Sunday, March 13, 2011

Errant Fire Of Reservations

Revolt of Jat community has been running since a week with the demand of reservations in central services, and these people are literally blackmailing the government to get their demands fulfilled, but most important point that I want to make here is that, 
are these people really socially and economically backward?
Do these people really deserve and are they actually in need of reservation ?
 If we look at the bigger picture Jats of Haryana and western U.P have land for agriculture and whatever of their land is acquired by government they did received a fair and genuine compensation against their land, and this community is neither economically nor socially backward, but still their leaders are demanding reservations for themselves, and the way they have blocked rail tracks and stopped railway traffic and created problems for a common citizens it raises a question,
Is this the right way to protest and hold people as hostage to fulfill unfair demands ?

In context of reservations we need to observe that all those communities, casts and tribes who are enjoying reservations under schedule casts and schedule tribe, can they still be called as backward ? I mean after getting all the special benefits for so many years hasn't their condition improved ? and is reservation actually capable in bring equality in society ?

After independence when reservations were being given, it was decided that it will have time limit of 10 years, but after the span of every 10 years from then till today, this time limit kept on extending, and it seems it will go on on for an eternity, because reservations have become a deadly weapon for vote bank politics.
Whenever a community demands for reservation for themselves some political parties always steps up in support of their demands to grab the opportunity of enhancing their vote bank, where as other political parties don't oppose to such demands because they are afraid of loosing a certain portion of their vote bank, so they remain silent, as a result such demands are increasing day by day, and state and central governments acts as catalyst and often add fuel to fire.

In the tenure of V.P Singh report of Mandal commission which suggested 27% reservation for backwards, was implemented and since then various other communities have been demanding reservations time to time and this tradition is still going on, and leaders and political parties started supporting such demands blindly without even analyzing whether those demands are genuine or not, political parties do so just for the sake of their vote bank, and now some communities are demanding reservation in the name of Schedule Castes and some in the name of Schedule Tribes, and now even Muslim community has started demanding reservations on the basis of religion, and few sates are are now even moving ahead with the recommendations of Sachar Committee, and are going to implement reservations for Muslims in their states, some state governments have been pressurizing central government for this. Situation is getting even worse day by day, and now some of those communities who are already enjoying the benefits of  reservations are demanding reservations in Judiciary too.

In the report of Mandal Commission Jats were not considered as backwards, but few states gave them reservation under backward class for vote bank politics, as a result now Jat community is demanding reservation in central services too, Jats revolted last year also, but this year when they started their protest governments of Haryana and U.P supported their demands, 

But those leaders and political parties who are supporting such demands must understand that government jobs have been decreasing and competition for them is increasing every day, and if various communities like Jats keep coming up with their unfair demands then wouldn't it be unfair to the people of other sections of society ?

Real and bitter truth is that reservation is actually spreading inequality among various communities and sections of society, and political leaders need to realize that its not right to increase differences and gap among various sections of society, and its not a healthy thing for our nation too. No matter what these political parties and leaders claim, but no one cares that actual motive of reservation is to bring all sections of society into mainstream, rather than distributing government jobs like peanuts.

According to Supreme Court reservations can't be more than 50% and constitution doesn't allows to cross this barrier, so its clear that government jobs for reserved sections will remain limited, and may be that's why we are hearing demands of amendment in constitution to increase the limit of reservations, and there are demands of reservations in private sector as well, and doing so means compromising with the capability of nation.

Today when we should be thinking about reviewing the time span of reservation and for how many years more it should continue, 
our leaders and governments are misusing it for their personal benefit, now time has come to stop such practice and to think about giving reservation on the basis of economic and financial condition of person, so that only those get benefit who are actually deserving, and if these changes doesn't take place, then this foul practice of using reservation to achieve political goals will continue, and may be such thing is beneficial for our political parties and leaders, but its definitely quite lethal for our nation.


gandharvashu said...

Good article. Reservations should be for people who need it, not for persons based on religion, caste or community. Reservation is kind of help but now people think help is their right.

aseem said...

nice article dude..but what to do..they should realise that if they(political parties) say no to reservation they actually end up increasing their votebanks from people like us

Anonymous said...

I am sure these Jats will be rewarded with some quota. What happened to the Gujjars? Watch out, they will rise again and ask for SC/ST quota.

Anonymous said...

i think reservation should be based on the region in which particular section of people are living.if they are devoid of basic amenities and dont have enough money then there is no harm giving them quota,bt if this is giving only by seeing their caste then it is not good may be they are living in gud condition..


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