Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How long we will have to pay for the mistakes of our government and politicians

Another brave man sacrificed his life while pursuing his duty, inspector of Delhi police Mohan Chand Sharma could never be forgotten by us, when entire country except our government and politician is feeling helpless against terrorism officers like Mohan Chand Sharma showed all of us a ray of hope by sacrificing his life for us, may his departed soul rest in peace. but my question is how long people like Mohan Chand Sharma and common people like us will pay for the mistakes of our government and politicians ?
I don't think that our government has learnt any lesson yet, they just care for the coming elections and how to increase their vote bank rather than caring for the lives of the innocent people, they are still busy with political games, our government has shown no interest to fight against terrorism and they completely lack leadesrship, it seems that there is no co-ordination among themselves and associates of government like Mulayam singh Yadav, Laloo Yadav still thinks that SIMI is being targeted in our country, are they trying to say that our intelligence and investigation agencies are useless{intelligence believes that Indian mujaheddin is actually new name of SIMI} and I suppose they are right on this one, so question is that, are these politicians not responsible for these terror attacks ? Things like that are only going to boost the moral of militants, and BJP is leaving no stone unturned in reintroduction of POTA {Prevention of Terrorism Act} and criticising soft approach of centre for these attacks , but they also have no time to concentrate on problem and its solution, sometimes I regret that why the attack on parliament failed, people of this country doesn't want fake promises and assurance its no longer required by us, while the common man is living in terror, our politicians are really busy in giving speeches to enhance their vote bank they still are not acting boldly and strongly in this time of crisis, like our respected Shivraj Patil was more concerned about his dressing rather than the peoples who were drenched with blood, which is enough to prove that he absolutely doesn't deserve to be on the post of HM, its hard for me to remember when was the last time our PM addressed the nation in last one year on television, and now he is running away from his responsibility by not calling for monsoon session of parliament, at present time our nation really lacks serious planning to deal with tough conditions, entirely because of our respected politicians and leaders who have responsibility to take decision. Our ministers are busy playing their appropriate cards to improve their chances in coming elections but no one thought about providing more power to police force, intelligence and security agencies or bringing a strict law to deal with terrorism. The information and broadcasting minister P.R Dasmunshi said that "There is no need for special powers for the police to deal with jihadi terrorism" He even ridiculed the concern raised by the public over the recurring jihadi terrorist strikes across the country. the daily news paper Hindu said “Can anyone predict a terrorist strike? No government can prevent it.” So, going with the words, the people of this country are left with no other option but to keep dying by the hands of the terrorists. I appeal you all to come forward and demand a bold and strict action from government, just like America, Israel and China we also should not compromise with our internal security at any cost, and all of us will have to be a part of a revolt to eliminate this menace.

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