Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wiki Bomb Explodes On UPA

As usual UPA once again landed in a controversy, and this times its because of  shocking revelations from Wikileaks, which confirms allegation of buying trust vote on nuclear deal back in 2008 were true. On 22July2008 three Mp's displayed bundles of currency notes in Parliament saying attempts were made to buy their vote, and they were bribed to vote in favour of N-bill, so a JPC(joint parliamentary committee) was set up to investigate, but issue was swept under the carpet with the general elections, Wikileaks cables reveals that it was Gandhi family's close friend Satish Sharma and his political aid Nachiket Kapur who arranged 50-60 crore rupees, and money was kept in two chests and displayed to American embassy official informing him that there is enough cash to buy the support for N-Deal and government will not fall.

Today when entire nation is keen to know the actual truth behind all this, our government is simply denying all these allegations, members of government did raise questions on the authenticity of Wikileaks cables, and Pranab Mukherjee came up with too technical argument saying this issue belongs to 14th Lok Sabha which has been dissolved, so this issue can't be debated in 15th Lok Sabha. But government need to realize that people are not going to get satisfied with such arguments, UPA needs to come up with a convincing political answer, and as far as authenticity of these cables are concerned Government should be aware that till now no country has completely dismissed these cable and called them baseless and false, which itself is enough to prove legitimacy of these cables, but I am pretty sure about few things  
  • UPA wants this issue to die out
  • UPA isn't in mood to investigate these allegations 
  • Corruption is growing rapidly in our politics and morals of our politicians are sinking day by day.
  • Common man has started feeling as if he has been cheated by government.
How can people forget 2G scam,CWG scam,Adarsh scam, CVC chief issue, Black money issue, failure of foreign policy, but government did came up to defend and cover-up all such issues and scams but we have results in few issues like A.Raja is in prison, Kalmadi is being probed, and Supreme Court itself declared the appointment of CVC chief was illegal, but it seems government didn't learnt any lesson from its past, and if this issue goes further it will lead to political polarization resulting in ruining the remaining Image of our "so called" honest PM, its the first time opposition raised questions on the integrity and honesty of PM, and our PM did spilled the beans saying he didn't authorize anyone to buy support on N-Deal, and is completely unaware of any of such thing,
But cables also tells us about the meeting of David C Mulford with L.K Advani and reveals that UPA government did inform American Government that they don't completely trust communists on N-Deal. 

Most disappointing aspect of this revelation is that, the interference of America in our foreign policy and internal issues is so deep, though its not the first time such thing has popped out and America does keep trying various diplomatic tricks to fulfill its needs and interests, and our government let such things happen under its nose and this approach puts question mark on the faith of UPA towards nation and towards national interests of the country, and if really Ministries in our nation are assigned on America's instructions then its a dangerous sign for sovereignty of our nation.  

Today the way government is trying to legalize corruption and ignoring the views of opposition its not a healthy sign, and I am sure to cover up these things UPA  will try to have an image makeover by moving ahead with programs of national-interest, which could be smelled by PM's statement where he says "its the time for reforms". But million dollar question is can Indian nationals forgive this government in next general elections after all this ?

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Anonymous said...

No matter what bomb explodes, we Indians will remain dumb and will never raise our voices.


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