Saturday, November 15, 2008

Meaningless Sermon

I don't think there will be any person who doesn't agree with our PM's statement that "there are few active powers in the country with narrow thinking and their ideology is a threat for the nation" but it is also true that many such powers have direct or indirect support of government. Today entire nation feels that in Mumbai government is not taking any action on the political gang of Raj Thakrey called MNS, because state government lead by congress consider it in its favor. Could there be anything worse than a gang like MNS who is trying to split the nation has the support of congress ? so called"marathi manoos" of MNS have been insulting and assaulting the people of north India, but neither central nor state government has yet realized their responsibility. It would be better that before giving sermon to the nation and world our PM should check that what sort of powers are being nourished by his government and party. If we look at the past of congress then we realize that on different times they have provided support to various destructive powers and those who were really a threat for the nation whether its destructive powers of north-east or Kashmir, they all flourished in the time of congress,and its not hidden from anybody that in recent past in Kashmir congress literally dropped weapons in front of such destructive powers, at least our respected PM should be aware that today people of his own party are muttering that their party is committing the same mistake in Mumbai which was once done in Punjab, and result we all witnessed as Bhindrawala. Its hard to find any other destructive organization like SIMI in this country, but many political parties are dying to award SIMI with a clean chit, not to forget most of them are partners of central government and their representatives are honoring the posts of ministers, is our PM unaware of such parties ? in 'Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration' ceremony PM targeted people doing destructive politics to split the nation, and the very next day in Assam he said we are not carrying a soft approach towards terrorism, this explanation is miles away from reality, land of Assam was drenched in the blood of people because the active destructive powers are intentionally ignored. Today Assam has become a headquarter of such powers, Bangladeshi intruders have become a danger for north-eastern states but congress is standing with those people who are supporting them openly. Central government is focusing on narrow political reasons rather than taking a stand against such powers, and we all know ignoring a problem is an invitation to a big trouble, and this soft approach of our government is like preparing ground for the enemies of nation.

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