Friday, October 8, 2010

Rahul and Omar annoys nation by their crackbrained statements

Yesterday we heard two disgustingly idiotic comments by poster boy of Congress Rahul Gandhi and J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah, where Rahul said according to him there is no difference between SIMI and RSS on the other hand Omar said Islamabad should be involved in the dialogue in deciding future of Kashmir, and as a result of their nonsensical comments both of these politicians are facing heavy criticism across the nation, which they actually deserve because after giving such irresponsible and baseless statements its clear that these two have no sense of politics and they both don't deserve to be called as leaders.

If we try to analyze the statement made by Rahul  towards RSS then it shows how desperate he is to take down his opposition, but he forgot that no comment should be made on any one without any proof or logic and his statement clearly shows his lack of knowledge about the history of RSS, and if he knows the history of RSS then it means he is once again misleading the people of India just for the sake of his vote bank which is really cheap, I really want to know why he appears in media only before election just like frogs are seen during rainy season, why he is always mum on wrongs done by Congress like he didn't spoke a word about CWG scam, it was congress who didn't took action against Bangladeshi intruders just because congress wanted to use them as their vote bank, I really hope Rahul you are reading this, and if you are, do reply me what is the proof you have against RSS ? its your party who compromises on issue of national security like Kashmir, so better you think twice before making any irresponsible statement.  We all know SIMI is an organization which is involved in several terrorist activities, there are also reports which says Indian Mujaheddin is actually a disguise name of SIMI and yet Rahul sees no difference between SIMI and RSS.

Now coming on to the statement of Omar in which he said that Islamabad should be involved in dialogue to solve Kashmir issue is completely insane and he can not cover up his failure as a chief minister by such idiotic statements, I am unable to understand what does he actually want, is he standing with separatists now who wants Kashmir to be part of Pakistan, is he unaware of the situation of POK ? and if he still wants to go with Pakistan knowing all the facts then such person does not deserve to be the CM because how can you let a traitor govern a state and that too like J&K, right thing to do in such a situation is to dissolve such government and implement president's rule so that situation doesn't get worse from here, but since congress is involved in J&K government they will never do so no matter what ever happens, because history of congress says that they can go to any extent to remain in power regardless of the the price nation has to pay for their blunders.  

Deepest irony of this nation is that there are people in our country who support and admire these sick leaders.

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