Sunday, September 28, 2008

Challenge to save the nation

It has not been much time since Delhi was rocked by serial blasts and it was again targeted by terrorists and an innocent child lost his life and 17 were injured 6 of them are critical and fighting the battle of survival in hospital. This terror act has once again reveled the failure and soft approach of our government towards terrorism, which means our home minister will have to go through some more criticism lets hope he wakes up this time, although after the blasts of 13sept our prime minister agreed that its time to take some bold and strong steps to fight terrorism but later he refused to bring back POTA and said that current law will be made more strict, and later few intelligent ministers even said that there is no need to form a new law. After watching the intentions of terrorists it's clear any law against them will only succeed if police and intelligence agencies are given full authority to take tough steps against suspects, and if the political interference continues in their job then it seems difficult to get rid of terrorism. These blasts spilled cold water on the joy of police who were in disguise that they have destroyed the network of Indian mujaheddin, these blasts tells us about the depth of the roots of terrorism, sudden success that Delhi and Mumbai police got against terrorists shows that they were not allowed to take strict action against terrorists, and if its not so then how come the same police which didn't got any success for the past three years arrested so many suspects ?  lots of them were arrested under suspicion but such type of arrests were possible under POTA, which was removed due to complains of exploitations of Muslims, may be UPA government consider removal of POTA as their achievement but the fact is, all the terrorist activities taking place across the globe are mostly performed by Muslims and India is not an exception, UPA government also removed POTA so that they can capture Muslim vote bank, but they need to realize that issues like national security should be kept above the politics of vote bank. Police reports says the leader of Indian mujaheddin Taukeer was software engineer and part of SIMI later he joined Indian mujaheddin, SIMI and Indian mujaheddin have been brain washing the educated Muslim youth over Babri masjid,Gujrat riots,they even used Laden's literature and incidents of Iraq of exploitations of locals by American soldiers, reports also says that SIMI and Indian mujaheddin are getting regular aid by Pakistan, since Pakistan is running on the agenda of splitting Hindus and Muslims so they generously help such groups. Claims made by Delhi and Mumbai police of breaking the network of terrorists looks weak after these blasts, another thing to be taken into account is that lots of Muslims believe that the people who were arrested or killed by police were innocent and same are the intentions of SIMI and Indian mujaheddin, so that Muslims look at police with doubts in their mind, so even if police doesn't gets success against them their agenda is full-filled because then faith of common man over government will reduce and they will feel unsafe and helpless, so its clear that comments of few Muslims over the actions of police are boon to terrorist groups, its pathetic that chancellor of Jamia Miliya Islamiya announced to provide legal aid to students involved in Delhi blasts, to make the matter even worse our central ministers like Arjun Singh, Ram vilas Paswan justifies such comments and says that "its in our national interest", but are such sort of comments  really in national interest ? why these people are acting as traitors. Such type of comments could bring down moral of our police, which is really cheap,vile and disgusting politics. 
This condition is a big challenge in front of our politicians they will have to make sure that people of India must have faith on their constitution, they should try to resolve differences between Hindus and Muslims, and those leaders who are playing politics over these sensitive issues by giving their irresponsible comments should be condemned and should face legal actions because integrity of nation is above everything.

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Gurmeet said...

You have very nicely put forward your feelings on this issue and it echoes the feelings of many indians.You really write well.


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