Sunday, June 10, 2012

Prime Minister’s Office hits back on team Anna with idiotic logic and shallow arguments

PM’s Office has written a 5 page letter to Team Anna in response to the letter where team Anna levelled serious charges of corruption against 15 cabinet ministers including PM Manmohan Singh, FM Pranab Mukherjee, Law minister Salman Khurshid, Foreign Minister S.M Krishna, Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar, HM P.Chidambaram and others.

Today V. Narayanasamy spoke about the content of the letter and unsuccessfully tried to list the attempts made by government to curb corruption, he also stated that team Anna’s demand to set up an SIT (Special Investigative Team) to probe the charges against 15 cabinet ministers has been completely rejected by government, letter says the allegations against PM is based on leaked draft report of CAG  and on media reports without any substantial  evidence, letter further says “All decisions were taken in public interest on the basis of legal provisions and relevant policy in force.” 

Now taking every word on face value, some basic questions arises here like:-

• Where it is written that leaked draft report of CAG has no significance at all? Is PM office saying that CAG draft report has no value? 

• We want to know if there were no irregularities, and no scam took place then why government is shying away from the matter? Why doesn’t government set up an SIT and let it probe the entire issue so that truth can come out, it will be good for the image of government as well, and if government has done nothing wrong then they have no reason to be scared of any probe? But since they are running away from the issue it only confirms that something is fishy in this entire matter which government wants to brush under the carpet. 

• If everything is done on basis of relevant policy in use how come the coal blocks were given to peoples who have no expertise in the field? How come coal blocks were allotted to people who manufacture underwear and Guthka?  And when these people didn’t start any work on the coal blocks allotted to them within the time limit how come more coal blocks were allotted to the very same people? Now after looking at these facts how can government expect people to believe it is not a scam?
The Minister V. Narayanasamy described Team Anna's assertion that topmost institutions of the country such as the Supreme Court, the High Courts and the CAG had levelled allegations against Ministers from time to time, as “not only vague but unacceptable.”

Here we would like to jog the memory of honourable Minister V. Narayanasamy to some cases 

•  lets take up issue of appointment of CVC chief P.J Thomas and his dismissal by Supreme court and comments of SC on government, lets takes up issue of 2G and comments of Judges of SC on conduct of ministers, not to forget comments of Judges on ministers and government on CWG scam  

•  It was CAG which gave the figure of revenue loss of 1.76 thousand Crore in 2G and figure of revenue loss of 10.7 lakh core in allotment of Coal blocks, 
So whom is V. Narayanasamy trying to fool here by giving such false arguments?  These facts themselves are narrating the entire story, but if V. Narayanasamy is unwilling to accept these hard facts then it itself settles the debate.

V. Narayanasamy further said “Anna is a simple man, but he is surrounded by anti-national elements and people who have been supported by foreign forces.”

Our response is, if he really thinks so then why doesn’t he register the case of sedition against these people and let these charges get probed, why he is not doing anything about it, other than giving statements in media? 

But deep irony of our nation is seditious elements are allowed to do seminars in Delhi and are welcomed by government with open arms, whereas true nationalists are called anti-national elements.

V. Narayanasamy attacking Mr. Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi asked “What happened to the huge sums of money collected during last year's [anti-corruption] agitation?” He also recalled that Ms. Bedi herself faced allegations of bloated travel receipts last year, while describing Team Anna members as a set of “self-proclaimed” leaders, who had not faced elections and yet wanted to destabilise the government.

  • Here we would like to ask him to check the website of IAC where entire details of each and every penny spent is available but on the contrary here we would also like to ask Minister V. Narayanasamy and Congress about the corporate funding that they receive from various corporates, why don’t they reveal the amount and source from where they receive the money and where the money is spent? Does anyone within the congress have any answer to this question?

  • When V. Narayanasamy is making allegations against Ms. Bedi of bloated travel receipts we would like to humbly remind him that Congress has no right to question it because their own party chief Sonia Gandhi has spent 1850 crores of taxpayers hard earned money on 18 foreign trips, whereas Kiran bedi took the money of business class from organisers (NOT TAX PAYERS MONEY) and she travelled in economy class and donated the remaining amount to her NGO in public interest for welfare of children.

  • When  V. Narayanasamy calls Team Anna members as “a set of “self-proclaimed” leaders, who had not faced elections” then a simple advice to him is that first he must look at his own Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who himself is not democratically elected, and we have serious doubt that can he be called as a leader or not?  or does he has any public support unlike Team Anna members ?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is Pratibha Patil Obsessed To Prove Herself A Goddess of Mercy ?

First woman President of India Pratibha patil has once again set a new record by offering clemency to 30 coldblooded murderers and Rapists who were sentenced to death by supreme court of India, it seems as her presidential term is coming to an end she wants to leave a mark behind and wants to be remembered as goddess of mercy,

but let’s take a brief look on the issue and some of the cases who are given Presidential pardon by Pratibha Patil 

·       These 30 people who have been given clemency by pratibha patil were found guilty by the Supreme Court of India of barbarically murdering 60 peoples, and 22 of those victims were women and children.

·       A person named Satish raped and brutally killed a six year old girl Vishakha and her brutalized body was found in sugarcane field after this guy raped and killed the innocent child in 2001

·       Dharmender Singh and Narendra Yadav were granted clemency who killed 5 people of a family which includes two sons both 12 years old a 15 year old daughter who was also gang-raped before murder, and their parents.

·       Six other people who are given clemency have killed 4 people, while three of the victims were beheaded and a 10 year old boy was thrown in fire and roasted alive. 

·       Piara Singh and his three sons who killed 17 peoples in a wedding party which includes four children 

·       Sushil Murmu was given clemency who was convicted for giving ‘bali’ of a nine-year-old-boy.

Isn’t it misuse of the power? Families of the victims have fought for years to get justice and we all know pathetic situation of our judicial system, and here is our president who isn’t answerable to any body and she is giving presidential pardon like “prasad” just to achieve the title of most merciful president of India, 
but bitter truth is that such steps not only put a question-mark on our system but also demeans the verdict and judgment of Supreme court and strengthen the view that India is a banana republic, and most ironic part is nothing could be done about it.


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