Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why Today Every Party Is Lining Up To Support Congress ?

Since last 3days almost every party is running to support congress unconditionally, whereas before the announcement of polling results all such parties were leaving no chance to criticize Congress, before 16th all these parties were against congress and today they see no evil in congress, what is the reason of this sudden change? whether it was SP(Samajwadi Party), BSP(Bahujan samaj Party), RJD(Rashtiya Janta Dal), LJP(Lok Janshakti Party) or Left, all of them talked about the failures and demerits of congress and today they are all lining up to support congress unconditionally.
It hasn't been much time when we all heard Amar Singh and Digvijay Singh abusing each other and Amar Singh comparing congress to Draupadi Mulayam to Lord Krishna and Left to Dushahssan, or  Mayawati calling Congress and BJP the party of thieves, or Lalu Yadav and Ramvilas paswaan speaking against congress, or Left  parties who considered BJP and Congress as the threat to nation, today all these people are running  to support congress.
As far as my knowledge and understanding serves me, the only reason why all these people are lining up to offer support to congress is only because they all have many cases of corruption and scams lying against them and just to make sure that those cases do not reopen they all are trying to stand with congress, because in our country ruling government has control over investigation agencies and they are being used according to the comfort of central government, and if its not true then how come in Taj Corridor case against Mayawati no progress is made since late 2003 when she gave support to UPA government and how come every time Gujarat Riots case comes to limelight just before elections, so the point that I want to make is no party is completely  pure. 
But today when congress doesn't need parties like SP, BSP and Left  Amar sigh says that Manmohan Singh has asked for their support, Mayawati says that Manmohan singh ringed her and he considers her as his younger sister, well if all these things are really true then I suppose that L.K Adwani was right calling Manmohan singh as weak PM, and if Manmohan singh really considers Mayawati as her younger sister then I would like to remind him that before him Lalji Tandon also once considered Mayawati as his sister and in return Mayawati awarded him with the title of LALCHI(GREEDY) Tandon, but I wish Manmohan Singh all the best with his new younger sister, here I would also like to mention that just before elections Digvijay and Amar singh resolved their differences with the medium of media, and it was Digvijay who took this initiative, and not to forget that Rahul Gandhi offered the hand of friendship to Left and there was also a rumor that congress may offer support to Left, but fortunately everything went in the favour of Congress and Manmohan Singh emerged as king but all the credit went to Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi, also the credit for getting 21seats in U.P was given to Rahul Gandhi but I don't think it was Rahul factor, because Rahul also went to Bihar for campaigning but there congress didn't got any benefit, so  the actual credit of success of Congress in U.P should go to the poor governance of Mayawati or I should be saying corrupt governance of Mayawati.
Anyways national festival of republic of India is over voters have given their verdict, and somewhere deep inside common man has realised that it doesn't matter who forms the government, its the common man who always gets exploited and still he hopes that things will change and he & his family will get a better world to live.

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