Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feckless UPA government and hypocrite politicians derailing India

There have been number of incidents which took place in recent past to justify the title of this article, like :-
  • Indian government took initiative to resume talks with Pakistan, which has given another chance to Pakistan to raise Kashmir issue, and also Pakistan has been propagating this move of India as their victory saying that Indian government bowed down under the pressure of international community and came back to the negotiating table.
The same UPA government had been regularly stating in past, that there won't be any talks with Pakistan unless they take action against the culprits of 26/11. So now whats the reason of this sudden change of ideology, did Pakistan took any action against Hafiz Saeed ? the answer is NO, that man is still moving freely in Pakistan and even holding press conferences. Now entire nation wants to know whats the reason that UPA government decided to resume talks with Pakistan and why did these shameless people ate their own word ?
  • Adherence of UPA government to BT brinjal
when it is scientifically proven that its unfit for human consumption as it leads to problems like, problem with growth, organ development and damage, immune responsiveness and so on, and Rats fed Bt brinjal had diarrhoea, increased water consumption; decrease in liver weight, and liver to body weight, A study from Phillippines shows that people living next to Bt Corn crop fields had developed many mysterious symptoms, especially during pollination time, and today when Greeted with protests in Bangalore over the Bt brinjal, the Environment Minister lost his cool and called one of the protesters a mental patient. Now the question arises is why this government wants to allow commercial release of Bt-brinjal? as there are already 2400 types of brinjals available in India and by the God's grace production of brinjals in our country is also fairly decent in figures, are they completely unaware of these facts mentioned above, or they haven't researched about it ?, or may be this government doesn't care about the health of the citizens of our nation, or is it also another scam of this government ?, only time will give the answers of these questions but one thing which is clear is that if we open our doors to BT brinjal, then actually we are taking a step towards a disaster.
  • Failure of UPA government in controlling inflation because of poor governance and no strategic planning and blunders in calculation of stocks of various agricultural food crops.
UPA government had exported pulses to different countries at lower rates, without properly analyzing the demand and production ratio of pulses in country, and now because there is a shortage of pulses they are importing pulses at much higher rates, UPA government had been ignoring the problems of sugarcane farmers, and UPA government's solution to the crisis has only worsened the problems - exporting sugar close to 1 lakh tonne at zero duty levy that worked out to Rs 12 to Rs 14 rate for a kilo. The resulting deficit now forces the Government to import sugar at a much higher rate of Rs 27. And the comments made by Sharad Pawar like "I am not an astrologer....!!!" and today the latest comment made by NCP which goes like this "if you don't consume sugar you will not die, but if you do so, you may suffer from diabetes, and after that you will have to stop consuming sugar." are actually acting as salt on the wounds of people, Now I just wanted to ask these peoples what should we consume then............. prices of vegetables, pulses, milk, sugar, rice n etc are sky high only because of the impotence of agricultural ministry and government, do these people expect us to just keep our mouth shut without even complaining, whereas the ministers of their government are staying in the five star hotels for moths on government's expenses and some of them compares the citizens of our nation to cattle.
  • Digvijay Singh raising a questionmark on Batla House encounter calling it fake in Azamgarh (which is a Muslim populated area) and then licking what he spit, under the pressure of top leaders of Congress when they separated themselves from his comments.
A leader of congress Digvijay Singh on a visit to a Muslim populated area Azamgarh tried to capture Muslim vote bank of that region, by putting question mark on Batla house encounter in which Martyr Mohan Chand Sharma lost his life, Digvijay singh said that "its impossible in an encounter to get a head-shot" which actually is nothing more than utter nonsense and bullshit, because when bullets are being fired from both the ends they may hit anyone on any part of the body, so this clearly describes the level of cheap politics going around us, these politicians doesn't even care about the sacrifice of our martyrs, and they could go to any extent for their own profit. though satisfactory thing is that at last Digvijay Singh had to ate his own words.
  • Disgusting politics of congress leaders on Maharashtra linguistic problem, to gain the maximum mileage from the controversies created by MNS and Shivsena.
Rahul Gandhi poster boy of congress said that "when Mumbai was under attack the commandos of NSG fought with the terrorists, and those commandos were from Bihar, UP and entire nation". but why these comments were made in Bihar ? but why not in Mumbai, as two days back he was on a visit to Mumbai why didn't he mentioned it over there ? and when he is pointing a finger on parties like Shivsena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, which are actually a gang of hooligan rather than a political party, he should also criticize state government of Maharashtra which is of congress, because they have only allowed these people to threaten and beat the poor people over there, and even when people like Bal Thakrey calls him "ROME PUTRA" and to his mother Sonaia Gandhi "ITALLIAN MUMMY" congress didn't took any legal action against them so that they can gain the sympathy of public and which may result in the increase of their vote bank.
  • False commitments of UPA government
During the time of elections congress committed to the poor people of our nation that if they manage to come back in power, they will be providing them rice and flour at the rate of 3Rs./Kg but when today this issue was raised by Narendra Modi in all Chief Ministers meeting held over inflation, a senior leader of congress Pranab Mukharjee had a clash with him saying that "its not the time to do the politics". This proves that congress made false commitments to the poor peoples of India just to get the power, and they have no intentions to fulfill their commitments. only thing I am unable to understand is how come Narendra modi was doing politics on this issue wouldn't the availability of rice and flour at 3Rs/Kg benefited the poor wouldn't this have affected the raising inflation ?
  • Hypocrisy of Thackeray family
We all had been hearing the ridiculous comments of Bal Thackeray and Raj Thackeray for quite a long time, and now they say that Maharashtra is actually meant for only actual Marathi people who took birth in Maharashtra, and if this is the case then entire Thackeray family should leave the Maharashtra immediately and settle to Khandwa district of MP because that's the place from where Bal Thakery actually belongs to and from there only he shifted to Munmbai. These people have been targeting famous personalities like Amitabh Bacchan, Jaya Bacchan, Sachin Tendulkar and now Shahrukh Khan just to remain in limelight by using the name of these famous personalities, and this is because our Home minister P.Chidambram also stated the same comment that was mentioned by Shahrukh but they Shivsena didn't reacted to that because they know that he is also a political person and by targating him they will not get that sort of political mileage as they will get by targeting Shahrukh Khan. another example of hypocrisy of these people is, as these people have been stating themselves anti Pakistan then why they haven't yet criticized the move of UPA government to resume talks with Pakistan ain't they aware of this news or are they too busy to exploit the current controversy ?

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