Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Questionmark on Indian Diplomacy

As controversy deepens on joint statement issued by India and Pakistan in Egypt, its giving a clear message to the world that whatever happened there was not in the interest of our nation and the tragedy is its being confirmed by none other than but our foreign secretary, it’s really very disappointing to hear from him that "may be the words used in joint statement were not appropriate but there shouldn't be any doubt on its intentions".
The question is why did our strategy planner couldn't find or failed to find the appropriate words because of which nation didn't took the joint statement in the way it’s being claimed by our government? This is not the only question, another question is that why did we accept to move on with talks excluding terrorism, but why did we let Baluchistan issue being mentioned in joint statement? this is very disappointing that by this joint statement India seems to be accepting that it’s our hand in imbalance of Baluchistan, presence of Baluchistan issue in joint statement shows the weakness of Indian diplomacy or I should be calling it a diplomatic blunder, this isn't a good thing that India has given a topic to Pakistan just like that, and now with the help of this topic Pakistan may put India in penalty box on international stages. Definitely there is no logic in letting the mention of Baluchistan issue in joint statement just to avoid the issue of Kashmir.

Maybe now central government is trying to justify the joint statement, but the way congress men are avoiding to open their mouths on this issue clearly indicates that our diplomats and strategy planner have committed a big mistake, and now they must find some solution for this, else India will have to face the negative publicity by Pakistan on the international stage, and this should also be kept in mind that India doesn't look too keen in answering Pakistan in their own language and dealing with their dirty games sensibly.
It’s hard to understand that the same prime minister who was dragging Pakistani leadership publicly in penalty box about a month back today seems to dropping his weapons in front of Pakistani P.M,
Entire nation wants to know why this happened? What were the circumstances because of which we had to face this disgrace? After all what happened in the past one month which made our strategy maker to reach on the conclusion that Pakistan is now on right track? but the fact is Pakistan isn't interested in taking action against the culprits of 26/11 neither they are willing to dismantle anti-India terrorist structure nor they are going to stop promoting terrorism against India, then keeping all these things in mind what was the need of carrying soft approach towards Pakistan? was it because of American pressure or were their some other reasons? This is also weird that India took more than 24hrs to deny the claims of Pakistan that they have handed over proofs of involvement of Indian intelligence agency on attack over Srilankan cricket team.
All these things only proves that Indian diplomacy is suffering from weakness as well as from laziness, and if it’s actually true which is being signalled by all these circumstances then there couldn't be anything more disappointing and a bigger matter of concern.

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