Friday, October 14, 2011

Dubious Approach Of UPA On Lokpal Bill

Law Minister Salman Khurshid said that central government is planing to make Lokpal a constitutional body and we all know from where did this concept came from, most of us remember the “legendry speech” given by the uncrowned “prince of Congress” during the zero hour in the last monsoon session on Lokpal bill, where he referred his speech as “elevating the level of debate”, and suggested to make Lokpal a constitutional body, and he called it a “game changing idea”, some people did praised the idea, and undoubtedly its good for nation to have Lokpal as a constitutional body, but it’s also important that we don’t forget the ground reality.

But I think that may be the person who wrote “Rahul baba’s” speech was uninformed about fact, that to make a constitutional body a constitutional amendment is required and for doing so 2/3rd majority is needed, and Congress is running a coalition government, so how do they plan to make Lokpal a constitutional body ? If they are counting on opposition then let’s be realistic that they haven’t even discussed this issue properly within their own party and UPA itself, so forget about the opposition, and there are lots of people within the congress  who are not in favour of strong Lokpal bill, even in the standing committee it’s not discussed to make Lokpal a constitutional body and events from the past like press statements from congressmen, and recently released audio tapes of joint committee justifies my above point, and because of these hard facts and looking at present political scenario Rahul’s idea was completely rubbished by most of the political pundits, and it was seen as an attempt to project a mirage in front of people.

We must also not forget that it’s the same UPA government which was sleeping since past seven years on the issue of Lokpal Bill, and prepared a handicapped “Jokepal” bill instead of Lokpal, and at one point of time they were not even willing to deal with the civil society led by Anna Hazare, and most of the members of UPA have dismissed and rubbished the demands of civil society, but now this sudden change of stand does raises the eyebrows and also puts a question mark on the connotation of government because Rahul Gandhi’s idea is a actually like a five year plan and far from reality, and people are looking at it as another delaying tactic, and because congress is blindly willing to execute this idea it also raises a question-mark on their intentions, because according to me either they are trying to play another trick with the people of this nation and all these statements are merely an eyewash and an attempt to buy some time, or they are just trying to fulfil the childish and unrealistic demands of their “prince” and in both the cases I don't see our nation getting a strong Lokpal in near future unless government act  upon it honestly,

I would have really appreciated If Rahul Gandhi would have said that lets make an independent Lokpal with available resources with no further delay, and if we again come in power with 2/3rd majority then we will make it a constitutional body, but alas his speech was like consoling a hungry man with a mango seed in his hand and saying look I’ve got a mango seed and I am going to sow it in ground, and when fruit comes on tree then you can eat them.

There are some people who are giving a logic that Prime Minister has given an assurance to Team Anna and an unanimous resolution has been passed in parliament, then why did they campaigned against Congress ? But my simple question to them is how can we take PM’s assurance on face value when he didn’t fulfil his assurance which he did to nation when UPA came in power? And Team Anna got the sense of the house on only three key issues of Lokpal not on all aspects of the Janlokpal, so it’s not right to blame them for campaigning against congress, as congress failed to give them support letter in favour of Janlokpal Bill whereas other parties did so without failing, and also whatever they did was not against the law of the land, so there is no point in questioning them. It’s been 43 years since this country is waiting for an ombudsman law, and now this matter is in public domain and because people are running out of patience, no further delay is acceptable.


Indian Social Affairs said...

UPA is getting allot of concern...

Aarya Gupta said...

What the Comman man is witnessing is is not a slugfest but a war between Italian Mafia backed Congress led by their leader Sonia Gandhi and "Aam Admi" led by their illustrious 74 old Nationalist leader Shri Anna Hazare.

Now, when HM MR. Chhidu is mocking UP CM and asking from where will the money come from for division of UP state, she must promptly remind him that as when as FM in 2008 made the nation to suffer loss of Rs.1.76Lacs Crores in 2G Scam and his valued Colleague FM Mr. Pranab is raising hands in Parliament and telling the nation that nothing much can be done to bring the Black Money stashed abroad, then from where he can expect the funds to fulfill the aspiration of "Aam Admi" of UP and other states of Union.


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