Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Colour Of Terrorism

Few days back we heard our Home Minister P.Chidambaram using a ridiculous word "Saffron Terror" which has definitely hurt feelings and sentiments of large number of Indian people, and we did saw its reaction in parliament as well as outside parliament which was enough to prove that people doesn't agree with this controversial term used by HM and intentionally or unintentionally he has created another controversy, I don't know if its a cheap trick to divert attention of people from issues like 300% hike in salary of MP's or from CWG scams but if it is its really disgusting, but if his statement wasn't intended to overshadow above mentioned topics then its hard for me to understand the motive behind using such term because on national and international level it has been accepted that terrorism has no religion ,cast,creed or colour and still he uses such term to hurt sentiments of people, and as long as my memory serves me none of the congress leader has ever openly used any term like "Islamic terror" though in many terrorist organizations they include words like Islam, Islamic, Islamia and even Muslim and in 98% terrorists attacks in the world the people involved are Muslims.

I am totally against relating the word Saffron with terror because saffron is the colour which not only represents our freedom struggle but also represents our religious gurus, saints, monks and Buddhist followers and is also one of the color of our national flag and is considered as the pious color in Indian culture and customs and that is why it can never be related with terrorism regardless of any condition, and its also a fact that those organizations who are allegedly involved in terrorism there hasn't been any conviction yet and these are just allegations until anything is confirmed or proved but our HM has presented them as a new danger in front of nation which is unacceptable, and because of political reasons Congress and other parties have been putting allegations on BJP and  RSS of endorsing anti-Muslim feelings and that is why when BJP opposed and protested against HM's comment other parties defended Chidambaram's statement saying he hasn't said anything wrong, indicating they have got another opportunity to attract Muslim votes, and such sort of politics only leads to polarization of society, as we can see some leaders of congress doing narrow politics and other parties trying to en-cash  this issue to enhance their vote bank like RJD did in an attempt to claim itself biggest secular political party by criticizing congress for going soft on so called "Saffron Terror" and LJP dragged RSS too alleging their involvement in "saffron terror" and Left parties didn't delayed much in dismissing and disapproving protests and views of BJP and Shivsena on HM's statement, this is an example how our political parties ignore national interest for sake of their own personal benefit, those political parties justifying HM's comment are the very same parties who have been stating in past that terrorism should not be related to any particular religion ,community or certain group of people, and today they are supporting comments of HM because they think this will help them display how concerned they are towards Muslim community, and another reason for supporting  HM's comments is because the word "Saffron Terror" is a blot for Hindu society and brings disgrace to Hinduism but if these peoples are justifying this word then how can they say that using terms like Muslim terrorism or Islamic terror is not right ?

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