Sunday, March 29, 2009


We recently heard about the encounter which lasted for 5 days between Indian army and terrorists which took place in Kupawada of Jammu & Kashmir and as always these terrorists came from Pakistan and entered LOC by the help of Pak army and the only thing which this incident tells us is that Pak is not going to give up its habit of troubling India, although it seems that Pakistan hasn't yet realized that they are actually digging their own grave by promoting terrorism in south Asia we all heard about the incident of terrorist attack on Lahore police academy which clearly indicates that situation is completely out of control from the hands of Pak government, few days back Indian army chief general Deepak Kapoor stated that on the other side of LOC around 50 terrorists camps are still operating and trained terrorists are looking for a chance to trespass LOC, army chief also believes that those terrorists who intruded in Indian territory and had an encounter with Indian army had full support of Pak army, and I don't see any reason to disagree with him on this because Lashkar -e-Tayyaba(l-e-t) himself threatened that in coming days more such attacks will take place, and we can't afford to ignore such sort of threatening from a terrorist group which gave us 26/11, encounter between army and terrorists at Kupawada lasted for 5 days which clearly indicates that power of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba has been increasing, undoubtedly its not possible without the mercy of Pak army, it couldn't be a coincidence that few days back Pak army violated cease-fire at LOC, although Indian government has been keeping eye on the situation in Jammu & Kashmir but this is not enough and specially when in Kupawada 8 soldiers including a major of Indian army has lost his life, and still our P.M says that India needs healthy relations with Pakistan and friendly environment would be beneficial for Jammu & Kashmir, keeping current scenario in mind could there be something more unnatural and stupid than this statement? When will Indian leadership understand that Pakistan is not going to come on right track by talks according to me Pakistan is a ghost of kicks who don't understand words, expressing views of friendship after being constantly insulted and exploited by Pakistan is nothing less then suicidal, India isn't unaware of the sort of stupidity done by Pakistan after 26/11 to divert the attention of the world from Mumbai attacks, our strategy planners couldn't be unaware that Pakistan hasn't been showing any will power to punish the culprits of 26/11, after watching such sort of attitude of Pak government any attempt to have good relations from them is like keeping yourself in dark and this ostrich attitude is not going to help India. Is India unable to realize that all attempts made by America and Britain to bring Pakistan back on-track are only taking Pakistan off-track?, if it isn't true then how come America got the proofs that intelligence agencies of Pakistan are still helping terrorists in Afghanistan? Indian government needs to take tough steps against Pakistan otherwise Jammu & Kashmir could once again become the battle ground of bloody game

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