes and other stuff at each other, how can they expect people sitting outside parliament to treat them with respect?

  • Parliament where 162 members have serious charges against them, and where there are serious allegations on the cabinet ministers like P.Chidambaram,Vilasrao Deshmukh,Praful Patel,S.M krishna,Farooq Abdulla, Jaipal Reddy, such parliament has no moral right to ask others to check their language.
Parliamentarians must realize that by doing all this "nautanki" they are actually increasing the anger of people of this country, because due to the approach of political class on issues of national interest and huge scams taking place one after another, people of this nation are deeply outraged, and this adoption of censure motion against Team Anna  is seen as height of hypocrisy, people of this country understand very well such political gimmicks and they are not going to fall prey to it, so its high time our political class face the hard reality and stop considering themselves as uncrowned kings of this nation and change their approach towards citizens of this nation and must learn to respect citizens of this country and their thoughts.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Media Trial Of Death Of an IPS Officer

I've been hearing from a long time about the “so called murder” of an IPS officer in MP, and CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan is being presented as killer by media in a media trial, but I think there are some substantial technical questions which needs to be answered:-

  •  How can media be so sure that it was a murder not an accident there hasn’t been any investigation yet, so how did media jumped on conclusion based on mere presumptions without any proof and logic?

  • Those people who are claiming it’s the mining mafia behind this killing, I want to ask them is mining mafia run by a bunch of fools that they will let killer get caught on the spot?So that later he can spill out all the names during investigation?
    This is the key aspect of this case which certainly needs some extra emphasis

  • Now people are saying that IPS officer had been receiving life threats from quite some time and yet he decided to go alone on such serious operation, isn’t it strange? Which IPS officer goes alone without any backup to deal with such serious conditions?

  • There is no denying the fact that illegal mining has been going on in that area but there is also a theory which says, the driver got panicked after watching a police officer trying to stop him, probably he got scared and tried to escape but lost his control and hit the IPS officer by mistake.

why is our media overruling these possibilities and trying to brainwash its viewers, why media itself is giving a verdict on this issue without any substantial proof and logic ? how fare and legitimate is that? Why don't they let law take its own course as now MP government has referred the the issue to CBI so why don't they let the investigation get over instead of giving their own verdict.

I remember a case in which on video policemen aimed and shot innocent and unarmed farmers in Pune who were agitating for water, but even that news wasn’t given such importance, and was soon forgotten by our media, may be the lives of those farmers were not that important or may be because Maharashtra is not ruled by BJP that’s why such issue was brushed under the carpet.


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