Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is Shivraj Patil mentally sound ?

Heading mentioned above could be bold or most of the people may think that one should not be using such type of language for our home minister, but how you expect someone to react after hearing him saying that "we were aware of of terror attacks on Delhi much before, we just did not knew about the exact location and sort of explosives that were going to be used" 
 what does he expect that intelligence agencies will have all information, or terrorist are so honest that they will tell you before hand where they are going to plant bombs and what sort of explosives and techniques they are going to use, it's hard for me to understand what he actually meant, may be he was so busy with his clothing that what he should wear and what he should not. { when people of Delhi were crying and screaming on the roads our respected home minister changed his suit thrice in two hours as he appeared on three different places } When questioned about why he was not invited in the meeting at PM house he responded saying that he has all the blessings of Sonia jee,  does he think that people of this country are fool ?, or may be he has no idea how to handle the questions of media , I don't think any sensible person will agree that he deserves to be the home minister of India. It's shameful for our country and for all of us that people like him are part of government .

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