Saturday, January 28, 2012

Concept of Compulsory Voting for India

India is known as the world's largest democracy, and the biggest power which citizens have in a democracy is to cast their votes and elect the government according to their choice, but in case of our nation we have observed that large number of people don't turn out to cast their votes, and such situation can't be called satisfactory for any democratic nation, though there could be several reasons behind it like lack of awareness, being ignorant,or may be some people just don't find it important, but people needs to understand that voting is not merely their right but its their duty towards democracy and towards their nation, because when people enjoy the benefits of democracy it automatically becomes their responsibility to ensure that dignity and integrity of democracy is maintained, and for doing so they must execute their democratic and constitutional right of voting, which is given to them by the constitution of the nation, but since we haven't seen much improvement in the voting percentage, some people have started advocating the idea of enforcing mandatory voting, and honestly looking at this I think there is nothing wrong with it.

Yesterday senior leader of BJP L.K Advani also proposed this very same idea but soon people like Digvijay and Azam Khan were quick to jump on the issue questioning it with argument how it can be enforced ? and Azam Khan even went a step further and said "let all Indian nationals have voter-Id cards first, and then only we can think about implementing such idea", now does that means even if it takes about 10 more years to do so still we must wait and let this unhealthy precedent continue? why doesn't he say that no elections should take place unless all Indian nationals are provided with the voter-ID cards? I want to know why shouldn't we implement it for existing voter-ID card holders? and take a step towards strengthening our democratic system, and those who say "how can we enforce mandatory voting?" my simple argument to them is I am no legal expert, but when compulsory voting is enforced in countries like Australia, Argentina, Brazil,Congo, Ecuador, Luxembourg,Nauru,Peru,Singapore,Uruguay and etc, then why can't we have it here in India ? 

Why should the world's largest democracy shy away from making an effort towards empowering and strengthening our democracy? Its high time that we realize that democracy doesn't always means  being flexible in every aspect, sometimes we must take bold steps too, to fortify our existing system and democracy.


Anonymous said...

guys.. why are all your articles anti-congress in nature.. i mean, why have you skipped Karnataka..? or some ministers of MP..? (#BJP ruled states)


Most of my articles are anti-congress because politics which Congress has been doing is anti-national, I am just trying to reveal their real face, all the things I mention in my articles are hard facts,though I agree with you that issue of Karnataka should have been raised but so do the issues of scams in Delhi and Rajasthan,but my focus is mostly on National Issues because its the national politics which makes deeper impact on nation.

Ashu said...

Yes, compulsory voting must be put in place so that so called educated elite should come to vote. Democratically mature county like Australia has it with voting percentage in high 90s.

If we can put an rejection thing, like we reject all candidates this should be also good.

Compulsory voting is a very good concept and should be promoted. Currently, people say every candidate is same and will not go to vote. Such people should be forced to vote and opt their view.


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