Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unappropriate Way To Show Dissatisfaction

In recent past we all heard about the Mangalore incident, in which so called members of Ram Sena protested against pub culture by misbehaving with girls and women's, which is a dark spot on our civilized society and should be condemned but the sort of politics which is being done and still going on should also be condemned. But i suppose that enough has been written and said about this incident and there is another incident which took place which shows the double standards of our media our politicians and our system or may be its the ill effects of the politics of secularism may be you have heard about the Ulema express which ran from Azamgarh to Delhi which was nothing but show-off of the power by Muslim extremists, this train was filled with the Muslims extremists of Azamgarh name was given Ulema Express before the departure of the train from Azamgarh, the people of GRP were beaten and forced to get down from the train, on Lucknow station some men of GRP some how managed to hop on the train to pursue their duty but on Kanpur railway station those men were also forced to get-off. throughout the journey when ever they wished they pulled the chain and created scene even the police kept on acting as a puppet because of the numbers of yobs, in Delhi at parliament road this army of Mullas collectively raised such demands which only displayed their ego and the power of their vote bank and impotency of secular parties, they demanded
  • legal enquiry for Delhi's Batla house encounter,
  • separate legal and judiciary system for the Muslims,
  • they also demanded for the removal of current anti-terrorism law which is similar to POTA and was created after 26/11 mumbai attacks
pity was that, instead of condemning the terrorist attacks their leaders kept on speaking about Muslim exploitations and they also didn't forget to threaten the government by saying that they will form a separate political party for the Muslims, which is not a new thing. Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad in 1913 in his letter Alhilal advised Indian Muslims not to join any political party because Islam itself is a party of Allah and its name is Hijbullah, but may be those leaders haven't heard about this, so in the rally Maulana Amir Rushdi cracked the joke on law and order by saying " HUMSE LULKAROGE TO PACHTAOGE" and Maulana Tahir Madni threatened police, either to stop the encounters or be prepared to die in those encounters. and a group of representatives of those hooligan leaders went to meet home minister P.Chidambaram, and what Chidambaram assured them was reaveled later when the ulema express reached Sanjarpur while returning Amir Rushdi spoke to the villagers that we have brought justice for you all, we have FORCED home minister to give government jobs to the people who are found innocent in terrorism and once again the supporters of Rushdi shouted " HUMEIN LULKAROGE TO PACHTAOGE". what does this indicate? 

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