Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tribute To Another Martyr By Politicians

It hasn't been much time since we heard some ridiculous comments about M.C Sharma by Amar singh, and now once again we heard some disrespectful comments by the chief minister of Kerela about the family of late major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, after the father of major sandeep didn't allowed to let him inside the house, and V. S. Achuthanandan's ego was not able to digest that so he said that "not even a dog would have glanced the house if major Sandeep wouldn't have been a martyr" he also said that he has no regret for whatever he said and he is not going to apologize for that, and advised father of major Sandeep to learn some manners, but how could a father behave properly when cremation rituals are going on in home of his only son and he requests a politician not to pay any visit and still that politician arrives there and send sniffer dogs at the place where rituals of cremation are going on, although later sandeep's father cleared that V. S. Achuthanandan ordered the politicians of his party to pay visit to sandeep's house which was not liked by father of major Sandeep because he didn't wanted anyone to pay any tribute to his son under any sort of pressure.although later C.M of Kerela did apologized under pressure or I should be saying that he licked what he spited under pressure of Prakash Karat and media, these things brings few questions in my mind like
  • are we giving proper respect to our heroes?
  • is this the right method of paying our tribute to people like major Sandeep ?
  • is this the way we are paying them of their favor?
  • why can't these politicians keep their cheap activities restricted only to politics ?
  • do they have right to insult a family of a martyr like this ?
today after hearing such ridiculous comments I don't feel proud to be an Indian, somebody explain me why should one join defense services when they have to do more work , they are paid less and even after giving their life for their nation people like Amar sing and V. S. Achuthanandan insult them and their family, why these politicians are not punished for that ? I wanted to know what they have done for the nation and the people of nation, our leaders need to understand that they should not play politics on everything, some things are much beyond them or I should be saying that they are too small to open their mouth against national heroes like M.C Sharma and Major Sandeep .

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