Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Communal Face of Congress

Since past two decades BJP has been accused of being a communal political party, this conspiracy was created by Congress with the collaboration with so called "secular media" and even till today we read and hear so called "intellectual people, self proclaimed celebrities and "Page3 people" referring BJP as communal political party, people like me call such great personalities as "pseudo-secularists","pseudo intellectuals" or in general literate idiots with unidirectional thinking and typed brains who have lost their ability to understand, think and analyze the things by themselves.

I believe facts speak for themselves, so instead of trying to convince the readers I'll just put facts and let them decide, and I am sure after looking on facts one doesn't need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out who is actually communal, so let’s take a look on past events and present strategy of Congress which will help you decide which political party is actually communal in nature.

  • 1947 Anti Godse Riots: The moment Congress tasted power it started acting as master of nation and Anti-Godse riots was the first example, after assassination of M.K Gandhi goons of congress brutally attacked the innocent supporters of Savarkar and Nathu Ram Godse burnt their properties and thousands of them were sent to rot in jail in Independent India.
    Body of a Sikh who was killed by goons of Congress
  • 1984 Anti Sikh riots: after the assassination of Indira Gandhi goons of Congress decided to avenge themselves with the blood of innocent Sikhs, so they planned 1984 Sikh massacre which was later justified by Rajeev Gandhi who on record stated "When a mighty tree falls, earth around it does shake a little"(for more insight info on that brutal massacre you may check my article Recalling Anti-Sikh Riots 1984). Had it been any other country then after such massacre a political party like Congress would have been banned from contesting all sorts of election and would have been declared a terrorist organisation, but alas the deepest irony of this unfortunate nation is that even today it is ruled by the people whose hands are drenched in the blood of innocent Sikhs.
  • Shah Bano Case: Some of us still remember Shah Bano case in which Rajeev Gandhi reverted the decision of Supreme Court using his absolute majority in parliament, which led to the formation of Muslim Personal law board, creating a different set of laws for Muslims and different law for the people of other religion, today India is the only country in the world which has separate laws for people of different religion, now isn't that communal, undemocratic and unjustified approach for appeasement of a particular community.

  • Haj Subsidy: India is the only country in the world to give Haj Subsidy to its Muslim nationals which was started by Congress obviously for obvious reasons, but there is no provision of any such subsidy for the people of other religion, now isn't it unfair to the people of other religion? Why such kindness only towards the people of Muslim community? Are the people of other religion not the citizens of India? Now isn't that unfair and communal practice started by Congress?

    bodies of Kashmiri Pandits killed in valley
  • Displacement of 300,000 Kashmiri Pandits from 1947-2001: In 1947 out of total population of Kashmir 55% of them were Kashmiri Pandit's and in 2001 there were 0.1% , they were attacked, beaten, some were killed and      forcefully driven out of Kashmir by extremists for making Kashmir a Islamic state, and Congress government being in power that time did nothing to stop such thing, Congress ruled India from 1947-1996 and then from 2004-till date, did nothing to get them resettled, instead they just gave them a refugee colony in Delhi, So those poor people were given the status of refugee in their own country, not isn't it communal approach ?   

  • 2004 Removal of Prevention of Terrorists Activities act (POTA): In 2004 Congress fought election with a conditional promise that if they come in power they will remove (POTA) and they did so after winning, and as a result the number of terrorists attack in the country increased at alarming rate and thousands of innocent lives were lost just to appease the minority vote bank, now who wouldn't call it a communal politics?
  • Turning a Blind Eye towards Love Jihad: By ignoring Kerala Chief Minister who raised his voice against the ongoing Love Jihad but Congress took no action and called his stand as anti secular and took no action against the organisation which perpetrated this conspiracy, just because Congress is afraid to lose their minority vote bank, isn't that highly disgusting and utter communal approach?
  • Execution of Afzal Guru: Congress is intentionally delaying the execution of Afzal Guru who plotted the 2001 Parliament attack, UPA-1 home minister Shivraj Patil instructed Delhi government not to forward the file of Afzal guru, and Delhi Government kept on sitting on the file for four years. Congress is trying to save Afzal guru just to save its minority vote bank, is it not communal politics to appease minorities? 
  • Communal Violence Bill: Last year in May we saw an absurd draft of a bill called Prevention of Communal Violence Bill, which was prepared on the instruction of Chairperson of UPA Sonia Gandhi, who also happens to be the chairperson of NAC(National Advisory Committee) organisation who prepared this draft bill, this bill says that same punishable offense under this law for members of majority community will not be a punishable offense for members of minority community, panel looking into the cases will have members of minority community in majority, complainant can file the complain while sitting in his house, and complainant needs to give statement only once in front of court and identity of the complainant will be kept secret which means accused will not even get to know who filed the complaint against him, this bill  presumes that members of majority community are guilty in every case and says that the accused will be considered guilty until proven innocent(this happens nowhere in the world).(To get more insight info of this bill you may read my article  Prevention of Communal Violence Bill or Communal Discrimination) here you can clearly see that congress is not only pro Muslims but actually Anti-Hindu, and such bills proves that approach of congress is completely biased and it is communal politics to appease minorities.
  •  Andh Shraddha Nirmoolan Kanoon: There is another such drafted bill which is prepared in Maharashtra by Congress led government in state, it’s called "Andh Shraddha Nirmoolan Kanoon" this law prevents the people of majority community to perform various religious practices in their homes like doing "Havan", "Paath of Ramayana" "Katha" and it also says that no pictures of God should be put on public places, now I don't understand what Congress is trying to do? Are they trying to kill Hinduism? What sort of politics is this? Now will they impose "jazya" tax next? Ask yourself is this not a communal politics?
  • Religion based reservations: Last month Congress gave 4.5% reservations to the Muslims in OBC quota, ahead of the elections in 5 states to please minorities, but our Constitution clearly says that one can't differentiate among people on the basis of religion and our constitution doesn't allow such sort of reservation, but Congress went ahead with it insulting the constitution of nation, Religion based reservation is not even illegal but a contempt to constitution, and this is unjustified and completely communal politics.
  • Conditional promise of Increasing religion based reservations: Recently Law minister Salman Khurshid made a conditional promise to minorities of Uttar Pradesh saying that if      they vote for congress and take them to victory then Congress will give them 9% reservations,  now can the Congress itself deny the charge that they are not a communal political party?
  • Irresponsible and absurd statements to appease Minority vote bank: General Secretary of Congress Digvijay Singh keeps on giving irresponsible statements just like few days back he again called Batla House encounter in which Delhi Police Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma lost his life as a fake encounter, although Home Minister himself has denied that charge twice, and rubbished Digvijay's statement, but still in attempt to appease minority votes Congress has given a free hand to people like Digvijay to keep making such absurd statements, now isn't it communal politics ?
It becomes a matter of great concern when a national party in power uses communal politics as a weapon to win elections which is lethal and divisive for nation, we have witnessed one partition due to this divide and rule policy, and the fashion in which Congress is moving ahead with its strategy, at this point of time Congress itself is the biggest threat for integrity of India, and these dirty and filthy tricks of Congress to win elections are pushing the nation on the verge of another division, and if no attempt is made now to stop it then result of this is going to be painful, terrible and extremely dangerous for the nation.

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