Thursday, April 9, 2009


In my previous post I wrote about encounter in kupawada and now it seems that its turning into a mini Kargil since 20th March to morning of 9th April about more than a dozen incidents of intrusions have taken place there and encounters were on till today's morning, but because of heavy snowfall and bad weather conditions army stopped the operations for a while and its being heard that some intruders have captured the bunkers which were not being used by Indian army in high altitude hilly regions, and its also believed that some of them have manged to escape from army and are now hiding some where in the valley, according to a senior police official from C.I Kashmir branch said that they have been getting such information of intrusions in the region from last four years, but fortunately terrorists didn't succeeded in their intentions due to some factors. 
 But now keeping eye on the sort of situations prevailing in Pakistan their army and intelligence have started executing their old game plan, earlier during conspiracy ISI chose Lashkar, Al- badar,Harkat-ul-Mujaheddin and Jaish-E-muhammad, and terrorists killed in Maidanpora, Gurez and Lolab were from these these terrorists groups and those terrorists were trained by the commanders of Al- badar and Hizbul Mujaheddin these are the same commanders who were on the hills of kargil in 1999 with Pak army, this has been proven now by the documents which were obtained from terrorists, on the other hand Indian intelligence and top officials are concerned on the style in which terrorists have intruded this time, terrorists have started intruding in Indian territory even before melting of ice on hills i.e before end of April and this time terrorists have been using non-traditional methods and routes for intrusion, army has obtained GPS systems, satellite phones, N.V.D(night vision devices), highly advanced weapons and high energy food from terrorists killed in encounter, all these things clearly indicates that this time these terrorists are here with some big intentions.

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