Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Is consolidation of Hindu votes unfair ?

India is a Hindu majority country where the trend of consolidation of Muslim votes in the garb of Islamic unity was started by imams of the mosques, before every election they give orders to vote for a party of their liking and specifically mention they are doing so to stop Hindu forces, and after election these imams extract the price through various "means" some times seat to Rajya Sabha, favors for the family business, seat of MLC, financial grants to family run NGO, appointment of the person of their liking on a "specific" post, or allotment of a land at throwaway price or on lease, or demand of "going slow" or quashing down some cases against family members or close friends.
But I haven't seen Pujari of any Temple ordering the worshipers to vote for party of his liking,

In 2014 for the first time Hindu votes consolidated and voted for the party which had uniform civil code in its agenda, the party which said we won’t carry out appeasement policies if voted to power, and when that party came to power and started acting on its policies mentioned in election manifesto to stop appeasement of muslims being carried out in the garb of secularism, liberals, intellectuals, Media mugals,rival politicians & Muslims have started objecting to it,

But issue is not that simple, to understand it we must take a look at the history of India which reveals Hindus have faced persecutions after persecutions, Muslim invaders and rulers have slaughtered lakhs and lakhs of Hindus, built minars(Towers) of their severed heads, killed little Hindu children used them as slaves, Hindu women were captured in masses raped, used as sex slaves in harems and even sold as commodity, forced conversion were carried out and jaziya tax was imposed on Hindus, basically Hindus were made second class citizens in their own country by muslims, lakhs of Hindu Temples and idols were destroyed and discredited by Muslims and mosques were built over them even the  Ayodhya Ram Temple, Kashi Shiv Temple, and Mathura krishna Temple were not spared by fanatically communal muslims.

Before Independence Muslims carried out large scale massacre of Hindus and butchered thousands of Hindus men women and children, and raped Hindu women from age of 70 to as young as 6 yrs old on “Direct Action Day” in demand of a separate Islamic republic, 
helpless Hindus witnessed their country being divided on the basis of a religion, a foreign religion which didn't even originated on Indian soil, it came to India through foreign arab Invaders, and grew on the pillars of rape, sex slavery of Hindu women and forced conversion of Hindu men, after the partition of India in 1947 Hindus in the newly formed Islamic country Pakistan also met the similar fate large scale carnage was carried out women raped children killed in front of their mothers, barbarism was of such level that breasts of the Hindu women were cut so they couldn't breastfeed their infants, trains full of corpses of Hindus and severed body parts were sent to India from Islamic republic of pakistan. 

on the other hand people of congress who grabbed power in India were suffering from Nehru-Gandhi syndrome and started unhealthy appeasement of the Muslims in the name of secularism and multiculturalism at the cost of Hindu rights, though partition took place on the basis of religion and Pakistan was created for the followers of Islam and rest of the India was supposed to be for Hindus, yet large number of Muslims were allowed to stay in Hindu majority India with full rights to practice and preach their religion, 

Indian Muslims demanded sharia based personal law, govt. gave them right to have 4 wives at a time, triple talaq, marrying girl as young as 16, even allowed Muslim to convert people into their religion, but Muslims used inappropriate means to carry out such activities like “forced conversion” and “love jihad” targeting young Hindu girls, which has outraged a large section of Hindu population,

India is the only country which sends Muslims on their pilgrimage (Hajj) on the cost of state exchequer, whereas Hindus pay taxes on their pilgrimage like Amarnath Yatra these discriminatory policies have irked Hindus in India,

Indian government even provides financial assistance to the Islamic madrasas which teaches Islam, treasury of Hindu temples are under Govt control but funding of mosques, dargahs and madrasas are not, 
Indian govt provides low interest loans to Muslims and and scholarships to Muslim students, 
such are the unfair policies carried out by successive governments, and the previous congress regime even went on to the extent of saying "Muslims have first right on the resources of India", they brought a draft of communal violence bill to persecute Hindus, and dissolved the strong anti-terror Law POTA when the Islamic terror was on the rise in India, 

India is world’s largest victim of Islamic terror, thousands of innocents Hindus have lost their lives because of Islamic terror,  intolerance among Muslim all across the globe is the reason they are always in the state of war with other communities and similar is the case in India, be it kashmir or kairana where carnage of Hindus was carried out by Muslims, rapes of Hindu women and girls was used as a weapon to spread panic among Hindus, fearing for their lives and security of their women Hindus were forced to leave their houses their property their land their livelihood and become a refugee in their own country, 
similar practices are being carried out at present in states like west Bengal and Kerala, every riot in India has involvement of Muslims in it and almost every riot is initiated by Muslims and there are very few cases when culprits faced law and punished,

Time and again  Indian govts have shielded the culprits of communal riots in the garb of secularism, and tried to suppress such issues and left Hindus deprived of Justice, even the liberal-intellectual class didn’t raised these issues and the media carried out crass communal agenda to malign Hindus, conceal facts, spin the stories and avoiding the issues which didn’t suit its agenda, this has not only emboldened the radical criminal elements in Muslim community but on the other hand also spread a sense of disappointment and insecurity among Hindus

These are the reasons Hindus from all across the country consolidated and unanimously voted for BJP the only party which spoke against appeasement policies of previous government and gave Hindus a hope of security, If today Hindu vote has consolidated it didn’t happen overnight, factors issues and Injustice suffered by Hindus mentioned above took years to reach this stage and newly arrived platform social media played a vital role in this process, due to its reach it became as a parallel news medium, and acted as antidote to the agendas of paid media,

And now when people call it unfair that Hindu votes have consolidated its actually unfair on their part and reveals their hypocrisy because when all such above mentioned discrimination and crimes were going on against such a large tolerant and peaceful population of Hindus in country they were silent and didn’t even care to react, and now making issue out of it only displays their double standards.

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