Saturday, September 20, 2008

Does "Allah" justifies the acts of terrorism

India has once again been attacked by terrorists proving that it really is a soft target for them and this time once again it was Indian mujaheddin who took the responsibility of these blasts in an email which says "In the name of Allah the Indian Mujaheddin strikes again! Do whatever you can, within five minutes from now, feel the terror of death.” intelligence agencies claims that Indian mujaheddin is actually SIMI {Students Islamic Movement of India} in a new guise. These terrorists uses name of Allah at such a higher frequency that now even I have started feeling that Allah justifies their actions whatever they are doing is permitted to them by Allah, but these things brings me to a contradiction and few questions pops up in my mind, that 
  • Does any God allows killing of innocent peoples ?
  • what logic these militants have to justify their acts of violence  ?
  • why these terrorists are against the development and peace of their own nation ? as Indian Mujaheddin claims to be an All Indian organization.
I think that no religion allows the killing of innocent people in the name of God, and unless God himself steps on earth comes to me and justifies these acts I will not believe this. I find no justification in justifying murder in the name of god. They are just using the name of Allah as their shield to justify their deeds of terrorism. If they have waged the war against the country then also they should follow Islam. If they feel that fellow Indians are their enemy then Islam enjoins that one deals with the enemy nobly in the battlefield not like killing innocents in such cowardice acts.

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