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Requirement Of Two Political Party Structure

Elections of the representatives for 15th Lok-Sabha are going on and since last two decades this time also it seems that no political party will get absolute majority which means this time also we will see a coalition government, unfortunately after 62 years of independence our country hasn't been able to develop a well organized democratic political party structure, before independence congress was the only potent political party, it had few expected qualities of a political party but completely lacked few lineament, so congress was more than a political party and also less than that. 

Actually congress was not a political party but it was a national organisation, a base of revolt of independence under whose flag various people of different faiths, ideologies and backgrounds collectively raised their voice. The only motive of congress was to free the nation from foreign rule, before independence entering into politics meant to join congress, those days people used to participate in politics for national interest with the feeling of serving the nation and for that they used to give up their jobs, and luxuries of life, but after independence this scenario started changing.

 In 1947 congress emerged as a political party and came in power, later separating from congress new parties were formed and the people who desire high posts and physical luxuries started entering politics, and Personal ambition, competition between parties, castism, communalism, regionalism and language gained more importance than political ideologies and morals. 
After independence Mahatma Gandhi proposed congress should be dismantled as a political organization and should be transformed into social service organization under the name "Lok Sevak Sangh",with motive of social upliftment and economic development by medium of creative works. 

Gandhiji wanted nonviolent freedom fighters to leave politics and those interested in politics can form their political party or join other political party according to their ideology, if this would have taken place then a healthy political structure would have been formed, but nobody bothered to listen to Gandhiji or maybe according to top congress leaders of that time presence of congress was important because there was no other party ready to take its place, Result of ignoring the advice of Gandhiji was that slowly politics of nation kept on getting corrupt, morals and values lost its meaning and importance, and political parties started relying on communal politics, cast, sub cast, regional politics, vote bank politics, criminalization and corruption, their aim was confined to some how come in power and efforts were focused on to remain in power as long as possible if some how they get power, now political agendas, ideologies, and programs were only confined to election manifestos, governments used to come in existence by coalitions, agreements,compromises, dealings, buying and selling of M.P's, switching parties and partnerships behind curtains to get the power. 

An Idol condition for the success of parliamentary democracy is two political party structure, such structure doesn't mean that there can't be third or forth party its motive is to have only two parties in nation and the rest of the parties should be so small that they doesn't affect the process of formation of government, but they should have their own political ideology and existence. 
In two party structure one of the party forms government and other plays the role of opposition, both are valid and accepted parts of the structure, and both have equal importance and participation in the process of governing. Role of opposition is as important as of ruling government, party sitting in opposition doesn't allow the ruling party to become unstoppable, although in democracy decisions are being taken by the majority but it would be a mistake to call it rule of majority. 
In parliamentary structure party which gets majority or group of parties which combinedly touches the majority forms the government, but the parties which are short of majority also have right to express their views and its the responsibility of the ruling government to consider their views as long as its possible while taking decisions, this is the significance of parliamentary structure as well as its meaning, emphasis should be layed on the line that success of democratic parliamentary structure is only possible when there are only two major political parties and both should be considered as the part of government structure, both the parties should have equal participation in running the nation, but ironically what actually happens is that every party is busy in creating and enhancing their own political vote bank, and polarisation of votes take place on the basis of religion, cast,language and regionalism rather than ideologies, agenda and programs. 

Some times I feel that the struggle is not between political parties but its between political parties and citizens of the nation, problem of our nationals is how to get out of the black hole of political parties ?, although its true that in parliamentary democracy political identity is made by political parties but its also important that their identity should be made on the basis of their ideology, agenda and programs. 
The basic expectations of a political party is economic, political, ideological differences, an agenda and various programs to solve the problem of common people, but because of personal differences and ambitions people with similar ideology and views couldn't stay together in the same political party and just to enjoy the luxuries of being in power people those who are completely opposite and having nothing in common comes together to form government. 

If communal and cast-specific vote bank becomes identity of political parties rather than ideologies and morals, and if instead of values, standards and ideologies stuff like cast, sub cast and religion becomes the medium to capture the vote bank then there wouldn't be any possibility of bringing a change in the system and political parties and elections will lose its importance and finally democracy will collapse.

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