Saturday, March 7, 2009


Dates of general elections have been announced and nation is going to choose new central government, but current condition of our national parties is pathetic and regional politics have started striking both the national parties, most of us have accepted the fact that this time also we are going to see a coalition government, and BJP & Congress are leaving no stone unturned to keep the regional parties in their favour for coming elections. while congress is self-dedicated to convince S.P, Rashtrawadi Congress and others, on the other hand Bal Thakrey had been giving tough time to L.K Advani in the past by refusing to even meet him and created a new record of regional aggression, national politics has been shrinking and regional politics is taking over, the current scenario is that among 28 states of the country national parties are facing each other only in Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi, rest 20 stataes are captured by regional parties, in Karnataka BJP would be facing regional parties. In Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra pradesh, Kerela and other sates the position of national parties is quite feeble, there is no doubt that except Assam work of BJP has increased in north-eastern states. In Uttar Pradesh the battle seems triangular between BJP, SP and BSP, condition of congress is really pathetic here except seats of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Laloo prasad has stated that vote bank of national parties is sinking and he really stood by his words by giving Congress only 3 seats in Bihar and S.P is also following the foot steps of RJD and has given only 6 seats to Congress in Uttar Pradesh, so this actually reveals the actual condition that what does these regional parties think about their national ally.
Statistics says that number of MP's of BJP & Congress has been constantly decreasing, in 1991 total MP's of both the parties were 346, in 1996 this number was 301, in 1999 this number was 296 and currently this nuber has been restricted to 283 (BJP 138 & Congress 145) and this clearly shows that values of national politics is sinking.
In UPA post of Prime Minister is an open question and BJP has been asking this question to them since BJP declared L.K Adwani as their candidate for the post of prime minister although people of NDA seems united on the name of L.K Adwani, but the demands of their supporting regional parties are also not less complicated, BJD recently separated itself from BJP over seat sharing issue, Arun jaitley is also unsatisfied with the internal politics of the party, and Varun Gandhi has been facing criticism for his alleged comments on Muslims, shows that their path is also not covered with flowers, although the Support of Uma Bharti might give them a sigh of relief.
Taking a look at the current scenario, although Congress is a national and oldest party of our nation but one can't deny the fact that Congress is property of a single family whose national president is Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi is chief Secretary, if we talk about others like Mulayam singh, Jayalalita, Mamta Banerjee, Chandra Babu Naidu, M. Karunanidhi, Mayavati they are all national president of their party since its been created and all of us know that how much impact their parties have in other states, today we lack true national leadership. Development of national politics is done by dealing with national issues, and fact is we have only two national parties Congress and BJP, and both of these parties are under pressure of regional parties and they both have compromised with their ideologies under pressure of regional parties, like Congress offered the posts of central ministers to those people who were facing criminal charges and BJP compromised with issues they always had in their agenda like equal citizenship and Ram Mandir.
who ever forms the government they need to understand that central government should play the role of destiny maker of nation and its citizens, and needs to be responsible for internal as well as external security of nation, they should work to enhance the national wealth and should ensure that benefits of that wealth should go to those people who actually deserves it, central government should give prime importance to national integrity and national unity, but aggressive regionalism is dominating nationalism.
In Maharashtra people of UP and Bihar are beaten and in Assam Hindi speaking people are thrashed, and Congress has given subsidy to Raj Thakrey's violence despite being a national party, biggest problem what I see with regional parties is that they completely neglect the national interest and issues, for example a regional party doesn't care about article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, intrusions and violation of ceasefire on border.
we also heard about the formation of third front and this is not the first time, its the fourth time a third front is formed but never succeeded because they don't have any ideology for national interest, they don't care about any national issues rather than their own interests third front is only formed to capture the power rather than working for national interest, in third front leader of every coalition party seems starving for the post of prime minister, which has been the reason of its failure.
The bottom line of national politics says that national parties are bound to make coalition with regional parties because no one has the power to form government without a support. Which means this time also nation is not going to gain any thing from its national festival(general elections), picture is disappointing list of the candidates has made the picture quite clear, current Lok Sabha had 20% M.P with criminal records, and this time number will increase, there are lots of rich people who wants to make a small investment and collect large amount of profit from elections, number of candidates who are son's or relatives of ministers have also increased so as the people who wish to be prime minister has also increased with names like Mayavati,Sharad Pawar,Laloo prasad,Devegodda,Mulayam singh and etc, all the options are open for everyone,dealings are going on, after the results of elections indexes of the share market of politics will be bullish,who ever gets sold will be in profit and who ever will buy will be in more profit. poor peoples would be slumdog, Congress hasn't bought the song "JAI HO" like that only, in this national festival in form of general elections basic questions of national interest will remain unanswered.

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