Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wiki Bomb Explodes On UPA

As usual UPA once again landed in a controversy, and this times its because of  shocking revelations from Wikileaks, which confirms allegation of buying trust vote on nuclear deal back in 2008 were true. On 22July2008 three Mp's displayed bundles of currency notes in Parliament saying attempts were made to buy their vote, and they were bribed to vote in favour of N-bill, so a JPC(joint parliamentary committee) was set up to investigate, but issue was swept under the carpet with the general elections, Wikileaks cables reveals that it was Gandhi family's close friend Satish Sharma and his political aid Nachiket Kapur who arranged 50-60 crore rupees, and money was kept in two chests and displayed to American embassy official informing him that there is enough cash to buy the support for N-Deal and government will not fall.

Today when entire nation is keen to know the actual truth behind all this, our government is simply denying all these allegations, members of government did raise questions on the authenticity of Wikileaks cables, and Pranab Mukherjee came up with too technical argument saying this issue belongs to 14th Lok Sabha which has been dissolved, so this issue can't be debated in 15th Lok Sabha. But government need to realize that people are not going to get satisfied with such arguments, UPA needs to come up with a convincing political answer, and as far as authenticity of these cables are concerned Government should be aware that till now no country has completely dismissed these cable and called them baseless and false, which itself is enough to prove legitimacy of these cables, but I am pretty sure about few things  
  • UPA wants this issue to die out
  • UPA isn't in mood to investigate these allegations 
  • Corruption is growing rapidly in our politics and morals of our politicians are sinking day by day.
  • Common man has started feeling as if he has been cheated by government.
How can people forget 2G scam,CWG scam,Adarsh scam, CVC chief issue, Black money issue, failure of foreign policy, but government did came up to defend and cover-up all such issues and scams but we have results in few issues like A.Raja is in prison, Kalmadi is being probed, and Supreme Court itself declared the appointment of CVC chief was illegal, but it seems government didn't learnt any lesson from its past, and if this issue goes further it will lead to political polarization resulting in ruining the remaining Image of our "so called" honest PM, its the first time opposition raised questions on the integrity and honesty of PM, and our PM did spilled the beans saying he didn't authorize anyone to buy support on N-Deal, and is completely unaware of any of such thing,
But cables also tells us about the meeting of David C Mulford with L.K Advani and reveals that UPA government did inform American Government that they don't completely trust communists on N-Deal. 

Most disappointing aspect of this revelation is that, the interference of America in our foreign policy and internal issues is so deep, though its not the first time such thing has popped out and America does keep trying various diplomatic tricks to fulfill its needs and interests, and our government let such things happen under its nose and this approach puts question mark on the faith of UPA towards nation and towards national interests of the country, and if really Ministries in our nation are assigned on America's instructions then its a dangerous sign for sovereignty of our nation.  

Today the way government is trying to legalize corruption and ignoring the views of opposition its not a healthy sign, and I am sure to cover up these things UPA  will try to have an image makeover by moving ahead with programs of national-interest, which could be smelled by PM's statement where he says "its the time for reforms". But million dollar question is can Indian nationals forgive this government in next general elections after all this ?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Errant Fire Of Reservations

Revolt of Jat community has been running since a week with the demand of reservations in central services, and these people are literally blackmailing the government to get their demands fulfilled, but most important point that I want to make here is that, 
are these people really socially and economically backward?
Do these people really deserve and are they actually in need of reservation ?
 If we look at the bigger picture Jats of Haryana and western U.P have land for agriculture and whatever of their land is acquired by government they did received a fair and genuine compensation against their land, and this community is neither economically nor socially backward, but still their leaders are demanding reservations for themselves, and the way they have blocked rail tracks and stopped railway traffic and created problems for a common citizens it raises a question,
Is this the right way to protest and hold people as hostage to fulfill unfair demands ?

In context of reservations we need to observe that all those communities, casts and tribes who are enjoying reservations under schedule casts and schedule tribe, can they still be called as backward ? I mean after getting all the special benefits for so many years hasn't their condition improved ? and is reservation actually capable in bring equality in society ?

After independence when reservations were being given, it was decided that it will have time limit of 10 years, but after the span of every 10 years from then till today, this time limit kept on extending, and it seems it will go on on for an eternity, because reservations have become a deadly weapon for vote bank politics.
Whenever a community demands for reservation for themselves some political parties always steps up in support of their demands to grab the opportunity of enhancing their vote bank, where as other political parties don't oppose to such demands because they are afraid of loosing a certain portion of their vote bank, so they remain silent, as a result such demands are increasing day by day, and state and central governments acts as catalyst and often add fuel to fire.

In the tenure of V.P Singh report of Mandal commission which suggested 27% reservation for backwards, was implemented and since then various other communities have been demanding reservations time to time and this tradition is still going on, and leaders and political parties started supporting such demands blindly without even analyzing whether those demands are genuine or not, political parties do so just for the sake of their vote bank, and now some communities are demanding reservation in the name of Schedule Castes and some in the name of Schedule Tribes, and now even Muslim community has started demanding reservations on the basis of religion, and few sates are are now even moving ahead with the recommendations of Sachar Committee, and are going to implement reservations for Muslims in their states, some state governments have been pressurizing central government for this. Situation is getting even worse day by day, and now some of those communities who are already enjoying the benefits of  reservations are demanding reservations in Judiciary too.

In the report of Mandal Commission Jats were not considered as backwards, but few states gave them reservation under backward class for vote bank politics, as a result now Jat community is demanding reservation in central services too, Jats revolted last year also, but this year when they started their protest governments of Haryana and U.P supported their demands, 

But those leaders and political parties who are supporting such demands must understand that government jobs have been decreasing and competition for them is increasing every day, and if various communities like Jats keep coming up with their unfair demands then wouldn't it be unfair to the people of other sections of society ?

Real and bitter truth is that reservation is actually spreading inequality among various communities and sections of society, and political leaders need to realize that its not right to increase differences and gap among various sections of society, and its not a healthy thing for our nation too. No matter what these political parties and leaders claim, but no one cares that actual motive of reservation is to bring all sections of society into mainstream, rather than distributing government jobs like peanuts.

According to Supreme Court reservations can't be more than 50% and constitution doesn't allows to cross this barrier, so its clear that government jobs for reserved sections will remain limited, and may be that's why we are hearing demands of amendment in constitution to increase the limit of reservations, and there are demands of reservations in private sector as well, and doing so means compromising with the capability of nation.

Today when we should be thinking about reviewing the time span of reservation and for how many years more it should continue, 
our leaders and governments are misusing it for their personal benefit, now time has come to stop such practice and to think about giving reservation on the basis of economic and financial condition of person, so that only those get benefit who are actually deserving, and if these changes doesn't take place, then this foul practice of using reservation to achieve political goals will continue, and may be such thing is beneficial for our political parties and leaders, but its definitely quite lethal for our nation.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

UPA-2 : Most awful,corrupt and incompetent government since independence

Its been about two years since UPA-2 came in power and since then they have been running this nation like rented poultry farm, without respecting opinion of Indian nationals who elected them in elections. which I think is a good lessons for people to understand and realize that they must value the power of voting and should always be careful while casting their vote.

Fact is that UPA is trying to hide all their sins behind the image of Manmohan Singh, I remember in PM's last press conference he stated "I may have made mistakes but I am not that culprit as presented" and he also stated he has to work within the constraint of coalition government, 

which is utter nonsense, he is the leader of government and if his ministers are doing wrong then he too is equally responsible, and he must step down if he is so helpless, and has no control over his government, and how could he justify compromise with the corruption ? 
well Mr. PM there can't be and there shouldn't be any compromises with corruption.  In the very same press conference he also compared revenue loss through scams to the subsidy given to the poor people, which is really lame, nonsense and most disgusting excuse to give. I don't even feel pity for this man who was on his knees in that press conference.

If we try to find the achievements of this government in these two years then it has to be

  1. Corruption
  2. Inflation 
  3. Poor foreign policy
  • Corruption
corruption is not an alien term in Indian Republic, we have seen numbers of scams in the past eg. Churhat lottery scam, Fodder scam, Anantnag transport subsidy scam, Urea scam, JMM bribery scandal, Tansi land deal, Bitumen scam, Kerala SNC Lavalin power scandal, Telecom scam (sukh ram), Bofors Scandal, Madhu Kaoda laundering money worth over Rs. 4000 crores, Oil-for-food programme scam, Taj corridor case,

But during this reign of UPA  things are way worse than before, in Commonwealth Games Scandal things did came out on time, PM interacted with organizing committee and others, but he easily believed those tainted people and gave them free hand rather than removing them. 

In 2G spectrum scam also there were people like P. Chidambaram who objected to the policy acquired by A.Raja and PM questioned him and Raja assured him everything is in the order and PM believed him and let him continue,

here we also have  Adarsh Housing Society scam but since it was done by congress government in state I don't criticize top national leaders though they are completely responsible for that too,

We also heard about controversial ISRO-DEVAS deal in which PMO was directly involved but later this deal was called off under the pressure of media or we would have had another big scam to discuss about.

Where CWG scam was worth 76,000 crores of rupees, 2G scam turned out to be a shocker for nation and the biggest scam of all time worth 176,379 crores of rupees. and we are yet to see a proper action on tainted people who were responsible. 

These days we are hearing a roar and outrage across the nation on black money deposited in foreign banks, I remember back in 2009 when opposition raised this issue during their election campaign, Congress considered it a joke but later Manmohan singh did categorically stated that after the formation of government within 100 days concrete actions will be taken, which we are yet to witness, and I don't see any progress from government's end on this issue,

Most interesting thing is that when Germany handed over list of the names of some foreign bank account holders to India, our government was reluctant to public those names by giving lame excuses, even when Supreme Court asked them to do so, they kept on giving stupid arguments which puts a question mark on the credibility of this government, 
why they want to hide those names ? 
who are those peoples ? 
are they part of Congress or their top leader?

Another question arises here is why India hasn't yet signed United Nation Convention against corruption, when even small countries like Nepal has signed it, 
why Indian Government is not too keen in doing so ? 
what are they afraid of ?   
why they don't want to exchange and receive information about black money deposits in foreign countries ?   
all these questions makes me wonder about what are the real intentions of this government and are those intentions in favor of nation ?

I am pretty much sure if Supreme Court wouldn't have interrupted they wouldn't have even touched Hasan Ali, though he did got bail yesterday due to so called  "lack of evidence" and because of lame arguments put by Enforcement Directorate, but this is also a fact that three passports were recovered from his place during raid and they still don't call it enough evidence,  what a pity.....

I read somewhere in the past a possible solution to bring back all black money to India is that, 

If Supreme Court declares all the black money as national property then no bank can keep it with themselves according to the rules, but question is we have a way but does this government has a will and fair intentions to bring national wealth back to the nation ?
And yes we also have the case of appointment of tainted CVC chief P.J Thomas, though leader of opposition Sushma Swaraj did objected on his name saying his name is involved in a scam and he doesn't deserve to be CVC chief, but still PM under suspicious circumstances gave him preference over other candidates, and lied later that he was unaware of the the scam in which he is involved. 
  • Inflation
Though this should be the prime concern of every government UPA has completely failed to deal with it. Instead their ministers like Sharad Pawar who is suffering from verbal diarrhea and often gives irritating statements to add fuel to the fire, always comes up with new trick to rob the people of this nation, 

Who can forget case of rotting wheat grains which was ordered to be distributed among poor by Supreme Court, to which Prime Minister's argument that the Supreme Court should not interfere in the realm of policy formulation was something weird and ultimately all the food grains did decayed but not distributed among poor people.

We remember exceptional hike in sugar prices and Pawar's comments which were meant to profit his sugar mills owned by his relatives, 
We all know actual reason behind hike in the price of sugar and onion, happened because Shard Pawar exported onion and sugar on very low prices and imported onions from Pakistan on much higher price, we can smell some thing fishy did happened that time.

Whereas our finance minister always give a logic, that for maintaining high growth rate, inflation is necessary, but what he has to say to those poor people who doesn't have enough money to buy food ?
I don't think he is that stupid that he can't think of slightly compromising with growth rate and bringing inflation down, and this time in budget also he cleared that government is no longer willing to give subsidy on L.P.G and other petroleum products, he also imposed 10% taxes on treatments in Hospitals. I don't understand if they are not going to give any benefit to people then why the hell they expect people to pay their taxes honestly.

Whereas when it comes to Members of Parliament they get a 300% hike in the salary without any taxes, at an average MP's gets 37 lakh Rupees other than their Sansad Nidhi which is 5 crores and most part of which is digested by MP itself.
  • Poor foreign policy
UPA's foreign policy is merely a joke, I remember when 26/11 took place Manmohan singh stated there would be no talks with Pak unless they punish culprits of 26/11, but soon as the memory of 26/11 faded with time, this shameless government bowed down under the pressure of US and resumed talks with Pak despite of being aware of the fact that in Pak there are multiple centres of Power, and the main one is their army but still they resumed talks with their weak government.

Who can forget the shameful event of joint statement issued in Sharm-Al-Shiekh where we witnessed complete failure of Indian diplomacy, PM went there as a victim and returned as a culprit.

Recently Foreign minister S.M Krishna committed a blunder in UN when he started reading the speech of Portugal's minister and after five minutes Indian officials informed him about it, and it was only then he realized his mistake, I mean if the job of foreign minister is just to read out whats written on the paper then even a student of 5th standard could be the Foreign Minister of India, and I am sure he would perform better than our current Minister.

We often keep hearing in news about Chinese intrusion on Indian land, but Congress has compromised with national interest in the past and still continues to do so.

I don't remember supreme court interfered and passed so many comments on any other government regarding their governance, strategies and functioning, but this time UPA government managed to achieve this quite convincingly and is undisputedly the most corrupt government India has ever seen.   

I just hope their conscious wakes up and we see some actions against corruption, naxals, extremists of J&K who come to Delhi openly abuse our nation and Constitution and walk away freely and government gives them safe passage.

At last all I would say is MAY GOD BLESS INDIA........


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