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Recalling Anti-Sikh Riots 1984

1984 anti sikh riots delhi(1)

On 25th of June 2011, P.Chidambaram spoke on anti-Sikh riots of 1984, he stated "Its time to forgive and build a new India " and this statement has once again brought a nationwide outrage and focus on one of the darkest chapter in the history of Independent India, I don't understand how could he expect this nation to forget the organized genocide of Sikhs in which unarmed and innocent Sikh men,women and even children were brutally murdered by members and workers of Indian National Congress(INC), properties of Sikhs were burnt by  the mobs and goons of Indian National Congress(INC),all those events were planned,perpetrated and sponsored by Indian National Congress which was in power in central 
during that time,anti-Sikh riots are looked as an attempt of
1984 anti-sikh riots delhi
INC(Indian National Congress) to avenge assassination of Indira Gandhi by two of her own Sikh body guards, after which from 31st-October to 3rd-November 1984 Sikh genocide took place in Delhi and in nearby region, mobs of INC(Indian National Congress) used iron rods and knives to attack Sikhs and used kerosene to burn their houses,businesses,shops and schools, even Gurdwaras were attacked some Sikhs were burnt alive,even children were not spared, buses and trains were stopped and Sikh passengers were pulled out and burnt alive by throwing kerosene on them.

1984 anti sikh riots(3)

Government figures says about 2,700 Sikhs died and 20,000 Sikhs fled away, but human rights organizations and newspapers reported the death toll to be somewhere  between 10,000-17,000 and according to PUCL 50,000 Sikhs flew away to save their lives.

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Today its an open secrete that mobs involved in riots of 1984 were actually the active members and supporters of Indian National Congress, and those mobs were led by several leaders       M.L.A's, M.P's of Congress party, and there are enough number of incidents to say that top brass of Government ruled by Indian National Congress was completely aware and was also a part of this conspiracy of Sikh genocide, and who can forget Rajiv Gandhi's infamous quote where he says "When a mighty tree falls, it is natural that the earth around it does shake a little" which leaves no doubt behind that he was very much aware and a part of this conspiracy, and he actually felt and believed that whatever happened was completely justified.

There are number of incidents which proves the hand of INC in Sikh genocide, various Congress leaders like Sajjan Kumar,
R.K.Anand, Darshan Sharstri and H.K.L.Bhagat were seen leading murderous mobs, on 31st October several congress
1984 anti sikh riots delhi (5)
Party leaders met their supporters distributed them money and liquor and instructed them to attack Sikhs and kill them, INC leaders Sajjan Kumar, Lalit Maken were seen giving 100Rs. and bottle of liquor to assailants, next day Sajjan Kumar was seen distributing iron rods from parked truck to workers of Congress party instructing them to attack Sikhs, a Sikh named Moti Singh who was part of Congress for 20 years heard him giving following speech

1984 anti sikh riot delhi daryaganj (6)
"Whoever kills the sons of the snakes, I will reward them. Whoever kills Roshan Singh and Bagh Singh will get 5000 
rupees each, and 1000 rupees each for killing any other Sikhs. You can collect these prizes on November 3 from my personal assistant Jai Chand Jamadar"  

Congress(I) leader Shyam Tyagi's house was used as meeting place, and H.K.L Bhagat Minister of Information and Broadcasting gave money to Boop Tyagi who was brother of Shyam Tyagi for providing liquor to assailants, a Congress
1984 anti Sikh riots delhi sikh Burnt-Alive (7)
leader Balwan Khokar held meeting on night of 31stOctober at a ration shop to spread violence against Sikhs, and an another congress supporter Shankar Lal Sharma held meeting at his shop after which he formed mob and instructed people to kill Sikhs, kerosene used in these riots was supplied by group of Congress party leaders who owned filling stations, like Brahmanand Gupta president of A-4 block Congress Party distributed oil in Sultanpuri, similar meetings were held in cooperative colony in Bokaro where 
1984 anti sikh riots delhi Sikh's body(8)
P.K Tripathi President of local Congress party and owner of gas station in Nara More provided kerosene to mob of congress party people and supporters. Since Sikhs were located in unmarked and various locations, Congress Party leaders equipped assailants with voter lists, school registrations and ration card list to pinpoint the locations of Sikh homes,shops,properties and businesses, the night 
1984 anti sikh riots delhi FoujaSingh (9)
before massacre began houses of Sikhs were marked by letter "S" so that they could be easily identified, because mobs were illiterate Congress leaders helped them in reading lists and marking houses and those leaders of INC themselves led the mobs to Sikh homes and neighborhoods.

A well known incident in which a Sikh named Amar Singh escaped assailants by help of his Hindu neighbor who sheltered him into his house and declared him dead, but few
1984 anti sikh riots delhi (10)
men came again looking for his body, and when neighbor said body has been taken away by others, an assailant showed him a list and replied "look Amar Singh's name has not been struck off from list so his body has not been taken away."

These things explains us how organized,systematic and brutal those riots were, and the most Ironic and wry thing is that victims of those riots are deprived of justice even till today, and culprits were allowed to walk free under political pressure. 

1984 anti sikh riots delhi (11)
Yet our Home Minister P.Chidambaram thinks "Its time to forgive and build a new India" I don't think there could be a better example of hypocrisy than this,but bitter fact is that its not something to be forgotten, and especially when justice was denied to the victims. 

Though after such incident Indian National Congress should have been declared a terrorist organization and 
1984 anti sikh riots delhi (12)
should have been banned from participating in any sort of political process,but Its really a pity that a political party whose hands are drenched in the blood of 17,000 innocent people is today ruling this nation.


Anonymous said...

The fact that congress is responsible for the killing of innocent siks is absolutely true. And i really pity the democracy of India where killers are rulers. I guess we are still living in the 17th centuary.

Anonymous said...

Congress is only loyal to Gandhi Nehru Family and this family S head Nehru was greedy of power he insisted to Mahatma Gandhi he is only right man for prime minister but he was not worthy to become a prime minister India experienced it against China war India lost his land due to this super foolish politician His daughter was also greedy and she attacked on Golden Temple for her own vain pride she would have solved this problem by diplomacy end this story innocent shikh people were killed by congress goons as Indian every one should feel sorrow

Anonymous said...

an excellent writings by rohan.... u truly are a good social worker in the making.... Just want to add some more information on this issue.... search for "Operation Shanti" that was planned on november 8,1984... I think that was the main reason for killing Indira Gandhi by satwant singh and beant singh..... 95% people dont know about that coz it was barely disclosed...

Anonymous said...

Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

I was living in New Delhi at that time, and have been emotionally distraught . When I read anything about that time , my eyes become moist . We want closure and justice to the perpetrators of the riots.
A Sikh

Anonymous said...
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