Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why Indian Army is the right weapon to deal with Maoist rather than CRPF

Using CRPF to deal with Maoist is wrong strategy and is meant to backfire, Indian Army is the right weapon to deal with Maoist because other than COBRA commandos CRPF is neither fully prepared nor equipped & doesn’t have the autonomy which is required to deal with these Maoists

CRPF is Central Reserve Police Force, they are deployed anywhere and everywhere within the country be it search & rescue operations, conducting elections, maintaining law & order situation in cities and villages in cases of riots or some other mishap, organizing an event and its security, but jungle warfare with Maoist in difficult terrains is something completely different,  other than COBRA commandos of CRPF its men are not properly trained for jungle & guerrilla warfare, and CRPF doesn’t have COBRA commandos in such a large number who can take on widespread Maoist in various states of the country.

CRPF lacks highly advanced and sophisticated weapons, equipment and gears which Indian Army and other commando-SF carries,

Biggest drawback with CRPF dealing with Maoist is that CRPF is accountable & answerable to state govt and has to work in sync with local police, CRPF men could be tried in court and they could even lose their jobs, and human rights lobbies have shown us how they destroy lives of these poor men in uniform just because they performed their duty, whereas Army enjoys immunity & autonomy given to them by law of the land, state and local police can't interfere in their job, and they are not answerable to them, which is the biggest advantage and edge which Indian Army has over CRPF in dealing with tough situation.

Indian army is well equipped with expertise, weapons, equipment and gears, has well trained units in jungle & mountain warfare who are expert in guerrilla warfare as well, Indian Army has its own Air wing, army can even take help from special forces like GHATAK (shock troops) which it commands and even Special Frontier Force which isn’t even answerable to parliament but only to Indian Union’s Cabinet Secretariat and is controlled by RAW (Research & Analysis Wing)

with such lethal and potent options available what is the point in risking lives of our CRPF men when they are not yet ready to deal with the challenge.

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