Saturday, November 29, 2008


Commando operation in Mumbai is over but city hasn't yet recovered from the shock of war situation, and our politicians have started playing the blame game again, and this time once again on the pile of dead bodies of innocent people and our soldiers, It seems they haven't yet learned their lessons and somewhere deep down inside all of us know that neither in the past they have changed nor in the future they are going to change, they have been doing this in the past and will continue to do so in the future as well, these attacks are just another golden opportunity for them to enhance their vote bank and I must say that they really do a commendable job there. Today I feel that why the attack at parliament failed and I really regret that it failed, why our brave men always sacrifice their life for these phony creatures, I am sure they won't learn any lesson unless they themselves pay a price, I want to know that what they have done in these situations, we are the ones paying the price not them, they just simply announce the compensation and condemn the acts this has become a routine ritual for them, they don't give compensation from their pocket, and money can never compensate someones life no matter whatever the amount is.
we saw some huge blunders carried out like :
  • why didn't the marine commandos {MARCOS} were called on 26th, you called team of National Security Guards {NSG} from Delhi which took 9 and half hrs to reach there, whereas MARCOS are situated in Mumbai they would have reached there in less than an hour and situation could have been controlled, do the higher authorities forgot that they also have MARCOS this shows that even the CM was unaware of his own resources. I agree that CM was not in the state but what the hell was R.R Patil doing till then ?, CM called home minister Shivraj Patil  at 11:15PM and asked for special forces, commandos were ready to leave at 11:47 PM, but there was no aircraft to carry them, plane was in Chandigarh so it came from there which took this much time.  
  • why did the people of ATS and police were not given the proper arms and ammunition in the preliminary stage of operation, when army was about to arrive how could someone deal with terrorists who are carrying AK-47,AK-56,GRENADES,9mm pistol,RDX with the traditional weapons, its just like sending them into a lion cage with a pencil and now they express their sympathy over their death, the fact is its not the bullets of terrorists which killed those brave men it was our respected politicians 
  • About three and a half yrs back nine thousand crore rupees were sanctioned to set up a authority to take care of coastal area and responsibility was with home ministry, then why did this dipstick Shivraj Patil didn't do anything ? he didn't even took a single step, was he just staring himself in the mirror with different outfits  ?
  • Prime minister addressed the nation and said that "if such acts are repeated then our neighboring countries involved will also have to pay a price", give me a break what does he mean,does he expect such incident to repeat once again, after 9/11 America destroyed entire Afghanistan, and we Indians are still thinking to cross LOC, all of us know that training camps of terrorists are in POK they have been using our own land to produce our enemies, and this thing is also confirmed by the terrorist arrested, he has given complete information that they got their training in POK, they were trained by ISI and Pakistan Navy, grenades used by them were manufactured at Pakistan arms factory and still our politicians are not able to decide to cross POK.
  • Sources say that terrorists were planning this attack for last six months they were living in Taj hotel and using their room  as their control room and various people used to visit them daily, and their people visited India several times to gather the information, my simple question is that what our security agencies were doing that time ? were they too busy with Hindu terrorists ? after each and every terrorist attack our PM says that we will strengthened our security agencies but the question is when?
  • Now we came to knew that in September RAW informed home ministry that terrorist can come to India by using sea routes IB intercepted a telephone call on November 12th of Let(laskar e tayyaba) and did informed political authorities that there is a threat of attack on five star hotels in Mumbai, and in April terrorist arrested at Rampur in UP gave the information that L-e-t is planing to attack Gateway of India and Oberoi hotel then why the hell these warnings were not taken seriously ?, according to me its not a intelligence failure its the complete failure of our political system or I should be saying its a disaster.
If u remember after Delhi blasts on 17th September in morning home ministry announced that they are going to make a federal agency to fight terrorism, and by the evening they dropped the idea, and PM completely denied going further with this idea, and now they are saying the same thing, why didn't they do it then ? why did they took their steps back ?were they waiting for such incident to take place? India claims to be the fastest growing economy, next superpower, we are the seventh largest country with the third largest standing army in the world with troop strength of 2.5 million and 4th largest airforce in the world, but its very unfortunate that this country is being run by eunuchs, I am sorry to say that but that is the truth, they really are eunuchs who can not take any stand against such terrorists, they prefer to watch the innocent people of country dying  rather than going in for ultimate solution.
This incident has affected the international image of India badly and the people who were watching India as the next super power have started criticizing our system and our approach and now they are reconsidering their verdict, a country which can't protect its pride its dignity and above all its citizen doesn't deserve to be a super power and its all because of our political system, even in this time of crisis our politicians are carrying their ostrich attitude, we don't want the resignation of any minister it doesn't make any difference to us now all we want is the result, in a press conference R.R Patil said " terrorists have planned to kill around 5000 people but we restricted death toll to only 200" and he was very proud and happy at this achievement and that's the pity of this country, there couldn't be anything more disgusting ,ridiculous and pathetic than that.
I wanted to know if these situations would have arised in some other other country like Israel, America, china, Russia or any other how they would have reacted ? may be its hard to answer but there is one thing certain that instead of playing blame games their political parties would have been standing together at this issue not like ours.
America hasn't faced any terrorist attack after 9/11 because they decided to cut the roots of terrorism not the leaves, and as we all can see they did well.
After these attacks on Mumbai India is left with only two options
  1. Stay calm ,quite and composed without taking any action against them, just like what India has been doing till now.
  2. Second option is cross the LOC and destroy the training camps of terrorists
After the elections in America Obama said that he would enter the Pakistan to destroy the training camps of terrorists if required, It won't be hard for India to convince international community to enter POK, but the question arises is whats going on in the mind of our politicians ? but the bitter fact is it doesn't matter what the nation thinks,only thing what matters and will happen is, what our politicians want, they will have to decide that whether they want to keep on facing such situations, or take a tough step against terrorism. only thing what I understand is that we owe some thing to those soldiers,commandos and peoples who have sacrificed their life, and there couldn't be a better way other than destroying these terrorists and their camps, and that could only be the best tribute we can ever pay to our martyrs.

26/11 Story through pictures

There are seldom moments when I feel that I am short of words and also there are extremely rare instants when words are not enough to describe the feelings, and I guess this is one of those moment, so I am leaving it on these picture to speak for themselves today and convey my feelings.


unfortunately others were not as lucky as her



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