Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today almost every country around the globe is affected by terrorism, and I believe that no country is 100% safe from terrorism whether its USA ,UK or any other nation like India, but most of those countries who have seen the atrocious face of terrorism have made themselves safe to quite an extent , but unfortunately condition of India is much worse then others, because it has a neighbouring country who has connections direct or indirectly to every four incidents of terrorism out of five. Most of the roots of terrorism are in Pakistan, this has been stated by British PM Gorden Brown while he was on a visit to India. India seems helpless because neither India can change its attitude towards Pakistan nor India can stop the aid given to terrorism from Pak's side. At this point of time India needs an extensive and organized plan to strengthened itself on outer and internal front, to protect itself from outer and internal threats,the biggest emphasis should be laid on the borders to make sure that they cannot be infiltrated,on this aspect India can take the example of America and Israel,I agree that this is very expensive thing to do, but
  • doesn't India invest a huge sum to provide latest weapons to its soldiers
  • doesn't India always deploy large number of soldiers on LOC in Kashmir
If once India spends this huge amount to protect its borders then further its defence expenditure could come down to quite an extent, India will have to apply this strategy to not only on Pakistan border, but also on Bangladesh and Nepal border, since India is surrounded by sea from three sides Navy and Coastguard design should be prepared in such a way that no one could infiltrate through sea route. Intelligence agencies are the strong, powerful and important part of any nations defence which not only collects the information, but also should always be prepared to take appropriate action according to the situation. If India would have learnt from its mistakes that were being committed during Kargil, and would have acted timely on the information provided by intelligence agencies then may be 26/11 wouldn't have taken place and lot of things could have been done to avoid Mumbai attacks, and if India doesn't learn anything from 26/11 and doesn't strengthened itself then attacks like these are really hard to avoid. India needs to take its immigration policy seriously we often hear that lakhs of Bangladeshis have entered illegally in India, they have also arranged themselves Indian Ration card, voter id card and other id cards, those people who have allowed these people to get into India are criminals, but those who deploy them as labors in the greed of cheap labours are also criminals, Bangladesh border is not like other normal borders, then what's the guarantee that people coming from there are not terrorists, and point to be taken is, who arranges fake identity cards for those illegal immigrants, internal security also means that the people responsible for helping those illegal immigrants should be punished. Internal security also means to deal with all sorts of treasonous elements with strict laws and courts must take action against them without delay to set up an example for others. India needs to check its policy of secular and democratic freedom, and seriously reconsider its policies, if democracy gives the freedom of expressing views and pay respect to human rights, then it should also be capable of punishing those who misuse these liberties, freedom doesn't mean freedom of all sorts. When we talk about external strength then it means India needs to strengthen itself internationally, today world powers are becoming more impressive and successful by lobbying, India lacks behind in this aspect from many countries, entire world accepts that terrorists training camps are still running in Pakistan, everybody knows that education in Madarsas is not only restricted to religious knowledge, who doesn't know that Taliban has taken birth from these Madarsas? most of the countries believe that Pakistan is responsible for 26/11 attacks, but Pakistan has been denying this, ignoring what the world believes, and is still in the denial mode, question is why doesn't the international community do something about this ? why USA and UK are still providing funds to Pakistan to fight against terrorism? when its quite clear that where and how these funds are being used by Pakistan,
  • has India raised its voice against this ?
  • has India opposed this thing?
  • has India taken strict measures to stop financial aid to Pakistan?
India needs to carry an intelligent and active approach to reveal the hypocrisy of Pakistan on international level. In America new presidential rule is about to start, but India hasn't made any effort to change the foreign policy of Washington towards Pakistan, India will never get such an opportunity to drag Pakistan to its actual place, India should not pay importance to those people who say that Pakistan government itself has no control over terrorists of their country, if they can't control their men then it has nothing to do with India, its their problem and why should India suffer because of their impotency, conditions are favourable for India that Interpol and U.N Security Council are present for India's help. The ideal meaning of friendship between two neighbouring countries means that both nations should make efforts to maintain peace and prosperity, otherwise one sided ideology of friendship turns into stupidity or weakness.

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