Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kashmir : Victim of hypocrites and traitors

Gilani chanting anti-India slogans
Kashmir is  undoubtedly one of the most unstable and sensitive part of India, and on 23rd we saw an another example of it, when three innocent people including two women were brutally killed by militants of Lashkar-e-toyaba, but difference here is that entire Kashmir valley is silent and mum on these killings neither political leaders like Mehbooba Mufti nor separatist leaders like Sayyed Ali Shah Gilani and all those people who claim themselves the biggest well-wishers of the people of Kashmir uttered a word to condemn this act, this forces me to think why they haven't reacted to such an incident ?

  • Was it just because those people were not killed accidentally by armed forces ?
  • Was it because they can't blame Indian government for this ? 
  • Or these leaders didn't want sentiments of a common Kashmiri man to go against Pakistani militants ?
  • Or its just because those people who killed three innocent people were Pakistani militants to whom these leaders support some where deep down inside?

muslims burning Indian national Flag
We all remember just few days back how so called suppressed people of Kashmir were violently protesting on the streets, and they also carried their little children with them, and those children were kept ahead of mob, and they forced armed forces to react by setting government offices and vehicles of armed forces on fire, and by throwing stones on security forces leaving them with no other alternative other then to open fire to control the situation, and if someone among those protesters used to loose their life during protest, a new series and chain of protests used to began which looked like an infinite loop, and all these separatist leaders did a superb job in adding fuel to fire, claiming this is the violation of human rights, now don't they think killing of three innocents by militants is violation of human rights ?

Kashmiri pandit's children killed by muslims
Five days back we also heard that remaining 60 thousand Sikhs in the valley were threatened to either accept Islam or leave Kashmir, to me which seems like another phase of extremism, under which earlier more than 700 Hindu temples were demolished, 5 lakhs Hindus were forced to leave valley, Buddhists of Ladakh were troubled and massacre of Chiteesingh pura  took place, and surprising thing is that 
Shivalay destroyed by muslims
there has been no change in strategies and schemes of central government for protecting Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs residing in J&K since decades. 

separatists of Kashmir raises the voice of only few extremists and Muslims who are actually supporter of Pakistan, people like Buddhists of Ladakh, Hindus, Sikhs, Shiyas and Bakarwaal of Kashmir valley, were never in the radius of concern of these separatists, their religious obsession is so narrow that these people were never concerned about the non Sunni Muslims, they even opposed to Gulamnabi Azad because he belongs to Jammu not the valley, these separatists groups are also not united, and they all have different demands like JKLF demands total independence, in Hurriyat Gilani wants to be with Pakistan, PDP wants more self governance and though National Conference has formed government with Congress but they demand the same situations as prevailing before 1953, the base of this separatism is actually based on the money which comes from Pakistan and soft strategies of pseudo secularists sitting in Delhi, these separatists are trying their best to create and develop anger and aggression in common people against security forces, intentionally such situations are created under which security forces are bound to open fire, and if someone gets killed in this situations it results in igniting more violence and similar process is again repeated.

 Hindu child killed by Muslim separatists 
Currently our nation clearly lacks the national leaders who can deal with such complicated situations with courage, and are capable to take a stand and who doesn't hesitate to take tough decision if required,  but problem here is that our leaders carry soft approach towards these situations and try to satisfy and fulfill illegal and unjustified demands of such elements, which only results in making the situation worse, like when security forces are being attacked and violence is increasing, what is the logic of bringing up the issue of self-governance ? does this government wants to go ahead fulfilling the demands of more self-governance ?  two flags, two constitutions, maximum central aid per person in the country, yet if separatism and support for Pakistan hasn't reduced then what's the guarantee that they will be satisfied even if granted more self-governance, according to me desires of these peoples are insatiable, I doubt that their current violence is because of the demand of more self-governance or feeling of hate towards a nation which has more number of nationals who are non-Muslims which thinking is actually influenced by Pakistan's ideology and also sponsored by Pakistan, this feeling of hatred is clearly displayed during incidents like protests against giving a piece of land for Amarnath shrine yatra, or demands of reducing the tenure of Amarnath yatra, but the basic motive is same to express hatred  towards India.  The bitter fact is that the so called revolution of freedom of Kashmir is based on anti-Hindu ideology, these separatists wants to go with Pakistan just because its an Islamic country, yet it is run by undemocratic and dictatorial powers and is definitely a failed nation, whereas on the other hand India is one of the fastest growing economy and worlds largest democracy and a secular nation, but just because it has more nationals who are non-Muslims these separatists don't want to be with India.      
These separatist leaders of Kashmir have not only spoiled a beautiful state but also the future of youths, these are same leaders who send their own children to study in places like Bangalore, London or Berlin, we recently heard of  separatist leader Asiya Andarbi who sent his son abroad for higher education and same is the situation in Gilani's family, which clearly displays the hypocrisy of such people.

Today to deal with problems in Kashmir we need a leader who has a will and honest intentions to actually help the peoples of Kashmir where two generation grew up under the shadow of separatism and poison of article 370, we can't save Kashmir by feasting separatists with "biryani" in Delhi.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hollow Celebrations Of Independence Day

Today India is celebrating its 63rd Independence day, but being an Indian national I am in a fix, whether I should be celebrating this day or not ? although it is a big occasion and I have utmost respect for all those great people who sacrificed their life for our country, and I pay my sincere homage to them, but how can I celebrate when I look disgusting and ridiculous things happening around us like :-
  • Scams, corruption and irregularities in commonwealth games, and government trying to defend the culprits.
  • Alarming rise in Naxalism and soft approach of government.
  • Violence in Kashmir valley.
  • High Inflation and still large amount of food grains are decaying in various parts of nation.
  • Implementation of Cast based census in nation.
  • Adherence of government on resuming talks with Pakistan even after facing constant humiliation from their side.

These days when ever we open newspaper in morning, we get to know about a new scam in commonwealth games, and somewhere deep down inside it hurts, because that is the hard earned money of a tax payer which is being wasted like anything, and what hurts even more is that when people like Sports Minister M.S Gill and Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari tries to defend Suresh Klmadi with their stupid logics, and people like Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi doesn't even bother to react, which puts a question mark on their intentions. Now I think there are lots of people who have started questioning themselves that why did they paid their taxes honestly ?

Since last three years we have been watching alarming rise in naxalism, there have been number of incidents in which hundreds of people and security personnel's have lost their lives, but our government kept on ignoring such a serious problem, and now when this problem has become a threat for national integrity and now they expect C.R.P.F(Central reserve police force) to control the situation, but I think government is still unaware of the fact that C.R.P.F is not designed to indulge in gorilla fights and jungle warfare, this is just a forces to implement law & order in rural and urban areas, not to work in such an extreme conditions, they don't even have proper training, and they are also not properly equipped, which makes it impossible for me to understand how come a government take such a immature decision and risk lives of these peoples.

Its been more than a month since Kashmir is burning and there are lots of intellectuals who are condemning the killings of innocent children and women by armed forces, but I just want to ask them who brought those innocent children on streets during violent protests ? and we all got to knew how stones were being supplied before every protest, and how government offices and vehicles were set on fire, and now what else do you expect from armed forces to do, so that situation could be controlled ? We know very well that all these people of Kashmir elected current government democratically, and shown record voting, then how come those people became so unsatisfied with the government that they became so violent ? I think deep down inside we all know about the root of problem which is none other than our neighbor Pakistan and few rats like Sayed Ali Shah Gilani and his supporters, who should have been taken care of decades back, and its really unfortunate to see these people moving freely, but none of the government showed willpower to act on them.

Entire nation is suffering from Inflation but our government didn't show any hesitation in hiking fuel prices, I am not sure if they would have done the same thing if there would have been any elections in near future, because if my memory serves me right last time when prices were $137/barrel n there were general election on the head this government played safe n didn't bother to touch the prices of fuel, and now when the prices in international markets is around $47/barrel they have raised price saying that petroleum companies are under heavy loss, but when we see annual reports of these companies we can clearly see that they are generating some serious profits, and even if the price hike was was so important and inevitable, government could have reduced the taxes on fuel prices to give some relief to common man but they they didn't do so.
And on the other hand there is a large amount of food grain laying and decaying in the open outside go-downs and warehouses, because there is no place to store those food grains, and now even Supreme Court of India has stated that all those food grains should be distributed among people without any charge, but still no measures have been taken, and also now there are some reports saying that large amount of wheat has been exported to liquor companies on a very low price, now in a country where large amount of areas are affected by droughts and children suffering from malnutritions and farmers committing suicide this sort of attitude of any government is completely unacceptable.

There has been a long debate going on from a long time on cast based census, some people say that its important so that required measures could be taken for upliftment of backwards, but the first question arises here is how will a cast based census help those so called backwards, because first of all we need to focus on what is the actual definition of a backward ? and if my knowledge serves me right then backward is the one who is with limited means or I should be saying financially weak and a poor person, so from where does a cast of a person comes here ? and how could someone say that all people of a particular cast are poor, according to me its just a dirty game of political parties for their vote bank politics, which is extremely lethal and dangerous for integrity of our nation, and if political parties continues with this approach I am afraid there wouldn't be this country left for them to rule, and then their vote bank politics will be of no use, and our coming generations would be paying the price of their mistake.

I remember that after 26/11 attack our PM stated that there won't be any talks with Pakistan unless they act upon the culprits of Mumbai attacks, but I don't know why our PM had to ate his own words, and he took initiative to resume talks, without caring about sentiments of Indian nationals, and the very next day after his announcement Pak foreign minister claimed it as the victory of Pakistan in a public rally, and some days back when S.M krishna and Shah MehmoodQureshi met in Pakistan we all heard about outrageous comments made by Shah MehmoodQureshi, and still our government is willing to resume talks with Pakistan in future.
This is literally an ignorance of public sentiments in India, and display of an ostrich attitude by our government, may be these shameless politicians have forgotten what happened in Mumbai or I should have been saying that what had happened in Mumbai, kargil 1999, 1971, 1965 and 1948, but every true Indian neither can, and nor will forget what we have been going through, but the pity is every time we got upper hand over them our leaders lost the advantage.


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