Sunday, July 2, 2017

Truth behind Mob lynchings in India

Two dalits lynched by mob of Muslims in Bihar, but electronic media will not cover it, no social media campaign and hashtags would be trended for them, because that would mean that media will have to reveal that culprits are muslims, and that will not suite the anti-Hindu agenda of our media,

Neither the dalit thinkers, activists will condemn the incident, nor the media moughals who preach sermon of freedom of expression, and even the communists & secular intellectual gangs who ran the nautanki of #NotInMyName  and claim to be the voice of oppressed have spoken a word against this incident,

Design is simple pick only those issues where the victim is muslim and there are Hindus on the other side, and then spin the story in such a way that it gives feel that Hindu was on fault, give it communal colour put fake angle like beef, and now defame and abuse Hindus because it was consolidation of Hindu votes which brought Modi Govt in power, so media and anti-Hindu brigade is going after the real power and attacking the roots from where Modi Govt derives it's power.

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