Monday, November 3, 2008

Flame Of Terrorism

About a dozen of blasts at four places of Assam claiming lives of about 60 peoples shows the barbarity of uncontrolled terrorism, in the past we have witnessed many incidents like that, but no one knows that when our central government will take any stand against terrorism, may be only god knows the "mahurat" for which they are waiting for, one after another terrorist attacks have not only shattered the chest of our nation but it has also shattered the the faith of the common people in our government. 
After every incident central and state government don't seem to do any thing other than giving some hollow statements, condemning the acts, giving meaningless and fake sympathy and condolence. It has all become like a routine ritual for them, now there is no doubt that state governments are also carrying the same soft approach towards terrorism like central government, and the number and courage of terrorist organization is growing day by day, and now they are capable to plant bombs in any part of country which shows that our internal defense is entirely on the mercy of these terrorists, its extremely vexing that a nation claiming to be a super power is helpless in front of terrorism. Its really hard to find any other example of such a helpless country, most pathetic thing is that in such a huge country we don't see anyone who grapple such condition. In the current scenario we have enough reasons to reach the conclusion that central has strategically decided that before elections they are not going to do anything to deal with terrorism, and if this is not so then our nation would be very keen to know that after Delhi blasts PM himself admitted that its required to take some strict action against terrorism, but actually they didn't took any further steps ? similarly why did the demand of federal investigation agency turned into a silence. If after the blasts of Gowhati, kokrajhar, Bongaigoan and Berpeta, and after watching the pile of dead bodies our government thinks that Assam is sensitive from the point of internal security, than it means the state which is politically home state of our PM is also ignored, if this is the condition of the state of PM then we can clearly understand the ironic condition of our nation, condition of Assam is getting worse because of Bangladeshi citizens who are living here illegally in large numbers and they are getting help and support by many political parties, even those parties who were once against them are now openly standing in their favor which also includes Congress because of the greed of votes political parties are trying to separate Assam from its roots of Indianism, and this vote bank politics has become so uncontrolled that the statement of supreme court has also been ignored on the issue of Bangladeshi intruders and the biggest irony is that central government is playing a major role in this ignorance.

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