Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Digvijay Singh Fails To Digest Taste Of his Own Medicine

Digvijay Singh has filed FIR against 10 websites including Youtube,Twitter,Orkut and Facebook because of the "so called" derogatory comments mentioned by people against him on these websites, but in my opinion Digvijay Singh is an extremely lucky person because he did managed to file FIR on this issue, and that has been possible only because he is a Congress leader, and if he had not been a congress leader then no such absurd attention seeking stunt would have been entertained by the Police, Digvijay actually needs to introspect and think that why such comments were made against him on these websites, that's what he should be doing rather than trying such stupid gimmicks.

I am a firm believer in Newton's third law of motion which says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and if my memory serves me right then Digvijay has been suffering from a verbal Diarrhea since past few years, and he has been making baseless, stupid and really annoying statements since quite some time now, which has gradually developed a deep outrage among people, and since a common man doesn’t have liberty to go to media and have his say, a common man uses the platform of social networking websites to express himself and his views, and according to me Digvijay has only himself to blame for this public outrage, Digvijay should take it as a lesson and a accept the fact  that this is his real image in front of a common man of this country, and it’s  high time he decides to go for an image makeover and try to change people’s opinion towards him, by stopping himself from making careless and baseless statements, that’s what he should be exactly doing rather than running like a headless chicken and filing FIR’s.

Let us have a look at financial irregularities, allegations and cases filed against Digvijay:-
In 2001 Income Tax Department seized a diary maintained by an illegal liquor manufacturer which had name of Digvijay listed in it, and there was also clearly  mentioned that Digvijay had been paid the bribe of 100 million. 
In 2004 M.P Police registered a case against Digvijay in a land scam under prevention of corruption act.  
on 12TH Feb 2009 a case of cheating and corruption was filed against Digvijay. 
Needless to mention that he managed to get away every time because of the hand of his political bosses over him, Now with this background what right does Digvijay has to question the details of money spent during Janlokpal movement and demanding the details of the money source of Baba Ramdev ?

Now recalling those bizarre and ridiculous statements made by him in recent past which brought him the wrath of common man :-
Few months back Digvijay said Ramdev was, is and will remain a “Thug”(crook), now will a responsible political leader ever make such statement against a spiritual guru ?

Some days back Digvijay said Anna Hzare is surrounded by wrong company of people, but has he ever realized that this very same statement is actually 100% applicable on Dr. Manmohan Singh (may be even Manmohan Singh is sorry for this bitter fact),and I suppose I don’t need to mention names like Sharad Pawar, A.Raja(to whom PM once gave clean chit and these days A.Raja is found in Tihar Jail), Dayanidhi Maran, P.Chidambaram, Praful Manoharbhai Patel, Kamalnath etc.(well there is a very long list and if I start pointing out their names one by one, then I guess no member of cabinet will remain untouched ).

Digvijay didn’t even spared person like Justice Santosh Hegde and launched a verbal attack on him too, and as a result people were extremely unhappy about those remarks.

Digvijay called Anna Hazare the mask of RSS which boiled the anger of common man against him.

Interestingly Digvijay is the only person in India who wanted Osama bin Laden to be buried according to proper Islamic rituals and had further objected to the way Osama’s body was buried in sea.
Not to forget it’s the same Digvijay who refers to Osama as Osama “Ji” and calls Baba Ramdev a “Thug”(crook). Now what does he expect from common man after all this ?A garland of flowers ?

Also not to forget his infamous statement which he gave on Batla house encounter demeaning the martyrdom of Mohan Chand Sharma and trying to appease the Muslim community.

Digvijay also made a ridiculous statement that ATS chief Hemant Karkare has expressed to him that his life is in danger and he is being threatened by Hindu organizations, and after that Hemant Karkare’s wife herself denied any of such incident and openly expressed anger for politicizing the martyrdom of her husband, and when media enquired Digvijay about his conversation to Hemant Karkare, he couldn’t produce any substantial proof to support his theory, and even today he is mum on the question that  “if all that he is saying is true than why was he silent till now ?” “why he didn’t revealed this matter right after 26/11 ?”
Even after recent Mumbai terror attack he said role of “RSS can’t be denied in these attacks”
This is not hidden from anyone that Digvijay had been giving cheap and disgusting comments and statements against everyone who says something or writes anything against Congress and UPA.

But point I am trying to make here is that after making such idiotic, humbug, ridiculous and annoying statements Digvijay actually lacks the moral ground to appeal to the people to use kind words for him, even a person with below average understanding can figure out what’s going to be the impact of such bizarre statements. I read somewhere that “If you live your life by the gun then prepare to die by the gun” and Digvijay should have thought about the consequences before making those statements, and now when he is receiving peoples reaction, why is he running like headless chicken and crying and filing FIR’s, he is just receiving the taste of his own medicine, and it seems he just can’t digest that.

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