Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Regionalism : slap on the face of nation

North India is red with anger and entire nation stunned. A young man of U.P beaten to death by Hooligans of MNS, before this Mumbai police shot a student of Bihar, before that hundreds of student were beaten in Mumbai who went there to appear in Railway exam, in Jan-Fab many taxi driver and labors were being thrashed, Raj is speaking the language of "khalnayak" by beating poor "non Marathi's" and state governments seems to be standing with them, state government is encouraging them. leaders like Laloo and Paswan have been demanding an action against all this, but they themselves are part of central government, reaction in U.P and Bihar were quite strong like trains were stopped and buses were burnt. Regional violence has produced a question that, is this nation really united ? if yes then why can't the people enjoy the benefits constitutionally given to them by fundamental rights of the nation ? why the regionalism of Maharashtra is usurping united India ? or is the constitution of India is not applicable on Mumbai ? if this is not so then why the innocent people of specific region who are students and labors are being treated with such barbarity why so called "marathi manoos" who do such disgusting acts are salvaged ? there is a limit of every one's patience and nation is also not an exception ,Raj's group has crossed all the barriers of barbarity and they are continuing to do so, they are constantly messing with the constitution, their speeches and acts does not fall under constitutional freedom of expressing views, and running a political group, politicians, groups and organization who compromises with national integrity can't survive for too long. 
Nation preserves integrity by crushing such powers, country desperately needs a strong central control, and if this doesn't happen then these aggressive powers will undoubtedly divide the nation. National integrity should be the topmost priority but current politics has increased regionalism, Laldenga picked up weapon but government ignored, Sheikh Abdulla demanded different target different strategy and government provided those facilities, during decade of 60's in the revolution of telugu pride people were attacked, Potti Shrimallu was on hunger strike for 52 days which resulted in formation of Andhra Pradesh, in 1967 Tamil regionalism stated central as the agent of North Indians, aggressive revolution took place which resulted in attack on personal property, Dravin Kudgam chose to do cheap politics to capture the power, regionalist Ramaswami Nayakar 'Periyar' targeted "shri Ram" and "Hindutva" People tried to create the environment of civil war, north Vs south, central remained silent this weakened nationalists, only Ram Manohar Lohiya was the one who interfered and was awarded with the stone and bricks which were thrown at him, poison of regionalism became a shortcut to come in power, regionalism came into politics in Punjab,a political party of Andhra even attached a named 'Telugu desham' with itself, regionalism of Assam is a blood sucking parasite they simply kill the Hindi speaking north Indians. regionalism is active in entire Assam, Manipur,Nagaland and including entire north-east, the question is why does't center take direct action on such incidents of violence, is the condition in Mumbai is a normal case of law and order ? why does government consider the lives of north Indians so cheap, inexpensive, cheesy and schlocky, this politics over corpses of north Indians is going to cost them, I wanted to know what Raj Thakery has contributed in the development of Mumbai, headquarters of Reserve bank of India, Life insurance corporation, State bank of India, SEBI are in Mumbai but does the credit of establishment of all these goes to Thakery family, what if movies of bollywood are being boycotted in north india ,what if the people of north india doesn't work in bollywood film industry what will happen to Bollywood, the day a north Indian boy of UP was beaten to death in Mumbai, on the very same day in Ayodhya marathi student of Mumbai were welcomed by garland and sandalwood, those who have been abusing north Indians should not forget than north Indians offer "argya" to Shivaji but political groups who beg for the vote on the name of Shivaji simply kick north Indians, and exploitation of any Indian is actually the insult of entire nation its just a slap on the face of nation, regionalism is an enemy of nationalism, undoubtedly these are really tough days for the nation, neither state government takes any action nor central, so in this scenario what is the option ? this is the biggest question.

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