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Brakha's woman & victim card to grab symapthy and attention

So Barkha dutt tries to play victim & woman card together to portray herself as a poor bullied soul in her recent article, where she writes how she is abused and called names and she calls it trolling, but the fact is whoever is on social media and puts up counter narrative goes through same experience, and on the contrary people from her profession including her are infamous for abusing and bullying people be it Rajdeep, swati chaturvedi, Sunetra chowdhri, Sagarika Ghose, Shoma chaudhry, Abhay dubey or Barkha’s new business partner Noman,  

I’ve seen even Barkha dutt being abusive on couple of occasions, so how can now Barkha claim to be a victim when she too indulged in very same activity?
I don’t support abusing anybody on twitter and never indulge into it, but even I’ve been a target of such goons on facebook and twitter but I didn’t cry victim, I just ignored it, but if someone is so disturbed and rattled he/she must use block button, file an FIR or simply delete his/her account, rather than ranting & writing huge articles in newspaper and claim that there is an attempt to silence her, Irony is that Barkha is part of various lit fests, debates, and write regularly for newspapers and one of the most active person on twitter, yet she says she is being silenced because she is a woman, this victim woman card doesn't work here but reveals the hypocrisy of Barkha.

As far as abuses are concerned,I
believe those who hurl abuses online ain’t trolls they are just goons who hide under a fake name, but trolls are something very different they never use abuses they rather use sarcasm, wit, logic, news links and snapshots of previous posts to counter someon, and most of them are so good at researching facts,data & figures and they put it so aptly that these so called journalists find themselves in an uncomfortable and vulnerable position and perhaps these journalists are scared of them and hence they try and label abusive goons on social media as “trolls”, actual trolls unmask these elite journalist on social media almost every day, the journalists who claim to have monopoly over truth are shown the mirror by these trolls and these trolls reveal true face and hypocrisy of Indian media and journalists, writers,artists,politicians to the world which these elites obviously don’t like,

In r
ecent past television & print media were only medium available to the people for news, and for far too long these journalists have fed their false propaganda to the people of this country and actually managed to brainwash them, but ever since the rise of Social media every person with a smart phone and internet connection is able to find the facts & figures and other side of the story, by doing a little research on the internet, and once he gets taste of truth and finds the contradiction in real story and story peddled by these journalists, people use social media platforms like twitter, facebook and blogs to expose the lies and propaganda of these media person which let the comman man understand that these guys have tried to fool him with false story, lies and propaganda and he stops watching or reading these journalists which makes them less relevant in today’s world,  

these journalists have used so many lies and false stories to grab limelight and support their narrative that they have lost their credibility to such an extent that now people first look at the name of journalist before reading the story and tries to verify it online themselves if it’s true or just another propaganda,

be it fake story of forced implementation of Yoga in IIT, discrimination in BHU, BHU VC in BJP’s road show, church attacks of Delhi, Gau rakshak auto driver, these fake stories have killed the trust people once had on mainstream media

whereas these very same journalists ignored Exodus of kairana, incident of shamli, riots of Bengal ban on saraswati & Durga puja and Hanuman prabhaat feri in Bengal, Assam riots, Dhule riots, kosi kalan riots, these journalists had gone on to such a low level that now the religion of the person is directly proportional to the coverage he gets by  Indian mainstream media, religion decides whether it suits them to cover the story or not, and if yes then to which extent, for example murder of Doctor Narang in NCR by muslim mob was given negligible coverage and called road rage, on the other hand Akhlaq's murder who had stolen and killed the calf and police found its meat in his freezer was treated as most important issue of the nation, was covered for months ignoring all other important issues of the nation, motive was to show majority community and government in bad light, this is when people started acknowledging how biased these journalists and this media is,

Stand taken by most media houses & journalists and their coverage on issues like JNU & Rohit vemula made people realize that these guys are doing something else in the name of journalism, and whatever it is, it’s neither true nor in the interest of the nation.

now let's talk about Barkha dutt’s journalistic credibility

  • In her early days of journalism she openly justified massacre and rapes of Kashmiri Hindus and their exodus from the Kashmir valley.

  • During Kargil war she compromised security of Army by her theatrics of using Satellite phone and camera flash to sensationalize war which resulted in Pakistani intruders pinpointing location of a group of Indian soldiers and killing them all in bombardment.

  • We all know about Radia Tapes where Barkha was acting as a middleman and was securing cabinet seats for politicians of her choice to derive maximum benefits later.

  • During 26/11 terror attack she on live TV gave away whereabouts of victims trapped inside Trident hotel by interviewing relatives and friends of the victims outside the hotel and asking them “when was the last time you spoke with victim ?", and "what was the exact location of victim in hotel while he spoke to you?”  this happened on live TV and in real time information was passed on to the terrorists inside hotel watching TV and their handlers sitting across the border giving them instructions on the phone, which resulted in killing of many innocents.
    A blogger named chaitanya Kunte highlighted the incident in his blog post but Barkha threatened him of legal action and left no stone unturned to destroy his professional career, poor man had to delete his blog.
  • During Pathankot terror attack barkha was quick to give details on live television about the location & direction of fuel reserves and armory of air force, and the number of troops and vehicles entering into the airbase and the number of choppers flying over the airbase, here you need to keep in mind that her channel then was the only Indian channel which was not banned in pakistan and it's telecast was available to the handlers of terrorists sitting in Pakistan most probably connected to terrorists through mobile phones.
  • Few days before URI attack Barkha visited river border of India and Pakistan with camera and she pointed towards the shallow side of river and said it’s very easy to infiltrate into India with this route, and terrorists who attacked Uri base came from very same shallow side of the river, strange coincidence ?
  • Barkha's narrative suits the global terrorist who has bounty on his head put by US and his name exist in UN's top ten list of most dreaded terrorist and also India's most wanted terrorist HAFIZ SAEED and he openly praises her in his interviews, she calls terrorist organization hijbul Mujahedeen commander burhan wani a young innocent boy "a son of school master" and Barkha is seen riding on a scooter with next Hijbul Mujahedeen chief in kashmir.
Apart from these, there are several incidents when she reported fake stories like forced implementation of Yoga in IIT and her source being some imaginary guy “Ankit from IIT” though college was closed then, yet she peddled lies of saffronisation of IIT's, she took up story of attacks on church in Delhi which too turned out to be a fake story and these are not the only incidents, for 12 years she went on to target current PM and ran a media trial calling him a mass murderer without a proof and a shred of evidence, who later got acquitted of all charges by the apex court of the nation.

With this track record now she is trying to deflect the heat of her evil deeds by portraying herself as a victim of social media attacks, and most interesting is last part of her article when after whining and crying victim, she says she isn't affected at all by trolling, yet she is writing long articles on those very same people,  which is interesting,
guys who abuses online should face legal action, but truth is barkha wants more of these guys to keep abusing her so she can grab attention and portray herself as "अबला नारी" and grab sympathy.

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