Saturday, May 16, 2009

Verdict Of Indian Voters

Results of elections'2009 have been announced and UPA (United Progressive Alliance) has emerged as the largest coalition with 257 seats out of 543, where as NDA(National Democratic Alliance) secured only 164 seats, this result has brought BJP into a state of shock and L.k Adwani has announced that he doesn't want to be the leader of opposition anymore, although he will remain in active politics because BJP has rejected Adwani's offer to resign, whereas the condition of third front and fourth front is also not better, third front has suffered loss except BJD(Biju Janta Dal) who got 13 seats out of 21 in Orissa, and Left has suffered the loss of 36 seats and they have got only 24 seats in their account and BSP Mayawati's party couldn't repeat the miracle as they did in Rajy sabha elections and received only 20 seats as
 Mayawati said " we have all options open" I suppose she will have to eat her own words. Where as if we talk about the fourth front their condition is really pathetic RJD of Lalu Prasad yadav has got only 3 seats, RJD leader who fought on two seats lost one of them, and Ram Vilas Paswan leader of LJP(Loh Janshakti Party) who used to be the part of every government couldn't managed to win at least a single seat he even lost his own seat from Hajipur, so it was only SP(samajwadi party) who got 23 seats who managed to perform in fourth front although they have also suffered the loss of 13 seats, in U.P biggest gainer here is Congress who captured 21 seats whereas last time they got only 9 seats. Parties like Congress(+56), TC(+17), JDU(+12), ADMK(+9) have emerged as the biggest gainers where as if we talk about top losers first comes Left(-36),RJD(-21),BJP(-18),SP(-13),and LJP(-4). These results are asusual quite different from all exit polls which we saw on T.V in last few days, but if we look at the positive aspects of these elections we can see that Indian voter has become more aware and mature for example
  • we have cases of Manoj Tiwari who is a Bhojpuri singer & actor who lost from Gorakhpur, Shekhar Suman lost from Patna Sahib, Nafisa Ali lost from Lucknow this shows people need serious politicians rather any one from film fraternity or a star from any field who has got no experience.
  • Another example we have of Mukhtar Ansari who is in jail for the murder of MLA krishnanand Rai, Mayawati's party (BSP) gave ticket to Mukhtar Ansari from Varanasi but the people of Varanasi completely rejected him we also have similar examples of D.P Yadav who lost Badayun, Afzal Ansari brother of Mukhtar Ansari who lost from Gjipur and similar is the case of Ateek Ahmed, so this proves that people need a politician with a clean background, now common man has learnt to differentiate between a criminal and a politician.
  • Next example is of LJP leader Ram Vilas Paswan till now he has been the part of every government whether it was of NDA or UPA or any other, and just before the elections he used to separate himself from government and used to stood against them to enhance his vote bank but this time his formula completely failed and he couldn't even manage to get a single seat he even failed to retain his own seat Hajipur, so this shows that the people of this country are smart enough to understand such political stunts.
  • Most important positive point that I see in these results is that people of this country have understood the importance of national parties now they have realized that dominance of regional parties in Loksabha only paralyzes the central government because regional parties don't have any national issues or ideology so its better to restrict them to their state only.
These results have also surprised many people who were thinking that Congress has lost its ground on the issues of terrorism and inflation and BJP will get its advantage, but current scenario is lateral inverted and now I don't think that there is any need to discuss these topics here because its Indian voters whose decision counts and is final, and voters have given their verdict in favour of UPA. so now I think that now NDA must introspect that this time they had very strong issues still they lost so certainly there is some thing going wrong and they need to check that out.

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