Friday, July 24, 2009

Remembering Kargil

This is the 10Th anniversary of Kargil war, it was the war in which Pakistan's army tried to capture hills of Dras-Kargil, In this war Indian army defeated Pak army and its mujaheddin, generally the overview of Kargil war is looked as another attempt of Pakistan to capture Kashmir by the help of kabaielies as they tried in 1947-48 and 1965, but actually Kargil war is a significant point of the 20yrs old mission of jehadi's to capture Kashmir and imbalance India, kargil war is also different in many ways to the previous wars fought between India and Pakistan, this war was fought when Pak already acquired the status of nuclear power, and Islamabad developed counterbalancing relations with India, during the time of war Pak also had around 10,000 mujaheddin who were ready to indulge in the battle anytime all those mujaheddin were prepared for war by teaching them the lessons of extremism and at a point of time they also enjoyed support of CIA and money from Saudi Arab, all these mujahids were actually Muslims from Arab, middle Asia,Pashtoon tribesman, Pakistanis etc.. Pakistan had been dreaming to capture Kashmir since they acquired nuclear weapons and they don't hesitate to say that their nuclear weapons are to compete with India some of them also have courage to say that Nuclear weapon is like an umbrella under which Pakistan can open Kashmir issue , they have a false belief that nuclear weapons have brought them into a state of equality and equilibrium against India, their actual motive is to capture Kashmir when Indian leadership is in weak hands or in a state of fix, Pakistan started giving shape to its intentions in 1989 when V.P Singh was the P.M of India during that time Pakistan sent thousands of intruders in Kashmir and Pak's foreign minister Yakoob Khan tried to give nuclear threatening to India, from 1991 to 1999 Pak launched large number of jehadi missions in Kashmir and thousands of innocent people and soldiers of Indian army lost their lives, but still after all this Pak kept on starving for success in Kashmir and couldn't achieve its goal, up till now Pak had succeeded to set up its puppet government in Kabul in the form of Taliban which made Osama more powerful and as a result, organizations spreading terror in Kashmir also became the part of jehadi terrorism , by the presence of terrorist organizations like Laskar, jaish,Harkat -ul-Mujaheddin and others pak tried to capture Kashmir by intrusion in kargil. Actually after Lahore peace process, pak army was in illusion that there is a weak government in power in India, although Nawaz saharif tried to separate himself from Kargil incident, saying he was unaware of the entire plot which was planned by Parvez Musharraf but the fact is that he was completely aware of the situation and pak army had backing of Nawaz Shareef, in India Vajpayee government not only strongly dealt with the situation and fought back but also achieved international glory by showing immense composure and courage, to counter Pak's intrusion in Indian territory, Indian Air Force and Infantry worked with great co-ordination and intruders were plucked-off from India soil who were in misconception that they will succeed to capture Kashmir and the most important thing during this incident was Indian troops didn't crossed LOC not even a single time during the entire combat, Pakistan was hoping that after this incident they will be able to drag Kashmir issue in U.N security council but India spilled cold water on their intentions by not crossing LOC, because the war was fought completely on Indian soil Pak couldn't execute its plan,during those times all three wings of Indian army were ready to counter any major attack from Pakistan. As the war progressed Pakistan was standing alone on the Kargil issue and because of the activeness of Indian Air Force pak troops failed to move ahead and entire Kargil episode ended in very embarrassing situation for Pakistan, just after this incident Pak army dethroned elected government of Nawaz shareef, but they still haven't given up their intentions of capturing Kashmir and they are using jehadi terrorism as a medium to achieve their motive. Kargil was neither the first and nor the last attempt of Pakistan to conquer Kashmir, its also neither the start nor the end of proxy war against India by Pakistan , but Kargil incident made it crystal clear for Pakistan that they can't defeat India in any direct war, but this doesn't mean that ISI and Pakistan have given up their intentions to colour Indian soil with Indian blood.

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good summary of the kargil issue.

Ashok Nanjaraj


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