Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Questionmark on Indian Diplomacy

As controversy deepens on joint statement issued by India and Pakistan in Egypt, its giving a clear message to the world that whatever happened there was not in the interest of our nation and the tragedy is its being confirmed by none other than but our foreign secretary, it’s really very disappointing to hear from him that "may be the words used in joint statement were not appropriate but there shouldn't be any doubt on its intentions".
The question is why did our strategy planner couldn't find or failed to find the appropriate words because of which nation didn't took the joint statement in the way it’s being claimed by our government? This is not the only question, another question is that why did we accept to move on with talks excluding terrorism, but why did we let Baluchistan issue being mentioned in joint statement? this is very disappointing that by this joint statement India seems to be accepting that it’s our hand in imbalance of Baluchistan, presence of Baluchistan issue in joint statement shows the weakness of Indian diplomacy or I should be calling it a diplomatic blunder, this isn't a good thing that India has given a topic to Pakistan just like that, and now with the help of this topic Pakistan may put India in penalty box on international stages. Definitely there is no logic in letting the mention of Baluchistan issue in joint statement just to avoid the issue of Kashmir.

Maybe now central government is trying to justify the joint statement, but the way congress men are avoiding to open their mouths on this issue clearly indicates that our diplomats and strategy planner have committed a big mistake, and now they must find some solution for this, else India will have to face the negative publicity by Pakistan on the international stage, and this should also be kept in mind that India doesn't look too keen in answering Pakistan in their own language and dealing with their dirty games sensibly.
It’s hard to understand that the same prime minister who was dragging Pakistani leadership publicly in penalty box about a month back today seems to dropping his weapons in front of Pakistani P.M,
Entire nation wants to know why this happened? What were the circumstances because of which we had to face this disgrace? After all what happened in the past one month which made our strategy maker to reach on the conclusion that Pakistan is now on right track? but the fact is Pakistan isn't interested in taking action against the culprits of 26/11 neither they are willing to dismantle anti-India terrorist structure nor they are going to stop promoting terrorism against India, then keeping all these things in mind what was the need of carrying soft approach towards Pakistan? was it because of American pressure or were their some other reasons? This is also weird that India took more than 24hrs to deny the claims of Pakistan that they have handed over proofs of involvement of Indian intelligence agency on attack over Srilankan cricket team.
All these things only proves that Indian diplomacy is suffering from weakness as well as from laziness, and if it’s actually true which is being signalled by all these circumstances then there couldn't be anything more disappointing and a bigger matter of concern.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Homage To Martyrs Of Kargil

We salute to the following brave men who made supreme sacrifices of their lives to uphold the dignity of the nation :


Friday, July 24, 2009

Remembering Kargil

This is the 10Th anniversary of Kargil war, it was the war in which Pakistan's army tried to capture hills of Dras-Kargil, In this war Indian army defeated Pak army and its mujaheddin, generally the overview of Kargil war is looked as another attempt of Pakistan to capture Kashmir by the help of kabaielies as they tried in 1947-48 and 1965, but actually Kargil war is a significant point of the 20yrs old mission of jehadi's to capture Kashmir and imbalance India, kargil war is also different in many ways to the previous wars fought between India and Pakistan, this war was fought when Pak already acquired the status of nuclear power, and Islamabad developed counterbalancing relations with India, during the time of war Pak also had around 10,000 mujaheddin who were ready to indulge in the battle anytime all those mujaheddin were prepared for war by teaching them the lessons of extremism and at a point of time they also enjoyed support of CIA and money from Saudi Arab, all these mujahids were actually Muslims from Arab, middle Asia,Pashtoon tribesman, Pakistanis etc.. Pakistan had been dreaming to capture Kashmir since they acquired nuclear weapons and they don't hesitate to say that their nuclear weapons are to compete with India some of them also have courage to say that Nuclear weapon is like an umbrella under which Pakistan can open Kashmir issue , they have a false belief that nuclear weapons have brought them into a state of equality and equilibrium against India, their actual motive is to capture Kashmir when Indian leadership is in weak hands or in a state of fix, Pakistan started giving shape to its intentions in 1989 when V.P Singh was the P.M of India during that time Pakistan sent thousands of intruders in Kashmir and Pak's foreign minister Yakoob Khan tried to give nuclear threatening to India, from 1991 to 1999 Pak launched large number of jehadi missions in Kashmir and thousands of innocent people and soldiers of Indian army lost their lives, but still after all this Pak kept on starving for success in Kashmir and couldn't achieve its goal, up till now Pak had succeeded to set up its puppet government in Kabul in the form of Taliban which made Osama more powerful and as a result, organizations spreading terror in Kashmir also became the part of jehadi terrorism , by the presence of terrorist organizations like Laskar, jaish,Harkat -ul-Mujaheddin and others pak tried to capture Kashmir by intrusion in kargil. Actually after Lahore peace process, pak army was in illusion that there is a weak government in power in India, although Nawaz saharif tried to separate himself from Kargil incident, saying he was unaware of the entire plot which was planned by Parvez Musharraf but the fact is that he was completely aware of the situation and pak army had backing of Nawaz Shareef, in India Vajpayee government not only strongly dealt with the situation and fought back but also achieved international glory by showing immense composure and courage, to counter Pak's intrusion in Indian territory, Indian Air Force and Infantry worked with great co-ordination and intruders were plucked-off from India soil who were in misconception that they will succeed to capture Kashmir and the most important thing during this incident was Indian troops didn't crossed LOC not even a single time during the entire combat, Pakistan was hoping that after this incident they will be able to drag Kashmir issue in U.N security council but India spilled cold water on their intentions by not crossing LOC, because the war was fought completely on Indian soil Pak couldn't execute its plan,during those times all three wings of Indian army were ready to counter any major attack from Pakistan. As the war progressed Pakistan was standing alone on the Kargil issue and because of the activeness of Indian Air Force pak troops failed to move ahead and entire Kargil episode ended in very embarrassing situation for Pakistan, just after this incident Pak army dethroned elected government of Nawaz shareef, but they still haven't given up their intentions of capturing Kashmir and they are using jehadi terrorism as a medium to achieve their motive. Kargil was neither the first and nor the last attempt of Pakistan to conquer Kashmir, its also neither the start nor the end of proxy war against India by Pakistan , but Kargil incident made it crystal clear for Pakistan that they can't defeat India in any direct war, but this doesn't mean that ISI and Pakistan have given up their intentions to colour Indian soil with Indian blood.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Relevance of Women's Reservations

President of India
Women reservation is an issue of national debate, even in president's speech this topic managed to gained special importance, but if we look at the facts about the field of women empowerment then the statistics are quite surprising, Today Pratibha Patil is sitting on the chair of president, Meera Kumar holds the post of speaker of Lok-Sabha, largest political party of country is lead by Sonia Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj is deputy leader of opposition, Mayawati is chief minister of a state which holds maximum number of Lok-Sabha seats,Mamta banerjee has been giving real tough 
chairperson of largest political party
time to Left Front, and womens like Rabri Devi,Jayalalita and
Vasundhra Raje Scindhia have also had the taste of power in their states, 15th Lok sabha has more than 10% women M.P's in the house.the truth is that women are leading in all fields of national-life but still there are people who think they should be given 
leader of opposition in LOKSABHA

Basic question arises here is that ,Is the reservation only solution of all problems of national life ? Muslim groups are demanding reservation on the basis of their religion, we all remember the controversy which arise on the counting of number of Muslims in Indian Army, parties like Congress, SP, RJD, LJP are supporters of reservations on the basis of religion, all of us witnessed the heavy destruction caused during Gujjar movement, and now there are demands of reservations in the private sectors, youth of different classes have started putting questions on their respective political party's reservation kota, question of women reservation has been hanging like a sword for the last 13 years.
CM of largest state
But reality is that, no reservation could be justified its not a healthy competition, it only snatches up the rights of talent and ability, it strongly hurts the talented people, and the one who is favored by reservation looses his respect and dignity, reservation is against the principal of equal citizens, equal cultures and one nation.
CM of Delhi
Constitution developers of India were strictly against the principal of reservations, in constitution meeting topic of reservations was discussed for complete two days Naziruddin Ahmad said " any sort of reservation will have negative effect on political development of country and it  will develop the feeling of inferiority", Jagat Narayan Laal said "India will be a secular state and after this there shouldn't be any demands for reservations." many members spoke about this topic and among all of them no body justified the basic thoughts behind reservations, but they agreed that in the current prevailing situations it would be better to give temporary reservations to schedule castes, J.L Nehru said " I want that even the remaining reservations 
leader of TMC
should be abolished , but in current scenario it won't be a smart step to remove reservations for schedule castes." 
                                                                                                           So the reservations for schedule caste was temporary, and there is a provision of reviewing them after the regular interval of 10 years, makers of our constitution allowed reservations to schedule castes for their upliftment and bringing them to the mainstream of the society, but there was also a provision of schedule caste commission, to analyze the profits and loss of reservations {annexture 338}, now if even after 62 years of 
leader of AIADMK
independence there is a need of women reservations then its really a matter of shame for nation and all of us, and the key question which arises here is that will this reservations be permanent ?
Our constitution has given us some fundamental rights and according to annexture(15) nation can not differentiate among its citizens on the basis of state, religion, caste, sex or birth place but reservation enforces the nation to differentiate among its citizens, makers of constitution had a dream that nation-state will benefit every one by its economy, governance and policies and all the boundaries like caste, religion, region and sex will vanish one day, and nationalism will be only indistinguishability.                                          

Central and state governments have invested a huge sum of money for upliftment of people, and people of all castes, societies and sectors have been benefited, but still more than 30 crores of people are below poverty line, but in the fields like education, science, engineering, infrastructure and capital development, progress has been phenomenal, and advantages and profits of national economy and development has been received equally by men and women.
                                                                                                                                                  Basic question is after all what is the need of reservation in 62 years old competitive democracy ? Is Indian national-state working with injustice and being impartial towards some castes, religions, sex and groups ? If we look at ancient history of India which explains us that women have always been treated with utmost respect, and enjoyed special position in India, and those days there was no reservation for women, and if we look at modern times then we have example of Indira Gandhi who enhanced India's pride,honor and prestige in Bangladesh war, arguably better than a man .
So basically what is the fundamental relevance of women reservation ? there have been many suggestions given by different political parties about women reservations, like Samajwadi party wants to bring in the caste system in women reservations which means separate reservations for women of schedule castes, backward classes and Muslims women, and the demands of BSP are also similar. States like U.P and Bihar have women reservations in Gram Panchatyat, and if we leave the exceptions then most of the posts of those women are actually run by either their husband or any other relative, S.P also gave an suggestion that according to reservations, distribution of tickets should be left on the parties, although BJP has opposed the idea of including caste system in women reservation and congress also seems to agree with BJP on this issue, but there are lots of questions that arises here
  • Will women reservation be able to help the process of women empowerment ?
  • Will women reservation be permanent unlike the reservations of SC/ST and backward classes ?
  • Is reservation appropriate and only option for for upliftment of women ?
  • If these reservation won't be permanent then what would be its time limit?
  • How it would be judged that women reservation has achieved its objective and how it would be abolished?
  • what would be the consequences of these reservations?
If its so important to give reservations to women, then all these issues should also be kept in mind and there should be a through and sincere debate over these topics, and above all there is a requirement to think that by giving these reservations aren't we doing injustice to people of other sex ?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why Today Every Party Is Lining Up To Support Congress ?

Since last 3days almost every party is running to support congress unconditionally, whereas before the announcement of polling results all such parties were leaving no chance to criticize Congress, before 16th all these parties were against congress and today they see no evil in congress, what is the reason of this sudden change? whether it was SP(Samajwadi Party), BSP(Bahujan samaj Party), RJD(Rashtiya Janta Dal), LJP(Lok Janshakti Party) or Left, all of them talked about the failures and demerits of congress and today they are all lining up to support congress unconditionally.
It hasn't been much time when we all heard Amar Singh and Digvijay Singh abusing each other and Amar Singh comparing congress to Draupadi Mulayam to Lord Krishna and Left to Dushahssan, or  Mayawati calling Congress and BJP the party of thieves, or Lalu Yadav and Ramvilas paswaan speaking against congress, or Left  parties who considered BJP and Congress as the threat to nation, today all these people are running  to support congress.
As far as my knowledge and understanding serves me, the only reason why all these people are lining up to offer support to congress is only because they all have many cases of corruption and scams lying against them and just to make sure that those cases do not reopen they all are trying to stand with congress, because in our country ruling government has control over investigation agencies and they are being used according to the comfort of central government, and if its not true then how come in Taj Corridor case against Mayawati no progress is made since late 2003 when she gave support to UPA government and how come every time Gujarat Riots case comes to limelight just before elections, so the point that I want to make is no party is completely  pure. 
But today when congress doesn't need parties like SP, BSP and Left  Amar sigh says that Manmohan Singh has asked for their support, Mayawati says that Manmohan singh ringed her and he considers her as his younger sister, well if all these things are really true then I suppose that L.K Adwani was right calling Manmohan singh as weak PM, and if Manmohan singh really considers Mayawati as her younger sister then I would like to remind him that before him Lalji Tandon also once considered Mayawati as his sister and in return Mayawati awarded him with the title of LALCHI(GREEDY) Tandon, but I wish Manmohan Singh all the best with his new younger sister, here I would also like to mention that just before elections Digvijay and Amar singh resolved their differences with the medium of media, and it was Digvijay who took this initiative, and not to forget that Rahul Gandhi offered the hand of friendship to Left and there was also a rumor that congress may offer support to Left, but fortunately everything went in the favour of Congress and Manmohan Singh emerged as king but all the credit went to Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi, also the credit for getting 21seats in U.P was given to Rahul Gandhi but I don't think it was Rahul factor, because Rahul also went to Bihar for campaigning but there congress didn't got any benefit, so  the actual credit of success of Congress in U.P should go to the poor governance of Mayawati or I should be saying corrupt governance of Mayawati.
Anyways national festival of republic of India is over voters have given their verdict, and somewhere deep inside common man has realised that it doesn't matter who forms the government, its the common man who always gets exploited and still he hopes that things will change and he & his family will get a better world to live.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Verdict Of Indian Voters

Results of elections'2009 have been announced and UPA (United Progressive Alliance) has emerged as the largest coalition with 257 seats out of 543, where as NDA(National Democratic Alliance) secured only 164 seats, this result has brought BJP into a state of shock and L.k Adwani has announced that he doesn't want to be the leader of opposition anymore, although he will remain in active politics because BJP has rejected Adwani's offer to resign, whereas the condition of third front and fourth front is also not better, third front has suffered loss except BJD(Biju Janta Dal) who got 13 seats out of 21 in Orissa, and Left has suffered the loss of 36 seats and they have got only 24 seats in their account and BSP Mayawati's party couldn't repeat the miracle as they did in Rajy sabha elections and received only 20 seats as
 Mayawati said " we have all options open" I suppose she will have to eat her own words. Where as if we talk about the fourth front their condition is really pathetic RJD of Lalu Prasad yadav has got only 3 seats, RJD leader who fought on two seats lost one of them, and Ram Vilas Paswan leader of LJP(Loh Janshakti Party) who used to be the part of every government couldn't managed to win at least a single seat he even lost his own seat from Hajipur, so it was only SP(samajwadi party) who got 23 seats who managed to perform in fourth front although they have also suffered the loss of 13 seats, in U.P biggest gainer here is Congress who captured 21 seats whereas last time they got only 9 seats. Parties like Congress(+56), TC(+17), JDU(+12), ADMK(+9) have emerged as the biggest gainers where as if we talk about top losers first comes Left(-36),RJD(-21),BJP(-18),SP(-13),and LJP(-4). These results are asusual quite different from all exit polls which we saw on T.V in last few days, but if we look at the positive aspects of these elections we can see that Indian voter has become more aware and mature for example
  • we have cases of Manoj Tiwari who is a Bhojpuri singer & actor who lost from Gorakhpur, Shekhar Suman lost from Patna Sahib, Nafisa Ali lost from Lucknow this shows people need serious politicians rather any one from film fraternity or a star from any field who has got no experience.
  • Another example we have of Mukhtar Ansari who is in jail for the murder of MLA krishnanand Rai, Mayawati's party (BSP) gave ticket to Mukhtar Ansari from Varanasi but the people of Varanasi completely rejected him we also have similar examples of D.P Yadav who lost Badayun, Afzal Ansari brother of Mukhtar Ansari who lost from Gjipur and similar is the case of Ateek Ahmed, so this proves that people need a politician with a clean background, now common man has learnt to differentiate between a criminal and a politician.
  • Next example is of LJP leader Ram Vilas Paswan till now he has been the part of every government whether it was of NDA or UPA or any other, and just before the elections he used to separate himself from government and used to stood against them to enhance his vote bank but this time his formula completely failed and he couldn't even manage to get a single seat he even failed to retain his own seat Hajipur, so this shows that the people of this country are smart enough to understand such political stunts.
  • Most important positive point that I see in these results is that people of this country have understood the importance of national parties now they have realized that dominance of regional parties in Loksabha only paralyzes the central government because regional parties don't have any national issues or ideology so its better to restrict them to their state only.
These results have also surprised many people who were thinking that Congress has lost its ground on the issues of terrorism and inflation and BJP will get its advantage, but current scenario is lateral inverted and now I don't think that there is any need to discuss these topics here because its Indian voters whose decision counts and is final, and voters have given their verdict in favour of UPA. so now I think that now NDA must introspect that this time they had very strong issues still they lost so certainly there is some thing going wrong and they need to check that out.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Requirement Of Two Political Party Structure

Elections of the representatives for 15th Lok-Sabha are going on and since last two decades this time also it seems that no political party will get absolute majority which means this time also we will see a coalition government, unfortunately after 62 years of independence our country hasn't been able to develop a well organized democratic political party structure, before independence congress was the only potent political party, it had few expected qualities of a political party but completely lacked few lineament, so congress was more than a political party and also less than that. 

Actually congress was not a political party but it was a national organisation, a base of revolt of independence under whose flag various people of different faiths, ideologies and backgrounds collectively raised their voice. The only motive of congress was to free the nation from foreign rule, before independence entering into politics meant to join congress, those days people used to participate in politics for national interest with the feeling of serving the nation and for that they used to give up their jobs, and luxuries of life, but after independence this scenario started changing.

 In 1947 congress emerged as a political party and came in power, later separating from congress new parties were formed and the people who desire high posts and physical luxuries started entering politics, and Personal ambition, competition between parties, castism, communalism, regionalism and language gained more importance than political ideologies and morals. 
After independence Mahatma Gandhi proposed congress should be dismantled as a political organization and should be transformed into social service organization under the name "Lok Sevak Sangh",with motive of social upliftment and economic development by medium of creative works. 

Gandhiji wanted nonviolent freedom fighters to leave politics and those interested in politics can form their political party or join other political party according to their ideology, if this would have taken place then a healthy political structure would have been formed, but nobody bothered to listen to Gandhiji or maybe according to top congress leaders of that time presence of congress was important because there was no other party ready to take its place, Result of ignoring the advice of Gandhiji was that slowly politics of nation kept on getting corrupt, morals and values lost its meaning and importance, and political parties started relying on communal politics, cast, sub cast, regional politics, vote bank politics, criminalization and corruption, their aim was confined to some how come in power and efforts were focused on to remain in power as long as possible if some how they get power, now political agendas, ideologies, and programs were only confined to election manifestos, governments used to come in existence by coalitions, agreements,compromises, dealings, buying and selling of M.P's, switching parties and partnerships behind curtains to get the power. 

An Idol condition for the success of parliamentary democracy is two political party structure, such structure doesn't mean that there can't be third or forth party its motive is to have only two parties in nation and the rest of the parties should be so small that they doesn't affect the process of formation of government, but they should have their own political ideology and existence. 
In two party structure one of the party forms government and other plays the role of opposition, both are valid and accepted parts of the structure, and both have equal importance and participation in the process of governing. Role of opposition is as important as of ruling government, party sitting in opposition doesn't allow the ruling party to become unstoppable, although in democracy decisions are being taken by the majority but it would be a mistake to call it rule of majority. 
In parliamentary structure party which gets majority or group of parties which combinedly touches the majority forms the government, but the parties which are short of majority also have right to express their views and its the responsibility of the ruling government to consider their views as long as its possible while taking decisions, this is the significance of parliamentary structure as well as its meaning, emphasis should be layed on the line that success of democratic parliamentary structure is only possible when there are only two major political parties and both should be considered as the part of government structure, both the parties should have equal participation in running the nation, but ironically what actually happens is that every party is busy in creating and enhancing their own political vote bank, and polarisation of votes take place on the basis of religion, cast,language and regionalism rather than ideologies, agenda and programs. 

Some times I feel that the struggle is not between political parties but its between political parties and citizens of the nation, problem of our nationals is how to get out of the black hole of political parties ?, although its true that in parliamentary democracy political identity is made by political parties but its also important that their identity should be made on the basis of their ideology, agenda and programs. 
The basic expectations of a political party is economic, political, ideological differences, an agenda and various programs to solve the problem of common people, but because of personal differences and ambitions people with similar ideology and views couldn't stay together in the same political party and just to enjoy the luxuries of being in power people those who are completely opposite and having nothing in common comes together to form government. 

If communal and cast-specific vote bank becomes identity of political parties rather than ideologies and morals, and if instead of values, standards and ideologies stuff like cast, sub cast and religion becomes the medium to capture the vote bank then there wouldn't be any possibility of bringing a change in the system and political parties and elections will lose its importance and finally democracy will collapse.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


In my previous post I wrote about encounter in kupawada and now it seems that its turning into a mini Kargil since 20th March to morning of 9th April about more than a dozen incidents of intrusions have taken place there and encounters were on till today's morning, but because of heavy snowfall and bad weather conditions army stopped the operations for a while and its being heard that some intruders have captured the bunkers which were not being used by Indian army in high altitude hilly regions, and its also believed that some of them have manged to escape from army and are now hiding some where in the valley, according to a senior police official from C.I Kashmir branch said that they have been getting such information of intrusions in the region from last four years, but fortunately terrorists didn't succeeded in their intentions due to some factors. 
 But now keeping eye on the sort of situations prevailing in Pakistan their army and intelligence have started executing their old game plan, earlier during conspiracy ISI chose Lashkar, Al- badar,Harkat-ul-Mujaheddin and Jaish-E-muhammad, and terrorists killed in Maidanpora, Gurez and Lolab were from these these terrorists groups and those terrorists were trained by the commanders of Al- badar and Hizbul Mujaheddin these are the same commanders who were on the hills of kargil in 1999 with Pak army, this has been proven now by the documents which were obtained from terrorists, on the other hand Indian intelligence and top officials are concerned on the style in which terrorists have intruded this time, terrorists have started intruding in Indian territory even before melting of ice on hills i.e before end of April and this time terrorists have been using non-traditional methods and routes for intrusion, army has obtained GPS systems, satellite phones, N.V.D(night vision devices), highly advanced weapons and high energy food from terrorists killed in encounter, all these things clearly indicates that this time these terrorists are here with some big intentions.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


We recently heard about the encounter which lasted for 5 days between Indian army and terrorists which took place in Kupawada of Jammu & Kashmir and as always these terrorists came from Pakistan and entered LOC by the help of Pak army and the only thing which this incident tells us is that Pak is not going to give up its habit of troubling India, although it seems that Pakistan hasn't yet realized that they are actually digging their own grave by promoting terrorism in south Asia we all heard about the incident of terrorist attack on Lahore police academy which clearly indicates that situation is completely out of control from the hands of Pak government, few days back Indian army chief general Deepak Kapoor stated that on the other side of LOC around 50 terrorists camps are still operating and trained terrorists are looking for a chance to trespass LOC, army chief also believes that those terrorists who intruded in Indian territory and had an encounter with Indian army had full support of Pak army, and I don't see any reason to disagree with him on this because Lashkar -e-Tayyaba(l-e-t) himself threatened that in coming days more such attacks will take place, and we can't afford to ignore such sort of threatening from a terrorist group which gave us 26/11, encounter between army and terrorists at Kupawada lasted for 5 days which clearly indicates that power of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba has been increasing, undoubtedly its not possible without the mercy of Pak army, it couldn't be a coincidence that few days back Pak army violated cease-fire at LOC, although Indian government has been keeping eye on the situation in Jammu & Kashmir but this is not enough and specially when in Kupawada 8 soldiers including a major of Indian army has lost his life, and still our P.M says that India needs healthy relations with Pakistan and friendly environment would be beneficial for Jammu & Kashmir, keeping current scenario in mind could there be something more unnatural and stupid than this statement? When will Indian leadership understand that Pakistan is not going to come on right track by talks according to me Pakistan is a ghost of kicks who don't understand words, expressing views of friendship after being constantly insulted and exploited by Pakistan is nothing less then suicidal, India isn't unaware of the sort of stupidity done by Pakistan after 26/11 to divert the attention of the world from Mumbai attacks, our strategy planners couldn't be unaware that Pakistan hasn't been showing any will power to punish the culprits of 26/11, after watching such sort of attitude of Pak government any attempt to have good relations from them is like keeping yourself in dark and this ostrich attitude is not going to help India. Is India unable to realize that all attempts made by America and Britain to bring Pakistan back on-track are only taking Pakistan off-track?, if it isn't true then how come America got the proofs that intelligence agencies of Pakistan are still helping terrorists in Afghanistan? Indian government needs to take tough steps against Pakistan otherwise Jammu & Kashmir could once again become the battle ground of bloody game

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Dates of general elections have been announced and nation is going to choose new central government, but current condition of our national parties is pathetic and regional politics have started striking both the national parties, most of us have accepted the fact that this time also we are going to see a coalition government, and BJP & Congress are leaving no stone unturned to keep the regional parties in their favour for coming elections. while congress is self-dedicated to convince S.P, Rashtrawadi Congress and others, on the other hand Bal Thakrey had been giving tough time to L.K Advani in the past by refusing to even meet him and created a new record of regional aggression, national politics has been shrinking and regional politics is taking over, the current scenario is that among 28 states of the country national parties are facing each other only in Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi, rest 20 stataes are captured by regional parties, in Karnataka BJP would be facing regional parties. In Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra pradesh, Kerela and other sates the position of national parties is quite feeble, there is no doubt that except Assam work of BJP has increased in north-eastern states. In Uttar Pradesh the battle seems triangular between BJP, SP and BSP, condition of congress is really pathetic here except seats of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Laloo prasad has stated that vote bank of national parties is sinking and he really stood by his words by giving Congress only 3 seats in Bihar and S.P is also following the foot steps of RJD and has given only 6 seats to Congress in Uttar Pradesh, so this actually reveals the actual condition that what does these regional parties think about their national ally.
Statistics says that number of MP's of BJP & Congress has been constantly decreasing, in 1991 total MP's of both the parties were 346, in 1996 this number was 301, in 1999 this number was 296 and currently this nuber has been restricted to 283 (BJP 138 & Congress 145) and this clearly shows that values of national politics is sinking.
In UPA post of Prime Minister is an open question and BJP has been asking this question to them since BJP declared L.K Adwani as their candidate for the post of prime minister although people of NDA seems united on the name of L.K Adwani, but the demands of their supporting regional parties are also not less complicated, BJD recently separated itself from BJP over seat sharing issue, Arun jaitley is also unsatisfied with the internal politics of the party, and Varun Gandhi has been facing criticism for his alleged comments on Muslims, shows that their path is also not covered with flowers, although the Support of Uma Bharti might give them a sigh of relief.
Taking a look at the current scenario, although Congress is a national and oldest party of our nation but one can't deny the fact that Congress is property of a single family whose national president is Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi is chief Secretary, if we talk about others like Mulayam singh, Jayalalita, Mamta Banerjee, Chandra Babu Naidu, M. Karunanidhi, Mayavati they are all national president of their party since its been created and all of us know that how much impact their parties have in other states, today we lack true national leadership. Development of national politics is done by dealing with national issues, and fact is we have only two national parties Congress and BJP, and both of these parties are under pressure of regional parties and they both have compromised with their ideologies under pressure of regional parties, like Congress offered the posts of central ministers to those people who were facing criminal charges and BJP compromised with issues they always had in their agenda like equal citizenship and Ram Mandir.
who ever forms the government they need to understand that central government should play the role of destiny maker of nation and its citizens, and needs to be responsible for internal as well as external security of nation, they should work to enhance the national wealth and should ensure that benefits of that wealth should go to those people who actually deserves it, central government should give prime importance to national integrity and national unity, but aggressive regionalism is dominating nationalism.
In Maharashtra people of UP and Bihar are beaten and in Assam Hindi speaking people are thrashed, and Congress has given subsidy to Raj Thakrey's violence despite being a national party, biggest problem what I see with regional parties is that they completely neglect the national interest and issues, for example a regional party doesn't care about article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, intrusions and violation of ceasefire on border.
we also heard about the formation of third front and this is not the first time, its the fourth time a third front is formed but never succeeded because they don't have any ideology for national interest, they don't care about any national issues rather than their own interests third front is only formed to capture the power rather than working for national interest, in third front leader of every coalition party seems starving for the post of prime minister, which has been the reason of its failure.
The bottom line of national politics says that national parties are bound to make coalition with regional parties because no one has the power to form government without a support. Which means this time also nation is not going to gain any thing from its national festival(general elections), picture is disappointing list of the candidates has made the picture quite clear, current Lok Sabha had 20% M.P with criminal records, and this time number will increase, there are lots of rich people who wants to make a small investment and collect large amount of profit from elections, number of candidates who are son's or relatives of ministers have also increased so as the people who wish to be prime minister has also increased with names like Mayavati,Sharad Pawar,Laloo prasad,Devegodda,Mulayam singh and etc, all the options are open for everyone,dealings are going on, after the results of elections indexes of the share market of politics will be bullish,who ever gets sold will be in profit and who ever will buy will be in more profit. poor peoples would be slumdog, Congress hasn't bought the song "JAI HO" like that only, in this national festival in form of general elections basic questions of national interest will remain unanswered.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unappropriate Way To Show Dissatisfaction

In recent past we all heard about the Mangalore incident, in which so called members of Ram Sena protested against pub culture by misbehaving with girls and women's, which is a dark spot on our civilized society and should be condemned but the sort of politics which is being done and still going on should also be condemned. But i suppose that enough has been written and said about this incident and there is another incident which took place which shows the double standards of our media our politicians and our system or may be its the ill effects of the politics of secularism may be you have heard about the Ulema express which ran from Azamgarh to Delhi which was nothing but show-off of the power by Muslim extremists, this train was filled with the Muslims extremists of Azamgarh name was given Ulema Express before the departure of the train from Azamgarh, the people of GRP were beaten and forced to get down from the train, on Lucknow station some men of GRP some how managed to hop on the train to pursue their duty but on Kanpur railway station those men were also forced to get-off. throughout the journey when ever they wished they pulled the chain and created scene even the police kept on acting as a puppet because of the numbers of yobs, in Delhi at parliament road this army of Mullas collectively raised such demands which only displayed their ego and the power of their vote bank and impotency of secular parties, they demanded
  • legal enquiry for Delhi's Batla house encounter,
  • separate legal and judiciary system for the Muslims,
  • they also demanded for the removal of current anti-terrorism law which is similar to POTA and was created after 26/11 mumbai attacks
pity was that, instead of condemning the terrorist attacks their leaders kept on speaking about Muslim exploitations and they also didn't forget to threaten the government by saying that they will form a separate political party for the Muslims, which is not a new thing. Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad in 1913 in his letter Alhilal advised Indian Muslims not to join any political party because Islam itself is a party of Allah and its name is Hijbullah, but may be those leaders haven't heard about this, so in the rally Maulana Amir Rushdi cracked the joke on law and order by saying " HUMSE LULKAROGE TO PACHTAOGE" and Maulana Tahir Madni threatened police, either to stop the encounters or be prepared to die in those encounters. and a group of representatives of those hooligan leaders went to meet home minister P.Chidambaram, and what Chidambaram assured them was reaveled later when the ulema express reached Sanjarpur while returning Amir Rushdi spoke to the villagers that we have brought justice for you all, we have FORCED home minister to give government jobs to the people who are found innocent in terrorism and once again the supporters of Rushdi shouted " HUMEIN LULKAROGE TO PACHTAOGE". what does this indicate? 

Monday, January 26, 2009


On 60th republic day after analyzing economical, political and social conditions of the nation I don't see a very exciting image of Indian republic. although a golden image of nation's economy is presented by high development rate, and by increasing pile of foreign currency, but the other side of the image is also not less scary, terrorism, unemployment, increasing inequality, regional differences among people turning into violence and uncontrolled aggression behind the desires of countrymen is creating an explosive situation. in last 15 years lakhs of farmers and thousands of weavers have committed suicide because of their poor economic condition. number of unsatisfied extremist groups are increasing in Jammu-Kashmir, eastern states including Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra, this is a serious threat to India's unity and integrity, and in coming years this is going to be a huge challenge in front of our nation, common man is struggling with unemployment, corruption and inflation, today common man is disappointed and helpless. But all this doesn't mean that nation is not developing or progressing, but benefits of the wealth produced by development is not reaching the common man, 1/4th of the population is still below poverty line, and world bank estimates that one third of the global poor resides in India, more than ten crores of people are looking for jobs, and what else could be worse than people of different states clashing with each other for the jobs, today number of naxal affected states have reached to 13 which was initially 3 in number, and initially only one state was suffering of terrorism and today entire nation is a victim of terrorism, in current political scenario every party lacks direction in leadership, so how can they give a direction to their party workers, condition is so worse that our MP's accepts money to ask question in parliament and entire nation watches them accepting bribe on television, I believe its only possible in our country that a politician roams freely with pride despite of several allegations of corruption and criminal cases, and they defend themselves by saying that this is opposition's conspiracy against them, any plan, program or any government unit which is responsible for welfare of people is completely corrupt from top to bottom, if everything continues like as it is going on then we can clearly imagine what our future is. Our agriculture is in danger, according to the report of U.N out of 177 members India holds 126th place, in the poverty list of 102 developing countries India holds 55th position and in adult literacy rate India is on 98th position, our position is not far ahead of the poor countries attached to the Sahara desert, will our government and politicians will be able to bring a change in these conditions ? if we consider the approach of solution of any problem like electricity, water, health , education or any problem related to the people we can see number of failures of our government. Our government has been really busy in singing songs of their achievements but they hardly care about those 35 crore people living below poverty line,10 crore unemployed people, 40 crore illiterates, 5crore child labors and crores of handicapped peoples, biggest thing to worry is those who are running the government they are not at all concerned of these problems, 3/4th portion of our national budget is being spent on those useless bureaucrats who are nothing more then a burden on the nation. Condition of our judiciary is so pathetic that its not able to provide justice to common man who keeps on running to the court for years, number of huge scams take place every year and our government just acts as a spectator and those who are culprits and responsible never get punished, I still think that will our government ever be able to provide food, security, health, justice, employment, and a proper structure of fundamental facilities to common men.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today almost every country around the globe is affected by terrorism, and I believe that no country is 100% safe from terrorism whether its USA ,UK or any other nation like India, but most of those countries who have seen the atrocious face of terrorism have made themselves safe to quite an extent , but unfortunately condition of India is much worse then others, because it has a neighbouring country who has connections direct or indirectly to every four incidents of terrorism out of five. Most of the roots of terrorism are in Pakistan, this has been stated by British PM Gorden Brown while he was on a visit to India. India seems helpless because neither India can change its attitude towards Pakistan nor India can stop the aid given to terrorism from Pak's side. At this point of time India needs an extensive and organized plan to strengthened itself on outer and internal front, to protect itself from outer and internal threats,the biggest emphasis should be laid on the borders to make sure that they cannot be infiltrated,on this aspect India can take the example of America and Israel,I agree that this is very expensive thing to do, but
  • doesn't India invest a huge sum to provide latest weapons to its soldiers
  • doesn't India always deploy large number of soldiers on LOC in Kashmir
If once India spends this huge amount to protect its borders then further its defence expenditure could come down to quite an extent, India will have to apply this strategy to not only on Pakistan border, but also on Bangladesh and Nepal border, since India is surrounded by sea from three sides Navy and Coastguard design should be prepared in such a way that no one could infiltrate through sea route. Intelligence agencies are the strong, powerful and important part of any nations defence which not only collects the information, but also should always be prepared to take appropriate action according to the situation. If India would have learnt from its mistakes that were being committed during Kargil, and would have acted timely on the information provided by intelligence agencies then may be 26/11 wouldn't have taken place and lot of things could have been done to avoid Mumbai attacks, and if India doesn't learn anything from 26/11 and doesn't strengthened itself then attacks like these are really hard to avoid. India needs to take its immigration policy seriously we often hear that lakhs of Bangladeshis have entered illegally in India, they have also arranged themselves Indian Ration card, voter id card and other id cards, those people who have allowed these people to get into India are criminals, but those who deploy them as labors in the greed of cheap labours are also criminals, Bangladesh border is not like other normal borders, then what's the guarantee that people coming from there are not terrorists, and point to be taken is, who arranges fake identity cards for those illegal immigrants, internal security also means that the people responsible for helping those illegal immigrants should be punished. Internal security also means to deal with all sorts of treasonous elements with strict laws and courts must take action against them without delay to set up an example for others. India needs to check its policy of secular and democratic freedom, and seriously reconsider its policies, if democracy gives the freedom of expressing views and pay respect to human rights, then it should also be capable of punishing those who misuse these liberties, freedom doesn't mean freedom of all sorts. When we talk about external strength then it means India needs to strengthen itself internationally, today world powers are becoming more impressive and successful by lobbying, India lacks behind in this aspect from many countries, entire world accepts that terrorists training camps are still running in Pakistan, everybody knows that education in Madarsas is not only restricted to religious knowledge, who doesn't know that Taliban has taken birth from these Madarsas? most of the countries believe that Pakistan is responsible for 26/11 attacks, but Pakistan has been denying this, ignoring what the world believes, and is still in the denial mode, question is why doesn't the international community do something about this ? why USA and UK are still providing funds to Pakistan to fight against terrorism? when its quite clear that where and how these funds are being used by Pakistan,
  • has India raised its voice against this ?
  • has India opposed this thing?
  • has India taken strict measures to stop financial aid to Pakistan?
India needs to carry an intelligent and active approach to reveal the hypocrisy of Pakistan on international level. In America new presidential rule is about to start, but India hasn't made any effort to change the foreign policy of Washington towards Pakistan, India will never get such an opportunity to drag Pakistan to its actual place, India should not pay importance to those people who say that Pakistan government itself has no control over terrorists of their country, if they can't control their men then it has nothing to do with India, its their problem and why should India suffer because of their impotency, conditions are favourable for India that Interpol and U.N Security Council are present for India's help. The ideal meaning of friendship between two neighbouring countries means that both nations should make efforts to maintain peace and prosperity, otherwise one sided ideology of friendship turns into stupidity or weakness.


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