Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sibal's ''Fatwa'' on Internet and Social Networking websites and its consequences

Few days back Kapil Sibal called representatives of Facebook and Google, and objected on certain content referring it as "offensive" and demanded that content must be screened before its uploaded, if these are the personal views of our Union Communication and IT minister then I am sorry to say that probably this is what happens when a lawyer by profession is given a ministry like Communication & IT, which is completely an alien thing for him because Sibal's statement of screening online content displays how deep understanding he has about Internet, but if this is the stand of government and Congress party then it reveals the undemocratic and dictatorship approach, hence before moving ahead with this, they must first define the terms "offensive" and "defamatory" and let the people of this nation know what is the definition of these terms in their dictionary ? and what is objectionable according to them and what is not ? but according to my understanding it seems that whatever exposes the congress party and its top leaders including the first family of this country, is considered as offensive and objectionable by government and congress party.

Its said Sibal showed some pictures(pictures depicting God were 2 years old) to representatives of Facebook and Google, most of them were cartoons of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and said its "unacceptable", he gave an argument that some content on social networking sites are derogatory, defamatory and inflammatory and may ignite communal sentiments, but fact is that whoever is familiar with social networking sites knows very well that these websites itself monitor such content and anyone can report such content to website with just a simple click and website acts strictly and removes such content, most stupid thing about Sibal's argument is that he is comparing Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi's Images to the Images of almighty God which is completely absurd and bizarre.

Sibal also further stated that if these companies don't act, then government will itself develop a a mechanism to manage the issue, and since then number of Facebook pages specifically anti-congress and anti-corruption pages and communities have itself magically extincted, but Google refused to bow down to these demands and to government's pressure and stated "we won't remove material just because it's controversial" so as an answer on the very next day Google India was served by a notice from Income Tax department, so now we know about which mechanism Sibal was referring to in his statement, message here is loud and clear either you bow down or we have other ways too. 

Day before yesterday I was listening to the speech of Hilary Clinton in a conference on Internet Freedom at the Hague, where she not only clarified U.S stand on Internet freedom, but also laid emphasis on its importance and its constructive role and said human rights must be respected online as offline, she also mentioned that censoring Internet would be disastrous, and I must say that here on this topic I completely agree with her views, and according to me this attempt to control Internet and social media is violation of our fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression, 

we have seen number of examples where we can observe that directly or indirectly ruling government has been controlling print media and television media, and its an open secret now (just recall Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi and prabhu Chawla episode) that there are large number of media houses which are working as mouthpiece of Congress, and its ironically true that our media is biased and speaks only what political parties and government wants it to speak or whatever suites the government, and in this scenario a common man has only one medium of Internet,social media and social networking sites to express his views, but since government has witnessed the power,importance,capability and effectiveness of Internet and social networking sites in latest anti corruption crusade, now they want to control this medium by fair or unfair means (as I just mentioned above the case of Google India) which shows that this government can go to any extent to silence its critiques, and to protect the so called "sacred" Image of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, and for doing so government and congress is preparing to gag the voice of 127 crores of Indians.

According to me this step is going to have adverse effects on our society because the views,expressions and anger of citizens had to come out some way, and up till now people have been using Internet and social networking sites as a medium to express themselves, but if they are restricted from doing so, then only God knows in which way the wrath of a common man will come out, and there is high probability that the other way might be a violent one. 

Yesterday only we saw the Impact of government's move, when on the occasion of birthday of Sonia Gandhi the official website of Indian National Congress was hacked and some objectionable content was put in there, which I see as an impact and an answer to counter, oppose and protest against government's move of controlling and screening online content.

I have heard number of politicians praising U.S laws and its democratic structure on several issues, but I would also like to point out here that Supreme court of U.S once said that "government can't act as censor of thoughts and can't attack freedom of expression of the people and screening online content is like taking away the freedom of speech and expression", now I firmly believe India is not an ideal and true democracy, and we as a nation still have to grow a lot to become an ideal democracy, but I am sorry to say that this talibani approach of congress and government is not going to help  the nation in any possible way, and gagging 127crores of Indian nationals just to protect the image of party high-command of congress is grossly unfair and is a clear example of dictatorship.

Our political class has always shown double standards, and they are so hypocrite that when it comes to talk they will talk about the structure of U.K and U.S but when they feel the heat due to their own corrupt practices they are trying to push the nation on the path of North Korea and China, 

Our politicians must realize that being a public figure they have to pay a certain price for it, and this approach of shooting the messenger is a lethal trend, and its high time that they must address the substantial core issues, our political class should understand that there is lots of anger and outrage in the people of this nation, and people must not be pushed any further because if that anger reaches a saturation point then this government may have to deal with a law and order problem.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Intro to Veiled Truths of Jawaharlal Nehru

Tomorrow is birth anniversary of India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and this day is celebrated as Children's day in India, I also celebrated this day in my school days, and read about his leadership qualities and his ability to give impressive speeches, but as I grew up and read the stuff other than my course books, researched facts, and went through the history of Nehru era my opinion completely changed about him, I realized that Indian children are presented a completely different and false Image of Nehru.

In India Nehru is described as an impressive leader and great politician, but facts and events which took place in history speaks a different story, and tells us that Nehru is the root cause of number of problems our nation is facing today.  

It was Nehru who forced Gandhi to agree to the partition of nation so that he could become PM.

Not many people know that Nehru wasn't a democratically elected PM of India, in 1946 a meeting of Congress working committee was held in Delhi to elect the president of Indian National Congress and the elected president was suppose to be the first PM of India and it was Sardar Patel who won the poll getting 13 votes in his favor 2 votes in favor of Jivatram Kriplani and just 1 vote in favor of Nehru, but Nehru was so power hungry that he went to M.K Gandhi and threatened that if he doesn't become PM then he will split the Congress and in that condition British will never leave India and because of which Gandhi asked Sardar Patel to step down for Nehru and withdraw his nomination, and Patel did so because of his respect towards Gandhi, so in this undemocratic way and because of nepotism Nehru became first PM of independent India.

Kashmir issue which we are facing right now is actually a gift of Nehru to India, it wasn't the Pakistan who is entirely responsible for creating Kashmir problem Nehru is also equally responsible for creating Kashmir problem, it was because of the personal differences of Nehru with King of Kashmir "Hari Singh" and because of Nehru's friendship with "Sheikh Abdullah" and due to the blunders committed by Nehru at that time is the result  that even after 64 years Kashmir is still a burning issue, at the time of accession of Kashmir Mountbatten put a unique clause in the agreement that even after accession people will have the right to decide with which side they want to be with, and surprisingly Nehru didn't objected to it though no such clause was put in accession of any other princely state, Sardar patel successfully merged states like Junagarh and Hyderabad into India along with 600 other princely states, but merger of Kashmir was in hands of Nehru and he failed to handle it. In October 1947 when Pak army entered in Kashmir and committed atrocities against women, children and innocent people, Nehru who was in deep Impact of Edwina Mountbatten didn't listened to the advise of Sardar Patel and top army commanders of India where Indian forces were fully capable and were about to push back Pakistani troops out of Kashmir, but he did exactly what Edwina suggested him and he took Kashmir issue to U.N and as a result LOC was formed, and its our land of Kashmir which is now called as P.O.K where Pakistan prepares terrorists to kill innocent Indians, this all happened because of inability of Nehru to take firm and right decision.

During Nehru's tenure he was his own foreign minister and as a result India's foreign policy was rested on intuition of only one man Nehru himself, whose foreign policies were not strategic conception but were merely some abstract ideas.

Its been quite some time since India is trying to get a permanent seat in United Nation Security Council, but actually in 1955 U.S offered India the same, but Nehru refused to accept the proposal and said he didn't want U.S to marginalize China, and suggested to offer the same proposal to China, now this step reveals how concerned Nehru was towards national interests of India.

It was Nehru who sacrificed India's interest for his own personal glory by betraying Tibet and its people and allowed China to invade Tibet. 

India lost 1962 Ind-Sino war to china because of impotent foreign policies and dubious approach of Nehru and his lack of understanding and inability to take decision because of which India had to go through such humiliation, Nehru was in dilemma that China can not attack India, so he never bothered to strengthen army and so Indian forces were completely unprepared in that region without any proper infrastructure to deal with such situation (India's strength in that region was only 10,000-12,000 whereas China attacked with strength of 80,000), and the result of the war proved that the foreign policies of Nehru were flawed and because of those stupid and impotent policies only, a part of India is now in control of China.

Nehru let Pakistan and China capture parts of India and gave a very lame excuse that we want friendly relations with neighbors and don't want to indulge in any sort of conflict with them, he willingly gave Tibet to China knowing very well that Chinese will commit atrocities against humanity.

It was Nehru who first sowed the seed of Nepotism monarchy and dynastic politics in the name of democracy. 

  Apart from these blunders there are also some incidents which put question-mark on the character of Nehru as a person,

Private secretary of P.M Nehru, M.O Mathai in his book "Reminiscence of Nehru Age" revealed that there was an intense love affair between Nehru and "Edwina Mountbatten" the wife of  "Louis Mountbatten", and Nehru's daughter Indira was quite embarrassed of this affair, Nehru also had an affair with "Padamja Naidu" daughter of Sarojini Naidu, Nehru also appointed Padamja Naidu as Governor of Bengal.
Nehru also had an affair with a sanyasin from Benares called "Sraddha Mata" M.O Mathai further reveals in his book that there are documented facts which says that "Sraddha Mata" conceived because of their  illicit relationship and when she asked Nehru to marry her, Nehru declined as it would have cost him his political carrier, then she went to a convent in Bangalore and gave birth to a child on 30th May 1949, and then she left the place leaving behind the child and some letters which were written by Nehru to her, those letters were sent back to Nehru, and since then no one ever heard about the woman and identity of child was kept secret by convent.

Now isn't it ironic that we celebrate birthday of such person every year as children's day and we refer him as "Chaha Nehru" who is root cause of many problems in our nation, we portray a completely false image of Nehru in front of children, and by doing so we are actually miseducating the children of this nation by presenting them a contrary Image of a power hungry and failed politician who was so selfish that he sacrificed national interests number of times.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

PM Signals Dilution Of RTI act And Ignites Nationwide Debate

About two days back Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that there is need to make few changes in RTI act, but if we take a look at the history of the formation of this act, we will get to know that it took years of debate and went though number of changes and reviews before seeing the daylight, and if we take a look at its present state then we get to know that information like:-
  • Information related to sovereignty and integrity of nation,
  • Information forbidden by court of law,
  • Discloser of information which could cause the breach of parliament,
  • Information related to trade secrets,
  • Information received in confidence from foreign Government,
  • Information which could endanger the life or physical safety of a person,
  • Information which could impede the process of investigation,
  • Cabinet papers including records of deliberation of council of ministers, secretaries and officers,
  • Personal information which would cause unwarranted invasion of the privacy of the individual

Have already been excluded from RTI, now is there any further room to dilute it? And still if any attempt is made to dilute RTI law then it will make it ineffective, and in that case there will be no purpose of this act, so in that case instead of diluting it, it’s better it should be abolished.

We have heard several members of UPA boasting and praising themselves for making an RTI act, and they hardly ever get tired of taking credit for it, and they consider it as the biggest achievement of UPA government, and now by signaling some changes in RTI they are actually planning to kill their own achievement.

In the recent past some members of UPA have expressed the need to make changes in RTI, and it’s understandable because they might have been feeling uncomfortable due to RTI, but when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who is known for his impeccable integrity and Image, behind whom entire UPA hides its sins says so, then it’s really unfortunate and a matter of deep disappointment, and before making such statement he must have realized that by diluting RTI law he is not going to do any favor or service to the nation on the contrary UPA will lose its whatsoever remaining credibility among people of India.

In the short span of life of RTI we have seen its effects, It brought some transparency in the system and proved itself as an effective tool in fighting corruption and poor governance, we have seen the number of scams and irregularities exposed and revealed by RTI, like how can we undermine the role of RTI in exposing Adarsh society scam, CWG scam, Mining scam, 2G scam and many other scams and irregularities which may not have been exposed without RTI.

But when P.M says that RTI should not affect the work of government then he actually means that RTI applications are acting as hindrance in functioning of government, and when he says so, he must also explain how RTI is affecting the work of government and it’s functioning.
There is high probability that PM gave such statement because of the recent 2G mess which troubled government for about 7-8 days, in which a Finance Ministry note revealed that, then Finance Minister P.chidambaram is responsible for not auctioning 2G spectrum, and may be because of this revelation which was done through RTI, now UPA government is trying to dilute this law Itself, so that they don’t land into any further embarrassment, and in other words UPA actually is trying to shoot the messenger.

It’s a well known fact now, that RTI has actually empowered the common-man of this nation, and for Indian nationals RTI has proved out to be a weapon by the medium of which, even a common-man can question the authorities, there have been several incidents in which during judicial proceedings people have produced facts derived by RTI proving that other side is lying.
And UPA is willing to dilute such an important law, and if they actually plan to do it, then before that, they must explain to the people of this country why they are doing so? But according to my understanding it seems that UPA which is completely cornered by scam after scam is doing it under panic, they first deliberately ignited this debate by the medium of their members, and now they brought their “big gun” the Prime Minister to signal it, and to get the mood of the nation.
But the message which comes out from these things is that, the activities of UPA are suspicious, and it raises some serious doubts on the intentions of UPA, and the only means by which UPA can put an end on all these doubts is, by stating publicly and assuring people of this nation that, they are not going to dilute RTI.
We have also seen that there have been some demands of bringing corporate under RTI law, and instead of strengthening RTI, UPA is planning to dilute it?

Even if after getting the sense of nation on this issue, and after watching the outrage spread across the nation on this stand of UPA, if still UPA is planning to move ahead with their suspicious intentions and approach, then they must also get prepared to face the wrath of common man.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Law Minister Salman Khurshid wants different set of laws for Industrialists and businessmen

Law Minister Salman Khurshid is bashed by supreme court on his controversial statement in which he said putting businessmen and industrialists in prison  will affect the investments in the nation, and it seems that his party and government also agrees with such remarks as no one within the UPA including P.M has objected or questioned his statement.

Most ironic thing here is that such comments have come from none other than but the Law Minister himself, and if we try to analyze his statement it appears that he is proposing different law for corrupt businessmen and industrialists, and he expects judiciary to go soft on the cases against such corrupt businessmen, another perspective of his views is that Law Minister of the world’s largest democracy wants to impose different set of rules for different people, and is actually willing and suggesting to compromise with corruption, and just like government he wants judiciary to turn a blind eye on the corruption spread by industrialists and businessmen, and it’s evident that Khurshid believes that investors have the moral right to spread corruption.

But here I would also like to point out that there is a large group of Industrialists and businessmen in our country who are concerned about the corruption spread by the nexus of Industrialists, Politicians and Bureaucrats, and few days back we saw that 14 businessmen along with some eminent citizens of our country wrote letter to P.M expressing their concerns on this nexus.

So it’s clear that Industrialists and businessmen don’t agree with statement of Law Minister Salman Khurshid and as far as common man is concerned he has already cleared his stand by coming on the street and supporting Lokpal Movement.

Now if we take a  look at the entire picture we realize that this government is neither concerned about the views of Industrialists nor it's concerned about the views of common man, and it figures that all they are concerned about is the corrupt people, and there is not even an iota of doubt left that UPA government is trying to protect these corrupt people so that the nexus between these corrupt businessmen, politicians and bureaucrats doesn’t get exposed and UPA doesn’t gets to face further embarrassment.

It really becomes a matter of deep concern when a Law Minister of a democratic country has such bizarre views on such serious issue, and especially at the time when entire nation is fed up of the rampant corruption spread everywhere, and instead of ensuring that justice is done and law isn't misused by powerful people, if law minister himself believes in double standards how come he is going to help and eradicate corruption? And in my view a person with such ideology neither deserve nor has a right to be a part of government in any possible way.  

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dubious Approach Of UPA On Lokpal Bill

Law Minister Salman Khurshid said that central government is planing to make Lokpal a constitutional body and we all know from where did this concept came from, most of us remember the “legendry speech” given by the uncrowned “prince of Congress” during the zero hour in the last monsoon session on Lokpal bill, where he referred his speech as “elevating the level of debate”, and suggested to make Lokpal a constitutional body, and he called it a “game changing idea”, some people did praised the idea, and undoubtedly its good for nation to have Lokpal as a constitutional body, but it’s also important that we don’t forget the ground reality.

But I think that may be the person who wrote “Rahul baba’s” speech was uninformed about fact, that to make a constitutional body a constitutional amendment is required and for doing so 2/3rd majority is needed, and Congress is running a coalition government, so how do they plan to make Lokpal a constitutional body ? If they are counting on opposition then let’s be realistic that they haven’t even discussed this issue properly within their own party and UPA itself, so forget about the opposition, and there are lots of people within the congress  who are not in favour of strong Lokpal bill, even in the standing committee it’s not discussed to make Lokpal a constitutional body and events from the past like press statements from congressmen, and recently released audio tapes of joint committee justifies my above point, and because of these hard facts and looking at present political scenario Rahul’s idea was completely rubbished by most of the political pundits, and it was seen as an attempt to project a mirage in front of people.

We must also not forget that it’s the same UPA government which was sleeping since past seven years on the issue of Lokpal Bill, and prepared a handicapped “Jokepal” bill instead of Lokpal, and at one point of time they were not even willing to deal with the civil society led by Anna Hazare, and most of the members of UPA have dismissed and rubbished the demands of civil society, but now this sudden change of stand does raises the eyebrows and also puts a question mark on the connotation of government because Rahul Gandhi’s idea is a actually like a five year plan and far from reality, and people are looking at it as another delaying tactic, and because congress is blindly willing to execute this idea it also raises a question-mark on their intentions, because according to me either they are trying to play another trick with the people of this nation and all these statements are merely an eyewash and an attempt to buy some time, or they are just trying to fulfil the childish and unrealistic demands of their “prince” and in both the cases I don't see our nation getting a strong Lokpal in near future unless government act  upon it honestly,

I would have really appreciated If Rahul Gandhi would have said that lets make an independent Lokpal with available resources with no further delay, and if we again come in power with 2/3rd majority then we will make it a constitutional body, but alas his speech was like consoling a hungry man with a mango seed in his hand and saying look I’ve got a mango seed and I am going to sow it in ground, and when fruit comes on tree then you can eat them.

There are some people who are giving a logic that Prime Minister has given an assurance to Team Anna and an unanimous resolution has been passed in parliament, then why did they campaigned against Congress ? But my simple question to them is how can we take PM’s assurance on face value when he didn’t fulfil his assurance which he did to nation when UPA came in power? And Team Anna got the sense of the house on only three key issues of Lokpal not on all aspects of the Janlokpal, so it’s not right to blame them for campaigning against congress, as congress failed to give them support letter in favour of Janlokpal Bill whereas other parties did so without failing, and also whatever they did was not against the law of the land, so there is no point in questioning them. It’s been 43 years since this country is waiting for an ombudsman law, and now this matter is in public domain and because people are running out of patience, no further delay is acceptable.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Digvijay Singh Fails To Digest Taste Of his Own Medicine

Digvijay Singh has filed FIR against 10 websites including Youtube,Twitter,Orkut and Facebook because of the "so called" derogatory comments mentioned by people against him on these websites, but in my opinion Digvijay Singh is an extremely lucky person because he did managed to file FIR on this issue, and that has been possible only because he is a Congress leader, and if he had not been a congress leader then no such absurd attention seeking stunt would have been entertained by the Police, Digvijay actually needs to introspect and think that why such comments were made against him on these websites, that's what he should be doing rather than trying such stupid gimmicks.

I am a firm believer in Newton's third law of motion which says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and if my memory serves me right then Digvijay has been suffering from a verbal Diarrhea since past few years, and he has been making baseless, stupid and really annoying statements since quite some time now, which has gradually developed a deep outrage among people, and since a common man doesn’t have liberty to go to media and have his say, a common man uses the platform of social networking websites to express himself and his views, and according to me Digvijay has only himself to blame for this public outrage, Digvijay should take it as a lesson and a accept the fact  that this is his real image in front of a common man of this country, and it’s  high time he decides to go for an image makeover and try to change people’s opinion towards him, by stopping himself from making careless and baseless statements, that’s what he should be exactly doing rather than running like a headless chicken and filing FIR’s.

Let us have a look at financial irregularities, allegations and cases filed against Digvijay:-
In 2001 Income Tax Department seized a diary maintained by an illegal liquor manufacturer which had name of Digvijay listed in it, and there was also clearly  mentioned that Digvijay had been paid the bribe of 100 million. 
In 2004 M.P Police registered a case against Digvijay in a land scam under prevention of corruption act.  
on 12TH Feb 2009 a case of cheating and corruption was filed against Digvijay. 
Needless to mention that he managed to get away every time because of the hand of his political bosses over him, Now with this background what right does Digvijay has to question the details of money spent during Janlokpal movement and demanding the details of the money source of Baba Ramdev ?

Now recalling those bizarre and ridiculous statements made by him in recent past which brought him the wrath of common man :-
Few months back Digvijay said Ramdev was, is and will remain a “Thug”(crook), now will a responsible political leader ever make such statement against a spiritual guru ?

Some days back Digvijay said Anna Hzare is surrounded by wrong company of people, but has he ever realized that this very same statement is actually 100% applicable on Dr. Manmohan Singh (may be even Manmohan Singh is sorry for this bitter fact),and I suppose I don’t need to mention names like Sharad Pawar, A.Raja(to whom PM once gave clean chit and these days A.Raja is found in Tihar Jail), Dayanidhi Maran, P.Chidambaram, Praful Manoharbhai Patel, Kamalnath etc.(well there is a very long list and if I start pointing out their names one by one, then I guess no member of cabinet will remain untouched ).

Digvijay didn’t even spared person like Justice Santosh Hegde and launched a verbal attack on him too, and as a result people were extremely unhappy about those remarks.

Digvijay called Anna Hazare the mask of RSS which boiled the anger of common man against him.

Interestingly Digvijay is the only person in India who wanted Osama bin Laden to be buried according to proper Islamic rituals and had further objected to the way Osama’s body was buried in sea.
Not to forget it’s the same Digvijay who refers to Osama as Osama “Ji” and calls Baba Ramdev a “Thug”(crook). Now what does he expect from common man after all this ?A garland of flowers ?

Also not to forget his infamous statement which he gave on Batla house encounter demeaning the martyrdom of Mohan Chand Sharma and trying to appease the Muslim community.

Digvijay also made a ridiculous statement that ATS chief Hemant Karkare has expressed to him that his life is in danger and he is being threatened by Hindu organizations, and after that Hemant Karkare’s wife herself denied any of such incident and openly expressed anger for politicizing the martyrdom of her husband, and when media enquired Digvijay about his conversation to Hemant Karkare, he couldn’t produce any substantial proof to support his theory, and even today he is mum on the question that  “if all that he is saying is true than why was he silent till now ?” “why he didn’t revealed this matter right after 26/11 ?”
Even after recent Mumbai terror attack he said role of “RSS can’t be denied in these attacks”
This is not hidden from anyone that Digvijay had been giving cheap and disgusting comments and statements against everyone who says something or writes anything against Congress and UPA.

But point I am trying to make here is that after making such idiotic, humbug, ridiculous and annoying statements Digvijay actually lacks the moral ground to appeal to the people to use kind words for him, even a person with below average understanding can figure out what’s going to be the impact of such bizarre statements. I read somewhere that “If you live your life by the gun then prepare to die by the gun” and Digvijay should have thought about the consequences before making those statements, and now when he is receiving peoples reaction, why is he running like headless chicken and crying and filing FIR’s, he is just receiving the taste of his own medicine, and it seems he just can’t digest that.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Do we have a genuine reason to celebrate this 15th August

Toady I asked myself a question, do we really have a reason to celebrate this 15th August? I am not trying to demean the sacrifice of our freedom fighters, but is this the sort of freedom they would have wanted for their country ?  which I think is a very relevant question in present scenario, because after 64 years of Independence people of this country are still not free to have their say people ain't free to express their dissatisfaction towards system, is this what true freedom means ? and if this is so, then we surely need to redefine this word. 

If a common Indian nationals ask questions from political class they are being labelled as undemocratic and dictators, we all witnessed yesterday how people of ruling government put fake allegations on a person like Anna Hazare, and yes the language they used could neither be forgotten nor be forgiven, but its really shameful that this is the typical orthodox ways of ruling governments in India to deal with such scenarios and political crisis. 

Today we are facing rampant corruption in our daily lives, taxpayers hard earned money is being robbed and looted by the members of ruling government and instead of trying to recover that money we just feel satisfied by setting up an inquiry or putting the scapegoats into prison(that also only happens when Supreme court intervene in the matter) just leaving real culprits walk free, I don't care what happens to people like kalmadi, A.Raja, Sheila Dixit etc(I can't mention every name here because if I do so then this article will be too lengthy for you guys to read), I just want to know the solution how can we bring back the money these traitors looted from our country ? It doesn't make any difference weather we slay these people or we hang them, I just want every penny of the money they looted to be recovered from them, even if we have to sell each and every damn organ of their body, lets do it and recover that money. 

Why is it that entire nation still bows head in front of one family, as if they are the kings and they can't be questioned, like why didn't anyone asked questions about special liberties given to India's fastest multi billionaire Robert vadra and the immense wealth he generated in such a short span of time, why did Ottavio Quattrocchi was allowed to walk free and his Swiss bank accounts were  de-freezed on 22nd December 2005, what was the reason behind the sudden change of stand of Indian government? why there is no election for the post of chairperson in the biggest political party of India, how long this dynastic politics will continue? and is this how a true democracy functions ? is this the real freedom and the real democracy ? 
It is also a fact that Nehru-Gandhi family costs poor Indians five billion a year which is almost double to what British royal family cost to Britain, when less then 81% of Indian population lives on less than 2 dollars a day is such thing justified in country like ours ? 
Why nobody discuss the incident which took place on 21st September 2001 when Rahul Gandhi and his girlfriend were detained at Boston airport by FBI for carrying 200,000 dollars cash about which he failed to explain what was the source of that money from where did it came? whom did that money actually belonged to?  
Why doesn't someone questions why all the cases of disproportionate wealth against Vincent George(secretary of Sonia Gandhi) were closed when UPA came to power? 
what happened to charges against Digvijay singh as we all know in 2001 during an income tax raid on illegal liquor manufacturer in Bhopal IT authority seized a diary maintained by distilleries owner which listed bribe money given to officials and politicians, and which also included the name of Digvijay Singh, which said Digvijay Singh had been paid the bribe of 100 million rupees, In 2004 M.P police registered a case against Digvijay Singh in a land scam under prevention of corruption act, to probe allegations of corruption and criminal conspiracy against Digvijay Singh, On 12 February 2009, a case of cheating and corruption was filed against Digvijay Singh, but due to his connections with the Nehru-Gandhi family he managed to get away with all those cases, this all happened in a free and so called "democratic nation" and nobody dared to question these things isn't this strange?

64years have passed since Britishers left our Land, but still poverty prevails in our country, and it is also a well known fact that expected black money of India stashed away in foreign countries is 7,280,000 crores(USD $1.4 trillion)  and yet no steps are being made by government to bring that money back which proves that this money belongs to very powerful people, and definitely those people are part of government directly or indirectly
Its also a matter of shame that political atrocities keeps taking place here, politicians use dirty trick to enhance their vote bank, they still divide certain sections of society for sake of their vote bank sometimes on the name of cast, sometimes on the name of religion and sometimes on the name of language, they have spread so much hatred in our society that people of different communities consider themselves as rivals, because of this divide and rule strategy(which they have learnt from Britishers), every community demands special rights for themselves, what about those general candidates who doesn't fall into these categories aren't you depriving them of their rights ? democracy means every one has equal rights, then why this different set of rules for different people?

Even after 64 years of independence still there are large section of people in our country who are deprived of their basic needs like clean drinking water, proper sanitation facilities, proper medical facilities, a source of income, proper education, and above all a dignified life, now isn't that ironic that this is the condition of the so called world's largest democracy.

we call ourselves the next super power now isn't it hollow boasting, and with so many problems prevailing in our nation. Now I ask you the very same question which I asked myself some time back, do we really have a genuine reason to celebrate this Independence day?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recalling Anti-Sikh Riots 1984

1984 anti sikh riots delhi(1)

On 25th of June 2011, P.Chidambaram spoke on anti-Sikh riots of 1984, he stated "Its time to forgive and build a new India " and this statement has once again brought a nationwide outrage and focus on one of the darkest chapter in the history of Independent India, I don't understand how could he expect this nation to forget the organized genocide of Sikhs in which unarmed and innocent Sikh men,women and even children were brutally murdered by members and workers of Indian National Congress(INC), properties of Sikhs were burnt by  the mobs and goons of Indian National Congress(INC),all those events were planned,perpetrated and sponsored by Indian National Congress which was in power in central 
during that time,anti-Sikh riots are looked as an attempt of
1984 anti-sikh riots delhi
INC(Indian National Congress) to avenge assassination of Indira Gandhi by two of her own Sikh body guards, after which from 31st-October to 3rd-November 1984 Sikh genocide took place in Delhi and in nearby region, mobs of INC(Indian National Congress) used iron rods and knives to attack Sikhs and used kerosene to burn their houses,businesses,shops and schools, even Gurdwaras were attacked some Sikhs were burnt alive,even children were not spared, buses and trains were stopped and Sikh passengers were pulled out and burnt alive by throwing kerosene on them.

1984 anti sikh riots(3)

Government figures says about 2,700 Sikhs died and 20,000 Sikhs fled away, but human rights organizations and newspapers reported the death toll to be somewhere  between 10,000-17,000 and according to PUCL 50,000 Sikhs flew away to save their lives.

1984 anti sikh riots delhi (4)
Today its an open secrete that mobs involved in riots of 1984 were actually the active members and supporters of Indian National Congress, and those mobs were led by several leaders       M.L.A's, M.P's of Congress party, and there are enough number of incidents to say that top brass of Government ruled by Indian National Congress was completely aware and was also a part of this conspiracy of Sikh genocide, and who can forget Rajiv Gandhi's infamous quote where he says "When a mighty tree falls, it is natural that the earth around it does shake a little" which leaves no doubt behind that he was very much aware and a part of this conspiracy, and he actually felt and believed that whatever happened was completely justified.

There are number of incidents which proves the hand of INC in Sikh genocide, various Congress leaders like Sajjan Kumar,
R.K.Anand, Darshan Sharstri and H.K.L.Bhagat were seen leading murderous mobs, on 31st October several congress
1984 anti sikh riots delhi (5)
Party leaders met their supporters distributed them money and liquor and instructed them to attack Sikhs and kill them, INC leaders Sajjan Kumar, Lalit Maken were seen giving 100Rs. and bottle of liquor to assailants, next day Sajjan Kumar was seen distributing iron rods from parked truck to workers of Congress party instructing them to attack Sikhs, a Sikh named Moti Singh who was part of Congress for 20 years heard him giving following speech

1984 anti sikh riot delhi daryaganj (6)
"Whoever kills the sons of the snakes, I will reward them. Whoever kills Roshan Singh and Bagh Singh will get 5000 
rupees each, and 1000 rupees each for killing any other Sikhs. You can collect these prizes on November 3 from my personal assistant Jai Chand Jamadar"  

Congress(I) leader Shyam Tyagi's house was used as meeting place, and H.K.L Bhagat Minister of Information and Broadcasting gave money to Boop Tyagi who was brother of Shyam Tyagi for providing liquor to assailants, a Congress
1984 anti Sikh riots delhi sikh Burnt-Alive (7)
leader Balwan Khokar held meeting on night of 31stOctober at a ration shop to spread violence against Sikhs, and an another congress supporter Shankar Lal Sharma held meeting at his shop after which he formed mob and instructed people to kill Sikhs, kerosene used in these riots was supplied by group of Congress party leaders who owned filling stations, like Brahmanand Gupta president of A-4 block Congress Party distributed oil in Sultanpuri, similar meetings were held in cooperative colony in Bokaro where 
1984 anti sikh riots delhi Sikh's body(8)
P.K Tripathi President of local Congress party and owner of gas station in Nara More provided kerosene to mob of congress party people and supporters. Since Sikhs were located in unmarked and various locations, Congress Party leaders equipped assailants with voter lists, school registrations and ration card list to pinpoint the locations of Sikh homes,shops,properties and businesses, the night 
1984 anti sikh riots delhi FoujaSingh (9)
before massacre began houses of Sikhs were marked by letter "S" so that they could be easily identified, because mobs were illiterate Congress leaders helped them in reading lists and marking houses and those leaders of INC themselves led the mobs to Sikh homes and neighborhoods.

A well known incident in which a Sikh named Amar Singh escaped assailants by help of his Hindu neighbor who sheltered him into his house and declared him dead, but few
1984 anti sikh riots delhi (10)
men came again looking for his body, and when neighbor said body has been taken away by others, an assailant showed him a list and replied "look Amar Singh's name has not been struck off from list so his body has not been taken away."

These things explains us how organized,systematic and brutal those riots were, and the most Ironic and wry thing is that victims of those riots are deprived of justice even till today, and culprits were allowed to walk free under political pressure. 

1984 anti sikh riots delhi (11)
Yet our Home Minister P.Chidambaram thinks "Its time to forgive and build a new India" I don't think there could be a better example of hypocrisy than this,but bitter fact is that its not something to be forgotten, and especially when justice was denied to the victims. 

Though after such incident Indian National Congress should have been declared a terrorist organization and 
1984 anti sikh riots delhi (12)
should have been banned from participating in any sort of political process,but Its really a pity that a political party whose hands are drenched in the blood of 17,000 innocent people is today ruling this nation.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Prevention of Communal Violence Bill or Communal Discrimination

Today I read Arun Jaitley's article on
"Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill - 2011, and I couldn't agree more that this bill(drafted by National advisory council) may look like a bill to stop communal atrocities but its actual objective & motive is to achieve political goals and ignite communal riots. Format of this bill has put a questionmark on the intentions of those who drafted and those who cleared this bill(chairperson of NAC is Sonia Gandhi),although I hope it does not, but if this bill gets passed in its present state and becomes a law then I am pretty much sure that its adverse effects will widen the gap between existing communities in our nation and this bill will affect communal harmony and will create serious differences between majority community and minority community and will act as catalyst in widening the gap between existing communities. Most controversial and debatable aspect of this bill is its definition of "group", which stands for only linguistic and religious minorities and people of linguistic and religious majorities(i.e Hindus) are not included in the term "group", and in the case of communal violence this bill will empower central governments to impose president's rule in the affected state.

This draft bill preconsiders that members of majority community are belligerent and this draft bill treats them as criminals, I firmly believe cases of communal atrocities must be dealt unbiasedly, but this bill says communal atrocities can be committed only by the members of majority community not by the members of minority community, so does that means members of minority community can never commit any communal atrocity? I don't understand what is the logic behind this point, but according to this point communal atrocities committed by majority community against minority community is punishable offence in this law, but same communal atrocities committed by minority community against majority community is not punishable offence in this law, now isn't it communal discrimination ? why different yard sticks for people of different communities?
This bill clearly states member of majority community can never be the victim of communal atrocities, this clearly reveals dual standards of this bill.

 Now to enforce this absurd law this draft says there will be a national authority of seven members and out of these seven members four of them (including chairman and vice chairman) will be from minority community and similar authority will be formed on state level as well, which means membership of this authority will be on the basis of religion and caste, which is again communal discrimination, and according to this law the offenders will always be from majority community and justice will be delivered by members of minority community (so there is high probability that delivered justice will be biased), In case of complain these authorities will have right to raid and investigate, and these authorities will also be capable of making recommendations from governments, and these authorities will also have power of issuing advisories to central and state government.

Procedures to be followed during investigation under this bill are also controversial and debatable like
  • Name, identity and address of a complainant will not be disclosed that means accused will never know who filed the complaint against him.
  • Complainant can register his/her complain while sitting at home
  • Statements of the victims will be recorded only in front of court.
  • Government will have power to intercept and block messages and telecommunications under this law
  • If there is an allegation against a person of committing communal atrocities then he would be considered guilty until he is proven innocent, which means merely an allegation is considered a proof.
  •  Public servants can be tried under this bill without seeking permission from government 
  • This bill enables central government to impose president's rule in state in the case of communal-riots.
If this bill is passed and enforced in its current state then it will be widely misused against the people of majority community because of its duplicity, members of minority community may use this law and register fake cases against anyone from majority community alleging them of spreading hatred, attacking them, conspiring against them, and the person against whom such case is registered will not even know who filed it against him. 

As there are several loop holes in this bill, people of minority community will derive unfair advantage of this bill because they will be well aware that no matter what they do they will not be charged under this act, and also extremists and jehadi's may take advantage of the loop holes of this bill and perform their act of terrorism and get away very easily due to the limitations of this bill, all these points shows that "Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill - 2011" is completely biased, and its not at all difficult to understand that this is clearly a communal discrimination on the basis of religion and caste, 

As now its crystal clear that motive of this bill is to create differences between majority and minority communities, there is also a possibility that members of NAC who drafted this bill were under the pressure of chairperson of NAC & Congress president Sonia Gandhi, and if this is so then its clear that congress is moving ahead with the British strategy of divide and rule to achieve its political goals, and according to me this trend is extremely lethal for our nation and Indian nationals, and if congress continues with this strategy then congress itself will become one of the biggest threat for our nation.


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