Thursday, September 18, 2008

Does the people running this government have no co-ordination ?

That is what most of the people are thinking right now when yesterday in morning home ministry announced that they are going to make a federal agency to fight terrorism, and by the evening they dropped the idea, and PM completely denied, does our politicians have any idea that what message this decision will convey to the people, now most of the common people have started thinking that, is this government capable enough to fight against terrorism ?. This is really a shameful condition for our government how could they act so carelessly or do they have no co-ordination among themselves, they need to understand that they are running the seventh largest country in the world not a small firm that they could give any statement in media and change that decision just after 5 hours, what image of India this sort of thing will produce in front of international communities, as we all have heard that "great power comes with great responsibility" our politicians will have to understand this, and take every decision sensibly, wisely, carefully and above all strongly so that the common man of this country feel safe about himself and his family rather than living in fear.


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